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  1. Thanks Litjan already checked so it should be all right, it is good that the system requests yes the verification, so it helps to combat software piracy. This aircraft is a work of art. let's assume someone hacked into my account and stole my license, is there any way I'd be notified that I had another attempt to register that license on another machine? For me to take legal action judicial if applicable. attachment file for verification: warng: 0.314: gxt.load: GLBugZapper: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? GizmoLog.txt
  2. So these values will vary depending on atmospheric factors pressure, temperature and leaks .... just stop at the gate and ask the mechanic to complete that when starting another flight the next day will be alright, there is no way to worry only monitor ... thanks for replying Jan, this is undoubtedly one of the best addons I am very satisfied with this plane. One thing you did not answer is about the times not always when opening the aircraft I am asked to activate the aircraft informing my email and password so that x-aviation can make the verification of my license, is this normal? or should I worry about some kind of personal data leak.
  3. Hi, I would like to know if these values of pressure and quantity of motor oil are right. how to fix this (maintenance) restore value, is finishing the engine oil right, how to reset ??? 1- Idle engine photo-1 2- motor at maximum power photo-2 Another thing that is happening is that from time to time when opening the IXEG 737 this requests my data for reactivation in, x- aviation, this is normal ???? I always check the update license, but I find it strange this time to request the activation again.
  4. novato X11

    Pause near top of descent

    I would like the team to speed up the updating of their aircraft to the real standard and performance without making up additional ones that do not exist and I hope a new aircraft could be a B737-600 \ 700 or 800 NGX since PMDG has no interest in the x-plane 11, there's a lot of sparrow professor inventing parnafenalhas and even copying what already exists for XP without quality, some of them, that's why addon companies are not interested in the XP-11 market, a lot of free stuff can come up with malicious programs embedded. Although not yet complete this aircraft IXEG 737 Classic was made with great dedication by the creators observing details and simulation quality I consider one of the 5 star addons for XP-11 and I hope they can finish what is missing, I believe that because of the new updates of XP-11 that will impact the delay to update this aircraft add what is missing in this agreement with the STANDARD of this aircraft without inventing what does not exist within its capacity and performance, thank you.
  5. novato X11


    I consider one of the best aircraft of the XP-11, some people confuse the Boeing of the PMDG with the Boeing of the IXEG, are different aircraft a more modern and an older one the realism of Flight of IXEG B737-300 in XP-11 does not compare with other simulators. I love PMDG but I do not go back to P3D because it only simulates systems, Flight realism is only on XP-11 this is a proven fact, and the IXEG B737classic considers one of the best aircraft in the Boeing line for XP-11.
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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Thanks Lijan
  7. novato X11

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I'm new to XPlane -11 after many years flying under rails, I was very impressed with the XPlane-11 and especially the flight dynamics. I bought the IXEG 737 Classic and it is undoubtedly one of the best aircraft for the X-Plane, I am a fan of the Boeing line and thank you for the excellent work that the IXEG 737 Classic team has been doing. I would suggest if the team of the IXEG 737 Classic could in the future develop a Boeing 737-600 / 700 NG would surely be another sales success. I hope XPlane -11 continues to grow and along with it addons like this.
  8. Okay, then disregard what I mentioned.
  9. Litjan I do not know if you can help? I have XPRealisticPro installed it potentiates the effects on the aircraft, I was having trouble with xeg-737-classic sinking when at 50 ft from the ground causing a violent touch, good was disabled on xeg-737 and finished this problem, but I noticed when the XPRealisticPro was enabled the vibration effect on the xeg-737 panel worked normal, if the x-11 standard aircraft were to start with motors on and then I disabled on xeg-737 to off, all the plugns were running normal, but if I put the standard x-11 aircraft to start off with engines and regardless of whether xeg-737 is started with engines on or off I realized that the XPrealisticPro plugin stopped working correctly, it's just a note.
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    IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    good video IXEG 733 the dynamics of flight in X plane is wonderful.
  11. novato X11

    Number of bugs and some feedback

    Problem solved with regard to autobreak and sinking aircraft in the 50ft approach of the rwy causing violent Touchdown Effects caused by XPrealisticPro by disabling in the IXEG B733 the aircraft returned to function perfectly.
  12. novato X11

    Number of bugs and some feedback

    X-Enviro ??? I do not have this installed only XRealistcPro and the X camera. Thanks for the clarification I will make your suggestion and report the result, it may be also the potentiometer of the joystick that is spent, many years of use. Nothing that can be solved and I am very satisfied with the IXEG B733 congratulations to the product and to continue to improve and develop new quality products for the X-plane.
  13. novato X11

    Number of bugs and some feedback

    Hi Litjan, Firstly I want to congratulate you for the excellent addon that is the IXEG B733, I came from FSX was in doubt which simulator to migrate, the 'X-plane 11 is fantastic its dynamics in flight without comments, I am passionate about PMDG B 737NGX, after I got the IXEG B733 I can say do not lose to PMDG, x plane forever, in the issue of autobreak disarming apparently but without indication in the panel I think this is an addiction to fly a lot the PMDG in FSX because with it applied reverse soon to touch the train main without the nose touching the ground, it was the same with me what NZWW says, so I started to wait for the IXEG B733 to touch the ground completely after applying reverse and I noticed that I had no problem with the autobreak failing, noting also that the track in the x-plane is undulating depending on the landing the wheels lose contact with the ground at certain times and I think that reverse reverse triggering causes this fault, which does not occur with FSx and P3D flying under rails. If possible I could revise the intensity of the taxi lights I'm finding it very weak my x-plane is original + xprealisticpro + x-camera.