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  1. SkyFly

    Freighter Conversion Option

    Some airlines combine(d) the two and have/had cargo in the front, and pax in the back. Nolinor stil does this with their 737-200s.
  2. SkyFly

    Freighter Conversion Option

    Everyone is talking about a cargo version. But why is no one talking about a combi version?
  3. Clean fuselage and engines is easy. However there is no official paintkit for the wings´n stuff. So that´s harder to make them clean. I did some fictional BizJet liveries for myself so I have experience.
  4. SkyFly

    performance tool

    I didn´t know there is that much coding involved. I´m struggeling to find the charts. However I just found a program that does all that for 11,99 bucks. might be what I´m looking for. Thanks anyway for the guideline. Will use that for now!
  5. SkyFly

    performance tool

    Hello IXEG-Team, I´d love to see an accurate performance tool to calculate takeoff and landing distances for different flap settings, thrust ratings ect. For somebody like me, who likes to fly into small fields, this would be a great help. As for now, it´s more or less guesswork if there is enough runway ahead for a takeoff or landing. Kind Regards SkyFly
  6. SkyFly

    Problems with climb-out on B733

    Don´t use VS. Use LVL CHG instead. Also: Make sure you are not overweight.
  7. SkyFly

    Graphical Bug Cockpit: ND/ FMC

    Try Deleing (make a backup!!!) the X-Plane PICS File in the Preferences folder. I had problems with the FJS737 wich where verry odd and not even a reinstall of the plane helped. Deleted the X-Plane PICS, and the problem was gone. So you might try that! It will basicly only deletes your graphics setting. nothing major. But it helped.
  8. SkyFly

    Landmark Airlines for IXEG 737-300

    Added to the list . Gonna take some time tho.
  9. @XPJavelin Oh man! Really cool! Many thanks
  10. SkyFly

    Thank You!

    I think it is time, to thank the whole IXEG Team! This product is now out since 2016. It was a long way from the first pictures on their website in 2010 (I think) until release in 2016. It´s still a long way to go. Some are waiting for a -400, a -500 or a cargo version. Some are waiting for a fully analog cockpit, and some are waiting for airstairs. I want to emphasize some things which make this team great! They are in direct contact with us all the time through this forum. They help us out, no matter what the problem is or what time it is. An answer can be expected within 24 hrs most of the time. They spent a part of their spare time to work on updates, probably spending tons of money on coffee, to make a great product even greater. They are very open to all kinds of feature suggestions, no matter how complicated or nitpicky they are. *caughing* They are honest about the few flaws the product has (for exaple the dreaded VNAV code ) I think I speak in the name of a few more people i f I say: Thank you for your all efforts and probably a few sleepless nights! Thank you for all your support! Thank you for all the time spent to make the IXEG 737-300 what it is and what it will become! Thank you for dealing with all the difficulties of the everchanging X-Plane system! (flight models, Vulcan, ect.) Thank you for [ please insert whatever you want to thank them for ] If I missed something (I´m sure I did) please forgive me.
  11. Thx for reply! Yea surely you can see it is centered. But the white parts that you can see get covered fully even a the slightest deviation and they are sooo small. They like to hide. Screen resolution plays a big part in that too. I´m aware of that. (Zoom factor) From this pespective -wich is my normal perspective I always use (it gives me a full view of the VSI and the windscreen is fully in the picture)-, I don´t see the white box at all I don´t have a 4k screen so my guess is, there is simply not enough pixel density to display such small stuff. A correct drawing order of the bars and the "box", could partially solve that problem. I´d really apprechiate that. It would take the IXEG again a step further. What about the Trim system suff that I adressed? Did you overlook it or is it not planed to be integrated? I´m just curious (I´m sorry I really don´t know how to make these pictures smaller)
  12. Hello dear IXEG team! I have another set of feature suggestions/ complains... whatever. Sunshades. Maybe a click on the Rail makes them appear and then you can drag them around. Adds nothing but it is a fancy gimmick. The Elevator trim cutout system (sorry I don´t know how it is really called). As far as I know, you should not be able to trim up, when the yoke is pushed down to a certain degree and further, vice versa. The trim should then simply cut out. This is not the case with the IXEG. I could apply full nose up elevator and trim all the way down whilst holding the yoke back, again, vice versa. The override switch for this system beside the Rudder trim is there and switchable but the system it should override, doesn´t work/exist. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vslSnqihflU ) I tried it after watching this interesting video I found. From my understanding, the NG and CL both have this system. The Flight Director... okay I´m going nitpicky again. I have for a long time had struggles to get the IXEG down to CAT I minimums just by following the FD -wich should be absolutely possible-. I then hopped in the NG for a while and *boom* first try, nailed it. Maybe just luck? I tried again. Again, I nailed it. A320? Nailed it. 757? Nailed it. So I started to question why that is and dug deep. I felt really stupid. Joystick sensitivity was set up propperly. What I have found is the following: Lets compare a real FD to the IXEG FD. Real: IXEG: As i have learned (1Step Prep confirmed this a while ago in a video), the FD should devide the white box into four small boxes, one in each corner. The real PFD shows exactly that. If the small boxes are equal in size, the FD is spot on. The IXEG FD on the other hand, covers up the box all the way to the frame. Also, if you look reeeeeeally close, you can see that the white box is layered over the magenta FD line and is not covered up by it, like in the IXEGs PFD. All that, makes it hard to judge if the FD is really bang on. Not an issue if you look at the PFD with a magnifying glass or fly with AP, but if you are sitting in a normal seating position, the PFD in itsself is small enough already. This "querk" doesn´t help it at all. Long story short: To me, it looks like the FD is just two or three pixels too wide and the layering is in the wrong order. Or the box is to small. Given the size of the PFD it probably would be better to make the box bigger. Making the FD narrower could lead to aliasing problems on smaller screens i think. Regards Mr. Nitpick Greetings from Germany! Writing this post, i found this. (Cockpit door camera screen between FMCs. This would be reeeeeeeealy cool, though useless like the sunshades.) http://thenightflier.weebly.com/uploads/9/5/2/1/9521562/4622292_orig.jpg
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Remember the good old Landmark Airlines livery one could find in FS2004? If you missed it in X-Plane, here it is. Left Colosseum inverted as in the original FS2004 livery. Have fun and happy landings! Only tested with X-Plane11, should work with X-Plane 10 too.
  14. Landmark Airlines for IXEG 737-300 View File Remember the good old Landmark Airlines livery one could find in FS2004? If you missed it in X-Plane, here it is. Left Colosseum inverted as in the original FS2004 livery. Have fun and happy landings! Only tested with X-Plane11, should work with X-Plane 10 too. Submitter SkyFly Submitted 03/14/2019 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-ixeg-737-classic-p-122 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 10 & 11