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  1. Don't crash and no one will need it.
  2. flyboydanmke

    Will not start

    Are you introducing fuel? And you don't have the generator engaged before starting?
  3. flyboydanmke

    Goran-M : Development Support Man of the Year

    Yes, Job well done to the team. Now in a different location you mentioned you've been working on something big and cool for the last few months............. LOL
  4. flyboydanmke

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    After a memory jog...I won't be surprised if the Saab 340 V2 comes out in all the current XP glory.
  5. flyboydanmke

    Tips for a long stage crossing the Atlantic

    After looking at the tbm specs, you could easily run that distance at FL310 at full speed and still have 200nm to spare or pull back to 252kts for 500nm extra.
  6. flyboydanmke

    Tips for a long stage crossing the Atlantic

    Not to nit pick, but KLVS isn't Las Vegas nor is it in Nevada. May I suggest starting at KVGT, Las Vegas North which is a GA airport.
  7. flyboydanmke

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    If there is any connection to the DC-3, I will not be surprised if the revamp comes out as a Basler BT-67 to make use of the PT6 experience.
  8. flyboydanmke

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    Beech 99 would be cool to keep your PT6 going. Passenger and Freight variants.
  9. flyboydanmke

    VOR/DME distance limit?

    Service volumes are listed in the US FAA AIM.
  10. flyboydanmke

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    Rare bird like the Dornier 328Jet would be awesome.....FlightSafety Manuals on the my shelf....but that's just me. Enjoy the rest of the year resting! But this is the real answer.... "TBM is getting close to being completed, then we'll wrap up the DC-3, then we're moving forward from there."
  11. flyboydanmke

    Controller Sensitivities and Stability

    I had to set everything to 50% sensitivity and set xplane to 3 flight models per frame.
  12. flyboydanmke

    Only installs to C:

    I changed drive letters. I swapped E and D drivers so now XP11 M.2 is D. The installer works fine. It must not like more than 1 drive letter from the C drive.
  13. flyboydanmke

    Only installs to C:

    I have X-Plane 11 on a separate M.2 and found that the TBM installer.exe would not allow me to install the TBM unless I had the entire X-Plane 11 folder in C:\Program Files. Moving the 85GB folder takes too long and it's between 2 M.2(s). Any ideas?! Windows 10 would claim I couldn't write to the E: disk even though all the settings are set for full admin. Other than the super long run around, I did manage to get the TBM started on the first try.