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  1. Hello ...I wonder if this is correct I'm noticing that the oil temperature is red, the IXEG737-300 is in need of a review, do not you agree? When will IXEG have an update to fix Known Bugs? Log.txt GizmoLog.txt debug.log
  2. novato X11

    IXEG 737 + ASXP with problems

    Hello ...Helios123 ASXP will have an update to solve this problem, I have already opened a support request and I have posted this video to demonstrate what is happening, I believe they are already aware and are working on it, until then it is better to deviate from these formations, in this other video I came close to the storm is to worry, this time I outlined the bad weather, but if I entered the nucleus of the cloud would surely knock me down. But the ASXP weather is challenging. So far I have not noticed any ice formation on the surfaces of the plane you have found ice on your flights? Helios123
  3. novato X11

    IXEG 737 + ASXP with problems

    thanks again for the tips LiTjan you are always making your time to respond, nothing better than a real pilot of the upper flight level to respond and say what actually happens in the atmosphere. It may be that ASXP is in need of corrections and according to ASXP's own information it is foreseen an update: (Active Sky developer HiFi Sim Tech has provided a brief update on how future updates to its recently released Active Sky XP. 11 was released late last year and the team has since worked hard on providing updates and listening to community feedback. In a statement on Facebook, the team said that they are "nearing the completion of their first comprehensive update for ASXP." This update will include many fixes and enhancements, according to the developer. Some of the changes users will see from the update include how turbulence is handled, registration / login usage, interpolation, weather station database quality and also reduction in cloud redraws wherever possible. All of the updates will be free of charge for those who own the product.) Speaking about upgrading, IXEG is one of my favorite aircraft as well as a lot of people, I would like to know when IXEG737 has received an update for those necessary corrections of its knowledge and implementations requested by customers.
  4. novato X11

    IXEG 737 + ASXP with problems

    Thanks LiTjan for the answer, could be the cause of the problem an exaggerated or very realistic effect of ASXP or a lack of update of IXGE 737 to new version 11.30 of XPL-11? Watch the video (same conditions) what happens: first the speed reduction (if it was Windshear) should have Windshear's warning alert! if it were ice on the wings the anti-ice in this case was already on, so the anti -ice is not the problem, and visually did not notice any ice formation, I am really in doubt what could have caused this or the ASXP is very realistic in the effects, but the IXEG 737 was not to withstand this moderate storm? on this other flight I was able to regain control of the aircraft
  5. I was flying to Fl250 with OAT -8 degrees, I ended up finding rainy formations ahead, I went into the clouds with rain for a few minutes and so far so good, I noticed that the OAT was -8 degrees so I switched on the anti-ice, I turned on the thawing system the IXEG 737 started to lose power and a sudden descent without control, only managed to have control near the ground, but it was already late ..... (RIP) no survivor. I would like to know what is happening, I have already entered several storms with the anti -ice Off, that's what I called and the plane crashed, it seems some problem with the anti -ice of this aircraft with the new improvements of xplane-11 final version 11.30 . I am attaching some logs from the flight recorder to investigate the causes of the accident Log.txt GizmoLog.txt Cycle Dump.txt METAR.rwx
  6. novato X11

    11.30 RC3 "Final" version...

    I did some tests with the IXEG737 in conjunction with other ASXP add-ons, XPRealisticPro, X-Camera and TrackIr5 with the new X-Plane 11.30r3 final version without worrying about airplane piloting just to demonstrate performance and compatibility, I do not know, but I noticed that the aerodynamic behavior has changed a bit mainly in some landings the plane seems to float more, sorry if I'm mistaken. (my lack of hail in IXEG) The problem with Draw vortice is demonstrated in video 1 how to solve, as LitJan said I found it legal now to have the effect of particles acting on the reverse of the aircraft as well video 1 video 2 video 3 In the video 3 was an autolanding, famous landing boeing, boeing, boeing ..... was not very good entered of nose. The spoilers are slow to open, I leave the criticism to the expert LitJan.
  7. novato X11

    11.30 RC3 "Final" version...

    many thanks LitJan I have adjusted now according to your suggestion, I am sure that I will make better and accurate landings I will make tire marks all the tracks at the beginning of the headboard only the airport personnel have to repaint
  8. novato X11

    11.30 RC3 "Final" version...

    hello LitJan now with the new version 11.30 XPL-11 I noticed a change in the behavior of the IXEG 7373, I am having difficulties in the landing it seems that the aircraft floats more before touching the ground, I do not know if the adjustment of the controls are set correctly for this aircraft. I would like to know what is the best realistic control setting for this aircraft? my Saitek is configured like this: LitJan ...What do you recommend ?
  9. Thanks Litjan already checked so it should be all right, it is good that the system requests yes the verification, so it helps to combat software piracy. This aircraft is a work of art. let's assume someone hacked into my account and stole my license, is there any way I'd be notified that I had another attempt to register that license on another machine? For me to take legal action judicial if applicable. attachment file for verification: warng: 0.314: gxt.load: GLBugZapper: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? GizmoLog.txt
  10. So these values will vary depending on atmospheric factors pressure, temperature and leaks .... just stop at the gate and ask the mechanic to complete that when starting another flight the next day will be alright, there is no way to worry only monitor ... thanks for replying Jan, this is undoubtedly one of the best addons I am very satisfied with this plane. One thing you did not answer is about the times not always when opening the aircraft I am asked to activate the aircraft informing my email and password so that x-aviation can make the verification of my license, is this normal? or should I worry about some kind of personal data leak.
  11. Hi, I would like to know if these values of pressure and quantity of motor oil are right. how to fix this (maintenance) restore value, is finishing the engine oil right, how to reset ??? 1- Idle engine photo-1 2- motor at maximum power photo-2 Another thing that is happening is that from time to time when opening the IXEG 737 this requests my data for reactivation in, x- aviation, this is normal ???? I always check the update license, but I find it strange this time to request the activation again.
  12. novato X11

    Pause near top of descent

    I would like the team to speed up the updating of their aircraft to the real standard and performance without making up additional ones that do not exist and I hope a new aircraft could be a B737-600 \ 700 or 800 NGX since PMDG has no interest in the x-plane 11, there's a lot of sparrow professor inventing parnafenalhas and even copying what already exists for XP without quality, some of them, that's why addon companies are not interested in the XP-11 market, a lot of free stuff can come up with malicious programs embedded. Although not yet complete this aircraft IXEG 737 Classic was made with great dedication by the creators observing details and simulation quality I consider one of the 5 star addons for XP-11 and I hope they can finish what is missing, I believe that because of the new updates of XP-11 that will impact the delay to update this aircraft add what is missing in this agreement with the STANDARD of this aircraft without inventing what does not exist within its capacity and performance, thank you.
  13. novato X11


    I consider one of the best aircraft of the XP-11, some people confuse the Boeing of the PMDG with the Boeing of the IXEG, are different aircraft a more modern and an older one the realism of Flight of IXEG B737-300 in XP-11 does not compare with other simulators. I love PMDG but I do not go back to P3D because it only simulates systems, Flight realism is only on XP-11 this is a proven fact, and the IXEG B737classic considers one of the best aircraft in the Boeing line for XP-11.