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  1. Cptburgos

    Paintkit problem

    Hello... I tried to make my own livery and i have a little problem with the paintkit (see attached picture). When i try to merge the black "glasses" outside of the pilots windows, it doesn't merge :(... Thanks for your help.
  2. Cptburgos

    Id locked

    Already solved my problem, thanks to everyone.
  3. Cptburgos

    737 Ixeg Aerodinamic

    Hello everyone: I just bought the Ixeg 737, everything is working awesome but i have a concern. I'm real 737 CL pilot and making some Engine out procedures, i noticed the airplane just DOES NOT FLY like should be in real life. I know is a simulator but i guess that it suposed to behave just like real thing. Is there any parameter to tune in plane maker in order to achieve the real life?. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, specially @Cameron October 15 i created my X-Aviation account and bought the IXEG 737; i bought it because actually i'm doing the 737 CL Type rating and i need to study. When installed, i got Machine ID locked. Please @Cameron help with this; my order is: 85962 ticket: 22SW4. I want to be honest: A friend of mine allow me to use their account in order to study but i decided to buy my own. Please help me. Thanks @Cameron.
  5. Cptburgos

    Id locked

    Hello everyone Last night i bought the Ixeg 737 and i cannot activate it, the error is machine id locked... My email kfir3003@gmail.com, in order you can see the software is legal Thanks.