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  1. XP 11 flight model [status]

    No worries. I just don't think that there is something to mask. Check out the landing below. 140 knots approach speed calculated by the FMC with plenty of elevator throw/authority left. Latest x plane and IXEG 737 release. Video was recorded a little over two weeks ago.
  2. XP 11 flight model [status]

    Yes there was some diving involved plus a bit too fast (6 knots too fast), but not a problem since it was visual. Speed was just right before touch down. ZFW was 104.9k lbs + 8.2K lbs of fuel, which gave me an approach speed of 139 knots (+5 knots included). I see all kinds of airliners diving a bit on approach almost on a daily basis when they approach visually. Not a good idea on an precision approach of course.
  3. XP 11 flight model [status]

    No problems with touch downs here either. I can grease every landing if runway length and exits allow. Landing in New York: Here are some touch and go:
  4. Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    I have that artifact in the left window too. It appeared when I updated x plane with the latest VR release a few weeks back. I am sure this artifact has something to do with VR.
  5. VNAV on the SID/climb all the way up to cruise alt works flawlessly. It also calculates top of descent correctly as long as there are waypoints that have hard altitudes. Descending correctly is pretty easy via V/S and calculating top of descent in your head with a simple formula and you will hit every waypoint at the correct alt. The green energy arc/ green banana on the nav display helps too. Once you know your top of descents you can set up the green range rings in the FMC's FIX page. I personally rarely use VNAV, even if it was working. It's just too easy for me. But I still look forward to a fully working VNAV update because the real one has it working, for the most part...
  6. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Will do. Thanks Jan.
  7. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Are these digits showing up in 11.20.r2?
  8. I conducted two flights today with 1.21. Love the reflections. Adds even more greatness to this plane. I have not seen any FPS losses so far, but that might due to my 8GB GTX 1070 & i5-7600K @ 4.8Ghz, win10. Running it at 4K medium and some high graphics settings + ortho4xp tiles in ZL17.
  9. 1.21

    ^ Agreed. The IXEGs flight model is still unmatched. The flight model is for me personally the most important part of a sim aircraft.
  10. Refueling in mid air?

    Thanks guys! Yep I knew 737's can be found on Atlantic routes and that they refuel along the way. No big deal. I was just wondering if I can cheat as I was planning to fly the exact same route as the Austrian Airlines B777 I flew in from LAX to Vienna.
  11. Refueling in mid air?

    I wanna take this beauty on an transatlantic flight from the U.S. west coast over to Europe. I know this is unrealistic but I don't want to fly anything else. Is there way to refuel the plane in the air? I tried x planes fuel sliders but that didn't work. If I change something in the ground service settings the plane would reset. Thanks.
  12. Bank Angle + Cabin Altitude

    There is a logic in the real plane that limits bank angle at higher altitudes. Would be great if this gets implemented in the IXEG one day.
  13. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    I just don't think it will ever stop. One must constantly compromise something. By the time everything works works well, x plane 12 will probably be available and it starts all over again Love the IXEG 737. I also want to thank you Jan. Your dedication and expertise is highly appreciated here!
  14. IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    It's caused by the XP11.20vr1 update. You have to roll back to 11.11 if you want the engine digits. With every new XP update, something in the sim will stop working correctly. It's frustrating.