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  1. I just noticed today your post about Skunkcrafts Updater. I removed it from my fully loaded X-Plane configuration, leaving in all the other plugins, including Skymaxx Pro. I let it sit for 40 minutes after loading the LES Saab 340A and no crash. I was able to start up the engines and complete a flight from LEZL to LEMG. Yay. I don't mind removing that particular plugin since I don't like how it works in the first place, so for me it's an acceptable workaround -- unlike removing SkyMaxx Pro, which I like to use quite a bit. This doesn't really resolve why only the Saab 340A is affected or why it's only affected when there is lots of custom scenery loaded, but at least I can fly the Saab with HD orthophoto scenery, custom airports, and real weather as supported by SkyMaxx Pro.
  2. Some of those Ground Traffic plugin instances may be more than five years old. There's a chance for some sort of conflict there. How it would interact with SkyMaxx Pro and LES Saab 340A are a mystery to me. Perhaps one undoes some initialization that another set up? And why only with the Saab and SkyMaxx combination? And why don't other Saab + Skymaxx users see the same issue? I imagine a lot of LES Saab 340A + Skymaxx Pro customers have as much or more custom scenery as I do. The must unique thing about my setup is an AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 8-core processor plus I use Process Lasso to spread X-Plane execution across more threads than most users would be using. However, it hasn't caused issues with other X-Plane aircraft, so far. The crash scenario behaves a lot like a memory leak since the crash occurs after a relatively consistent amount of time (about 15 minutes), yet, watching memory usage in Task Manager, I don't see a gradual consumption of memory. There could be some event at that point that triggers some massive grab of memory and there just isn't that amount available if SkyMaxx Pro also is running? Is there some sort of trace flag I can turn on to try to get more info to diagnose what's happening?
  3. After much testing of my stripped down copy of X-Plane with the LES Saab 340A and just Western US scenery, no crashes occurred and I could have all plugins installed -- no problem. However, I then made a symbolic link from "Custom Scenery" to my normal fully loaded "Custom Scenery" and the crashes immediately started occurring again, even without trying to start the engines. Then, after removing all the plugins except Gizmo64, I could start and fly the Saab 340A once again no problems. So, there is some interaction between having a ton of custom scenery and having all the plugins I normally use. I suspect I could add back all the plugins except SkyMaxx Pro and it would keep working (as before). Any further suggestions? PS: I note that I have 54 instances of the Ground Traffic plugin because many airports include that. It's a pity they can't all share one instance. Log_saab340a_ctd01bb.txt Log_saab340a_ctd02bb.txt GizmoLog_saab340a_ctd01bb.txt GizmoLog_saab340a_ctd02bb.txt
  4. A typical programming mistake, for example, would be to use the value of a given dataref as the denominator of a division without checking first if it is zero. A divide by zero can cause a crash in a lot of different kinds of software, depending on if and how errors are trapped and dealt with. In any case, though, I've created a new stripped down copy of X-Plane based on the demo that now contains only the LES Saab 340A and Sky Max Pro + Real Weather Connector and Western USA scenery, plus the usual default aircraft and default airports. No custom airports and no orthophoto scenery. The Saab so far is working OK in this environment. No crashes. It's difficult to know if I've set everything up the same. Until I've used SkyMaxx Pro a bit with FSGRW it may not be the same (e.g., there were no .rwx metar files initially). I'll keep testing.
  5. That's a VERY large amount of work for me, but I'll do it in order to narrow down our understanding of where the problem is. Shouldn't we be looking at stack traces from this very reproducible crash instead? Keep in mind that none of the many other aircraft I have crash this way. If the problem really were too many plugins or too much scenery, my other aircraft would crash too. They don't. Nope. Not using VR, though I see some VR messages in the log.txt files. Here's my educated guess as to the crash cause: SkyMaxx Pro is leaving in a trashy state some part of memory (e.g., x-plane data refs) that the Saab 340A uses and does not check for validity before using. Other aircraft, for whatever reason, either don't use this particular memory or check it for validity before using and thus do not crash. If this theory is correct, the Saab 340A most likely will continue to crash in the above X-Plane demo scenario. If the Saab 340A crashes when completely idle (cold & dark and on the ground), then that should narrow down quite a bit which X-Plane data refs need to be checked.
  6. This time, I started up X-Plane with the LES Saab 340A with the SilverLining plugin (as in the previous test) but never attached the GPU and never tried to start the engines -- I just let it run all by itself in cold & dark condtion. Crashed after 15 minutes. So, it would seem the startup sequence has nothing to do with the crash -- it's just a matter of how long since the aircraft has been loaded. The logs look pretty much the same as the previous test. Log_saab340a_ctd_08_ns.txt GizmoLog_saab340a_ctd_08_ns.txt
  7. Adding GizmoLog.txt and Log.txt after 7th crash. Crash happens while I'm manually going through the engine startup sequence -- usually after I've got then engines running and have advanced the condition levers to Max. GizmoLog_saab340a_ctd_07.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_07.txt
  8. Thanks for the responses Goran and JGregory. I've experimented with removing and adding back various plugins: xjet, avitab, SilverLining, Real Weather Connector. Of these, the only critical one seems to be SilverLining (part of SkyMaxx Pro). If I remove it from plugins folder -- no crash. If I put it back in the plugins folder -- crash returns. Disabling SilverLining in plugin admin does not help -- only removing the plugin helps. Changing the real weather settings to not use FSGRW does not help. Note that with SilverLining installed in the plugins folder, no other X-Plane aircraft crash -- only the LES Saab 1.5.1. I realize that does not necessarily mean that it is the LES Saab at fault, especially if other users successfully are using SkyMaxx Pro, but it does strongly indicate that. Please note that my system has 32GB RAM and 8 GB VRAM, so simply running out of memory not too likely, though the log (now lost) from the very first crash mentioned a memory problem at the very end. I've attached some log.txt files from each crash except the very first. Sorry, I don't have any GizmoLog.txt files yet. I will attach one of those later. Log_saab340a_ctd_03.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_04.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_05.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_06.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_01.txt Log_saab340a_ctd_02.txt
  9. I also have this issue. I also have many plugins, but no other aircraft I have crashes because of too many plugins. Most work just fine. This must be an issue with the LES Saab. It could be an incompatibility with one particular plugin, but I don't know which. XJet from AirFoilLabs or avitab or FSGRW? Those are some newer ones. Another user reports a crash with FSGRW but got no support response.
  10. cwjohan

