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  1. Livery List & Requests

    Is anyone willing to create polish government livery (fictional, because it's BBJ2/738 IRL)?
  2. It looks that Jumping to Texas is quite common since E46 is the third on the list of most busiests airports in XP11
  3. MCP speed setting problems (733 v1.2)

    I think that mapping keyboard for these dials is the best solution. I have mapped F1/F2 for SPD (sim/autopilot/airspeed_down / *_up), F3/F4 for HDG and F5/F6 for ALT. Works perfect for accurate adjustments and since it uses sim/autopilot/* commands it works with other aircraft too.
  4. Window heat test

    This is problably the least important issue you can imagine, but I'm just curious if this is intended behavior of 733, as it differs from NGs When performing window heat PWR TEST, the only way to turn off 'overtheat' lights is to recycle each window heat switch or to be precise going from ON to OFF state. Furthermore, the up position of this switch has no label, shouldn't it be "OVHT"?
  5. Huge speed value on MCP

    You're right, I enabled "Remove flying surfaces when over speed" (disabled by default? I don't know...) and really bad things happened It seems to be not possible to overspeed flaps in VNAV in such scenario (which is good). During CLB there is SPD REST in FMC for flaps and it keeps the limit. Then in CRZ the plane accelerates in FMC SPD mode up to "red tape" and then switches to MCP SPD and slows down, then again FMC SPD, etc.
  6. Curly LNAV path

    I was flying BADSO 07 ILS apprach at EDDS and FMC calculated curly path (looks a bit like curly brackets ) Unfortunately, it was not only depicted on ND, but as you can see on next screen the plane was perfectly following this path. In some other cases I've noticed loops in the plan (for loops issue I've alredy opened a ticket).
  7. Huge speed value on MCP

    First and foremost, the problem was caused by my mistake. I forgot to retract flaps and in CRZ the plane started to switch between FMC SPD and MCP SPD (probably caused by flaps speed limits). The problem is that while in MCP SPD mode it shows really huge speed value. I am also not sure what should be the proper plane reaction for such a pilot error.