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  1. [XP Bug] IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Will do. Thanks Jan.
  2. [XP Bug] IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Are these digits showing up in 11.20.r2?
  3. I conducted two flights today with 1.21. Love the reflections. Adds even more greatness to this plane. I have not seen any FPS losses so far, but that might due to my 8GB GTX 1070 & i5-7600K @ 4.8Ghz, win10. Running it at 4K medium and some high graphics settings + ortho4xp tiles in ZL17.
  4. 1.21

    ^ Agreed. The IXEGs flight model is still unmatched. The flight model is for me personally the most important part of a sim aircraft.
  5. Refueling in mid air?

    Thanks guys! Yep I knew 737's can be found on Atlantic routes and that they refuel along the way. No big deal. I was just wondering if I can cheat as I was planning to fly the exact same route as the Austrian Airlines B777 I flew in from LAX to Vienna.
  6. Refueling in mid air?

    I wanna take this beauty on an transatlantic flight from the U.S. west coast over to Europe. I know this is unrealistic but I don't want to fly anything else. Is there way to refuel the plane in the air? I tried x planes fuel sliders but that didn't work. If I change something in the ground service settings the plane would reset. Thanks.
  7. Bank Angle + Cabin Altitude

    There is a logic in the real plane that limits bank angle at higher altitudes. Would be great if this gets implemented in the IXEG one day.
  8. [XP Bug] IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    I just don't think it will ever stop. One must constantly compromise something. By the time everything works works well, x plane 12 will probably be available and it starts all over again Love the IXEG 737. I also want to thank you Jan. Your dedication and expertise is highly appreciated here!
  9. [XP Bug] IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    It's caused by the XP11.20vr1 update. You have to roll back to 11.11 if you want the engine digits. With every new XP update, something in the sim will stop working correctly. It's frustrating.
  10. 1.21

    That is good to know that I was wrong. I was unreasonably worried then.
  11. 1.21

    I guess some of us are a little worried that your marvel of a sim aircraft is not being further developed due to loss of interest, moving on to different projects, lack of customers/a lot of people fly the zibo mod these days, etc. I personally hope you guys keep on working on this plane a little more because those who have some real world flying experience highly appreciate the excellent flight model and the many other accurately simulated systems of this aircraft, plus all the small details like the eyebrow windows, amazing looking cockpit, cargo doors, GPU, etc. All those things are unmatched of any other B737 currently available for x plane. It's the only Boeing I really enjoy flying in x plane. It is of course none of my business on how you should run your business, but I still would like to leave my thoughts here. If you'd lower the price some and put out updates a little more frequently, you would make even more money, especially in times where the zibo mod gains more and more attention. I tried the zibo mod and wasn't thrilled at all by it. The flight model of it is just horrible. Many people seem not to care or don't know any better. I guess they just like that it's a -800 with less scary and complicated looking analog instruments and more iPad like LCD screens lol. It's still incredible what this guy does though.
  12. Thinking of buying...

    By far the best 737 available for x plane when it comes to engine and flight model realism and many other important things. Vnav on climb works extremely well. On descent not quite yet, but once you learn how to calculate your own descents with a simple formula you wont need a vnav for descending till it's improved by the ixeg team.
  13. Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    Throttles will retard when you press LVL CHG to descent. The plane will take the speed that it's currently flying at and will try its best to hold that speed by pitching up and down the nose. You will have still full control over the speed by changing the speed via the MCP speed dial but doing that doesn't increase or decrease engine thrust. The plane will manage your desired the speed by pitching the nose up or down. LVL CHG works very well in the IXEG. But if you wanna meet waypoints at a certain alt V/S or VNAV is a more suitable descent mode.
  14. 1.21

    I too look forward to 1.21. I'm hoping the taxi and landing lights are going to be a little brighter. I recently purchased this plane and it's already my favorite. The excellent/ very realistic flight model makes it a real joy to fly for me. I couldn't believe how well CWS mode works. This plane is a marvel in my opinion.