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  1. Shanwick


    Great news. This is still my favorite sim Boeing. Its flight model is unmatched by any other 737 available.
  2. Shanwick

    Gets me every time...

    Same here. This IXEG Boeing is something special.
  3. Shanwick

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    Hold would be nice, but it's a lot of fun flying a nice holding after a go around via HDG SEL, having dialed in the needed VOR/s, courses, the chronograph ready if needed. You can even fly it manually. It's a excellent brain exercise plus, you gain some pretty good IFR skills. One shouldn't become a child of the Magenta line anyway. As long as you fly it correctly, there is nothing wrong with flying a holding with minimal automation like in the old days. The progress in aviation is of course welcome and important as it has made aviation much saver and more efficient.
  4. Shanwick

    IXEG 737 and keystrokes

    This is normally done with the mouse by simply turning the knobs. I doubt that anyone uses keys to change MCP speed and radio frequencies.
  5. Shanwick


    The calculated TD by the FMC must not be blindly trusted in any plane, sim or real world aircaft . Sometimes it's spot on and sometimes the FMC is far off. One has to double check even in a real 737. The accuracy also depends on the waypoints and if they have above, below or at altitudes restrictions. Use whatever mode you like in order to keep your speed and profile within the box and/or ATC instructions. Level change and V/S mode, both have their advantages and disadvantages in a given situation. I like using both and there are many things one should know about these modes. What and how the speed is controlled, what the throttles do, kicking in of speed protections and so much more. There is plenty of quality info about these mode available on the web. Here is some quick info on how to quickly calculate your TD. Every pilot should know this anyway. Even if you have VNAV. http://thinkaviation.net/top-of-descent-calculation/
  6. Visual Approach into Las Vegas runway 08L with IXEG B737-300.
  7. Shanwick

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    No worries. I just don't think that there is something to mask. Check out the landing below. 140 knots approach speed calculated by the FMC with plenty of elevator throw/authority left. Latest x plane and IXEG 737 release. Video was recorded a little over two weeks ago. https://youtu.be/cN0zAk66GbQ?t=22m24s
  8. Shanwick

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Yes there was some diving involved plus a bit too fast (6 knots too fast), but not a problem since it was visual. Speed was just right before touch down. ZFW was 104.9k lbs + 8.2K lbs of fuel, which gave me an approach speed of 139 knots (+5 knots included). I see all kinds of airliners diving a bit on approach almost on a daily basis when they approach visually. Not a good idea on an precision approach of course.
  9. Shanwick

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    No problems with touch downs here either. I can grease every landing if runway length and exits allow. Landing in New York: https://youtu.be/hEtzHV3Upyo?t=20m50s Here are some touch and go: https://youtu.be/cN0zAk66GbQ?t=6m50s
  10. Shanwick

    Some issues on the Model (ext. and VC)

    I have that artifact in the left window too. It appeared when I updated x plane with the latest VR release a few weeks back. I am sure this artifact has something to do with VR.
  11. VNAV on the SID/climb all the way up to cruise alt works flawlessly. It also calculates top of descent correctly as long as there are waypoints that have hard altitudes. Descending correctly is pretty easy via V/S and calculating top of descent in your head with a simple formula and you will hit every waypoint at the correct alt. The green energy arc/ green banana on the nav display helps too. Once you know your top of descents you can set up the green range rings in the FMC's FIX page. I personally rarely use VNAV, even if it was working. It's just too easy for me. But I still look forward to a fully working VNAV update because the real one has it working, for the most part...
  12. Shanwick

    IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Will do. Thanks Jan.
  13. Shanwick

    IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Are these digits showing up in 11.20.r2?
  14. I conducted two flights today with 1.21. Love the reflections. Adds even more greatness to this plane. I have not seen any FPS losses so far, but that might due to my 8GB GTX 1070 & i5-7600K @ 4.8Ghz, win10. Running it at 4K medium and some high graphics settings + ortho4xp tiles in ZL17.