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  1. falloutgamer65

    American Airlines New Livery

    I think it looks awesome
  2. falloutgamer65

    Looking for a Graphics Card

    Yeah it might be best to wait and see how it runs. Maybe even wait until x-plane goes 64-bit and see how well performance is.
  3. falloutgamer65

    Looking for a Graphics Card

    Well, first I have a single 21" 1920x1080 monitor. My specs are: Asus Crosshair V formula 990FX Motherboard, AMD Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3.8Ghz, 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM, and of course, the GTX 560 Ti OC. Here are my current rendering settings.. I would just like to turn up the texture res along with the FXAA and also maybe increase the number of buildings and roads, as well as being able to run the T7 smoothly Thanks
  4. falloutgamer65

    KLAX Freeware

    Cannot wait for this scenery, especially for v10! Keep it up!
  5. falloutgamer65

    Looking for a Graphics Card

    I know the 680 is a beast but it comes with quite a hefty price tag. I was looking at cards such as the 6950 and the 7850, because they are priced reasonable, but i am reluctant to choose AMD after having such a good experience with Nvidia. I am quite happy with my 560, it runs X-plane 10 on very-high but i would like to get maybe a little bit more performance especially since that amazing 777 will be out soon. Tell me cameron, what do you think is the most important factor to consider when buying a GPU for X-plane 10?Cheers
  6. falloutgamer65

    Looking for a Graphics Card

    I am also potentially looking for a new card. I have a GTX 560 Ti OC 1GB right now, but would like a 2GB card so i can run it at higher settings. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. falloutgamer65

    What did you fly today?

    AC 767-300ER and the Challenger 300
  8. falloutgamer65

    DC3 and Switzerland

    Nice shots. Is that default scenery?
  9. falloutgamer65

    Artistic videos of the CRJ by users

    you could put it up on x-plane.org.
  10. falloutgamer65

    Outerra - Some Vids I enjoyed

    I think its a world engine.
  11. falloutgamer65

    TrackIR Movement Limits

    Yes you need the pilot view plugin but apparently the plugin is broken by XP10.
  12. falloutgamer65

    MS FLIGHT announcement

    I will still get the game just to fly around and such, but other then that this is a major fail for MS and a disappointment to hardcore simmers
  13. falloutgamer65

    Bae Jetstream 31/32

    indeed that would be awesome if javier and peter teamed up.
  14. falloutgamer65

    Bae Jetstream 31/32

    Cool! Are you still going to be continuing development on the A320?
  15. falloutgamer65

    No tire smoke upon landing with 10x all betas

    I see alot of smoke waay too often when making turns that aren't tight or fast, but i only see a little smoke when the landing gear of a jumbo jet hits the runway. Seems kind of backwards from what really happens. Also the noise of the brakes in xplane are just annoying and screeching happens way too frequently. Not that big of a deal though just a little xplane quirk we have to live with i guess.