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  1. cwjohan

    great airplane except ground handling

    I agree. Very stable ground handling now. No problem at all. Thanks, developers!
  2. cwjohan

    Black Toggles-Not Enough Contrast

    There are some liveries by Razor94 that modify the light switches, putting white dots on the edge that show when the switch is ON. Probably not realistic, but it is very effective. Perhaps a config option could turn that feature off for those who want true realism.
  3. cwjohan


    Check your Maintenance Manager screens. Something may need repair.
  4. cwjohan

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    Side bar disappears for me in full screen mode. But, if I switch to windowed mode, the side bar re-appears. Only happens in XP11.30b5 version. In XP11.26r2 the side bar is OK.
  5. cwjohan

    How to enter a user waypoint in the G1000

    WORKAROUND: I found that I can create the flight plan with user waypoints in littlenavmap, export them to .fms format, and load them into the G1000. In littlenavmap, I give each user waypoint a custom name. When I load the flight plan into the G1000, the custom waypoints look like ordinary waypoints.
  6. Seems not possible at the present time. One can cycle between MAP, WPT, and NRST by moving the large FMS knob when at the map on the MFD. However, within WPT one should be able to turn the small FMS knob to select "USER WPT INFORMATION", but the only option is "AIRPORT INFORMATION", and even that doesn't work -- it just shows KLAX and you can't change it. Any suggestions?
  7. cwjohan

    v1.1 IGNITION always auto at beginning

    Yes. Seems most of the time it stays where I set it. Sometimes or often goes to AUTO.
  8. cwjohan

    IPad App

    I have this one. Seems good, though I don't know how accurate it is. There's even a flight risk assessment that considers such human factors as inadequate rest, illness, personal relationship issues, and many other factors.
  9. cwjohan

    Top of Decent alert missing?

    There a gray TOD dot that should be drawn on the map display that also is missing, I think. At least, I've never seen it despite using VNAV many times.
  10. cwjohan

    What’s next?

    I would love to see a study-level Q400, study-level King Air B200, or a study-level PC12, though STMA have said they already are working on a fairly detailed PC12 NG version for XP11.
  11. cwjohan

    v1.1 IGNITION always auto at beginning

    With v1.1, I observed IGNITION stay set to OFF between startups of X-Plane.
  12. cwjohan

    Flickering PFD and MFD

    Nope. Just two in my case. Try dry motoring for several minutes to run your battery down below 24 V. Then try a battery start with GENERATOR set to MAIN. See if you see the flickering. Then try recharging your battery in Maintenance Manager.
  13. When the sim is paused, I can go into the Maintenance Manager | Electrics and replace and charge the battery, but it has no effect as measured by the battery tester. If I un-pause the sim, then it appears to work properly. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature.
  14. cwjohan

    Auto Pilot "hiccups" when loading Procedure

    Oh. I haven't seen that. I've only seen wandering when the approach is activated. Actually, the wandering generally occurred a bit later later when autopilot automatically switches from GPS to LOC 1. However, since TBM 900 v1.1, I haven't seen the problem. The issue you're reporting must be something different. Sorry, I didn't read your problem description carefully. Still, it you want to see if anyone can replicate your reported problem, you could describe the relevant portion of your flight plan and approach procedure you selected. Certainly, it's not happening with every load of an approach procedure.
  15. cwjohan

    ESS Bus switch not normal (XP11.3 and 11.26)

    The flickering PFD and MFD is definitely associated with having a low battery level or dead battery plus having the SOURCE switch set to BATT and the GENERATOR switch set to MAIN. When the GENERATOR switch is moved to OFF, the flickering stops. If the SOURCE switch is moved from BATT to OFF and the GENERATOR switch is left on MAIN, the flickering persists for 5 seconds or so and then stops. Whether one can access Maintenance Manager | Electrics to recharge or replace the battery seems somewhat random. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. Quitting X-Plane and then re-starting it and resuming the previous flight seems often to fix the problem of not being able to access Maintenance Manager | Electrics because of "ESS Bus switch not normal". It appears that on startup of the aircraft, it can repair bad states in the .airframe file, perhaps because some values are calculated rather than obtained from the initial state. Is that the case?