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    1.0.9 Broke my plane

    I know I could. But don't want to reset my airtime.
  2. DNick89

    1.0.9 Broke my plane

    I just booted up after updating to 1.0.9. EVERYTHING under Electrics, Avionics, Lights, and Miscellaneous, was broken. Also my oil was black. Cost me 300k to fix it. Figured I would give you the heads up.
  3. DNick89

    Missing airways

    Might seem like a silly question, but have you tried scrolling UP? I know I was confused for a bit till I realized that sometimes there are airways above the one that shows up first.
  4. DNick89

    Visual wear and tear/damage?

    I too would love these features in time.
  5. DNick89

    Experimental flight model?

    I haven't gotten the 11.30 beta, but to my understanding it should be off for now. At least until Hot Start gives us a new flight model for the beta.
  6. DNick89

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    Everyone deserves a break. When ever you guys are ready to release a new product, my wallet will be waiting.
  7. DNick89

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    No way, I want Steveo's 850 over the 930. But that's just me. I like steam gauges.
  8. DNick89

    First impressions

    My biggest amazement besides the fantastic plane, is the amount of time it took them to pull such a feat off. Makes me think what the hell are other developers doing.
  9. DNick89

    VNAV G1000 do not working for me.

    I'm curious too. I'm new to the g1000, and just have assumed I'm doing something wrong.
  10. DNick89

    Air-frame Manager

    I'd like to start off saying thank for all the hard work on these incredibly fast updates for this incredible plane. It's easily my new favorite bird to fly in XP. I do have a request for you if it's possible in a future update. When it detects that you are loading into a different airport from where you last let off, and you select not take you back to your old airport, can you give the option to select a different airframe at this time, before loading into the flight. I have two birds right now. One I'm flying around the world, and one for local US flying. I'd prefer not to have to fully load into the sim, and then load a new air frame. I know it's a small thing, and would be very low on your list of priorities atm, but just consider it.
  11. DNick89

    Can Failures be turned off?

    Just so you're aware, his landing gear failed because the the controller on Pilot Edge was intentionally messing with him. PE controllers have the ability to fail things your aircraft if they want.
  12. DNick89

    TBM 900 v1.0.3 Update Released!

    Can you please LOWER the minimum weight for a passenger to simulate a child?