    great airplane except ground handling

    I agree. Very stable ground handling now. No problem at all. Thanks, developers!
  11. cwjohan

    Black Toggles-Not Enough Contrast

    There are some liveries by Razor94 that modify the light switches, putting white dots on the edge that show when the switch is ON. Probably not realistic, but it is very effective. Perhaps a config option could turn that feature off for those who want true realism.
  12. cwjohan


    Check your Maintenance Manager screens. Something may need repair.
  13. cwjohan

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    Side bar disappears for me in full screen mode. But, if I switch to windowed mode, the side bar re-appears. Only happens in XP11.30b5 version. In XP11.26r2 the side bar is OK.
  14. cwjohan

    How to enter a user waypoint in the G1000

    WORKAROUND: I found that I can create the flight plan with user waypoints in littlenavmap, export them to .fms format, and load them into the G1000. In littlenavmap, I give each user waypoint a custom name. When I load the flight plan into the G1000, the custom waypoints look like ordinary waypoints.
  15. Seems not possible at the present time. One can cycle between MAP, WPT, and NRST by moving the large FMS knob when at the map on the MFD. However, within WPT one should be able to turn the small FMS knob to select "USER WPT INFORMATION", but the only option is "AIRPORT INFORMATION", and even that doesn't work -- it just shows KLAX and you can't change it. Any suggestions?