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  1. Somehow the IXEG 737 is the only aircraft in my fleet that doesn´t work with Simcoders HeadShake. I tried to turn off the IXEG implemented head movments but that didnt help somehow. Are they even compatible in general? i mean i really like the IXEG ground shake better than the HeadShake ones, but those combined would be perfect. IXEG on ground, HeadShake up in the Air. But maby i´m just doing something wrong.
  2. Things that would add to the realism.

    Thanks for replying 1. real one ixeg: X-Plane 2018-01-14 10-08-40.bmp look at the left an right top of the yoke, where the trim switches and the number dials are. there is clearly a different shape in the sim. 2. rods are clearly vissible here: here at 3:08 and here at 6:55 and here at 8:06 according to your reply, all of them must be spechial ones and do not represent the 737 classic rev. levers in general. i highly doubt that is the case. ive seen a lot of 737-cl videos and ive seen them rods a bunch of times. never seen one single 737 in general without them. no matter which series. 3. at 34:45. i think that hum is the brake. can be something else as well. but this is exactly the sound brakes make on other addon aircraft (Fmod sounds for 737-800 and flyjsim 737). I´ve heard that hum on real 737s as well but never in videos. so i think this sound is verry hard to catch on video. 6. ive never seen gauge lightning like on the ixeg on real one photos. they always look like the photo. just wondering. maby i didn´t find the right ones. 7. these levers instead of buttons as an option. 8. shortly after 1:12 you hear the throttles hit the stop. he may be a little rough but you get what sound i mean . at 8:01 very quiet, but you can hear the throttles reach the stop 9. nevermind 10. maby a code related to the ixeg throtles and not to the harware throttles. but as i said. brobably too much effort.
  3. Hello guys, i have a few things that i think would really add to the realism or would just be nice to have. before i begin... sorry my keyboard is horrible... so please excuse mistakes. Feel free to correct me if i´m wrong 1. remodeling of the yoke. the curvature of the top ends of the yokes somehow kills the feel of flying a boeing 737 a bit (at least for me). 2. Reverse lever connecting rods. IXEG: X-Plane 2018-01-12 20-55-12.bmp (ZiBo like the real thing i think): X-Plane 2018-01-13 23-56-02.bmp 3. braking noise. I hear them on several addons and so far i can remember hearing them in real 737s as well. 4. Alt and Speed inv. buttons. (would make flying on AP easier sometimes. vor exaple when you fly an automated RNAV approach) 5. the AP disco button is on the wrong side at to copilots yoke. (nothing really bad, but if you have some time left, feel free to correct it.) 6. Make the gauge lightning look more like this: 7. those AP levers some 737-CLs have instead of the buttons 8. click sound when you rock the throttles back to idle and a reverse lever deploying and closing click. 8. bitching betty callouts as i´ve heard them on some 737s and 727s 9. better flap acuator sounds. the sound really default. 10. i don´t know if that is even possible without complicated self made codes... Reverse stage gates. So maby half of the lever travel is idle and the rest is independenly adjustable or so... you get what i mean 11. less sensitiv ALT knob... it´s a pain in the a^^ to adjust it, as it is so sensetive (nope it´s not my mouse). I have to dial in something near the ALT i want, and then use my keyboard for the last 300 feet or so. 13. non-efis instruments... but i´m not gonna discuss this here as someone already added them to the wish list. 14. better flight dynamics... just joking 15. paintkits for the wings and the cockpit. 16. yea.. guess i said everything , but i also wanna mention that i really apprechiate your work and that the IXEG 737 is stil the #1 addon when it comes to flight dynamics and a lot of other things. So don´t get me wrong. still my #1 choice.