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    Is this still alive?

    Is it really alive though? the last post was in October, yet there are quite a few issues and no update in sight..?
  2. severniae

    Crash when using WT3

    Hi, I've done a lot of testing and the issue I have seems to be when using X plane AI traffic in conjunction with WT3 and the IXEG 737. World Traffic 3 has created some form of x plane default AI planes that the program takes over and uses them so that TCAS alerts are visible in the aircraft. For some reason, when using this it crashes with flying the IXEG - If I don't load AI aircraft, I don't seem to have any crashes. I know you might say 'well don't use AI aircraft..' but in hope, I wonder if there is a way to fix this? I attached my log.txt Thanks, James Log (2).txt
  3. severniae

    Crash when using WT3

    Hi, I'd be a little surprised if it were RAM/VRAM but I'll run some tests - I've actually been running with less scenery enabled lately using aircraft with 4k cockpits and not had a single crash, even with WT3 traffic at max. Soon as I start using the IXEG with WT3 I always seem to get the CTD... I don't suppose there are any logs or indicators that can be looked at? Thanks, James
  4. severniae

    Crash when using WT3

    Hi, I recently bought the IXEG 737 and wow, what an aircraft. Something about it just feels fantastic and seems really to bring the old 737 CL to life! However, I seem to have a problem - in that each time I run the IXEG at the same time as world traffic 3, after an unspecified period of time, the application crashes. I've eliminated plugins until I got myself down to just the WT3 addon and I seem to get it to do it each time... Is there anything anyone could do to help point me in some direction for a resolution? Many thanks in advance, James W