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  1. From what I can tell, X-Plane has a debug-only check there to discard the weather if "unplausible" temperatures like that are detected. This is set to not trigger for release versions of X-Plane, for reasons not known to me. I think the best I can do here is to have this always trigger. This however does not explain how the IXEG or A330 end up at E46, unless the aircraft contains code to set the ambient temperature, which I don't see why it would. The only explanation I can think of is that this happens to people who have a third-party weather plugin installed which sets this kind of garbage data.
  2. The temperature cannot be -290, because physics doesn't allow that. The lowest temperature anything could ever have is -273.15. So setting the local temp to -290 (how would you even do that, other than screwing with DRE?) is physically meaningless.
  3. I have found the code path in X-Plane that gets triggered when you end up on the E46 "02 Ranch" airport in Texas. Now that we know what is happening, we need to find out why it is happening. In order to do that, I need some help from people who regularly experience this teleportation problem. I need them to run a special version of X-Plane that has finer grained checks and puts out better more diagnostics in the log. Which also means, it is going to run at much lower fps. So it is not practical to run X-Plane like that all the time, if you are not regularly getting teleported. Some people seem to have gotten that teleportation problem very often, and devised ways to get it less often? Someone even posted he always gets the teleportation at the same place? That would be really helpful!! Anyway, I need people who get the teleportation often, or know what they need to do on their system to increase the likelyhood of the teleportation occurring for them. If you have the teleportation issue, please send me a PM, stating which operating system you are on, and whether you have the Steam- or on-Steam version of X-Plane. Philipp
  4. philipp

    CRJ 200 FMS

    Just make sure you have both the latest Xsaitekpanels plugin AND (very impotant) the latest config file for the CRJ-200.
  5. philipp

    CRJ 200 FMS

    We found that the SaitekPanels plugin prevents the FMS from working. There's an update available for XSaitekpanels that fixes that.
  6. philipp

    Ram Air Turbine

    You have to call maintenance, because it cannot be restored by the flight crew. The plane is grounded until maintenance has resolved the underlying issue, stowed the RAT, and signs off the plane back into service. That's how it works in real life. In X-Plane, you need to re-load the aircraft.
  7. philipp

    CRJ 200 FMS

    Take a look at the side panel on the left side wall on the pilots side. It's called the display control panel. On the top center there's two concentric knobs labelled FORMAT/RANGE. Turn the outer one (format) to the right to get to the NAV and PLAN views.
  8. Attached is the replacement CRJ200.acf for X-Plane 11 that fixes the engines idling too low. Replace the CRJ200.acf in the base folder of the CRJ in your X-Plane 11 installation with this file. Please do not try to use this with X-Plane 10, it won't work. CRJ200.acf
  9. philipp

    Navigraph navdata update

    That is the default location the Navigraph FMS Data manager would have installed it in anyway. This location is used by a lot of add-on aircraft nowadays, as listed above.
  10. philipp

    Navigraph navdata update

    Do not use the old mapping for the CRJ-200 from Navigraph FMS Data manager. It's for 1.5 and earlier. Use this cycle "X-Plane GNS430, 777 Worldliner (Ext/Prof), Flightfactor B757 Professional, VMAX B767-300ER Professional, X-Crafts Embraer E-175, Aerobask Aircrafts" even though it doesn't mention the CRJ, it is compatible.
  11. philipp

    CRJ-200 knobs/switches inert XP10.50

    That shouldn't be a problem. I don't think the hackintosh has anything to do with it. I have changed so many components in my MacPro 5,1 it's basically becoming a hackintosh now. Plugins simply not loading is usually either a plugin conflict, a missing dependency, or plainly binary incompatibility (32bit plugin with 64bit X-Plane) none of which I would chalk up to running a hackintosh.
  12. philipp

    Approaches incomplete

    I see what you mean. LFLL has a very strange encoding for the STAR, where it lists the same trunk route twice for the L and R runways instead of listing the trunk once with a "B" for both runways, as is the standard. Unfortunately, this is due to how ARINC424 data is converted to the various file formats for the different FMSs, and these converters are done by Aerosoft and Navigraph. This is one of the many reasons why for X-Plane 11 I have changed that whole process and now support 424 directly and wrote the converter myself, instead of leaving that to Aerosoft and Navigraph, which eliminates the possibility to have different encodings of the same data. If you try the X-Plane 11 FMC, which uses my new data flow, it of course works correctly: For a future pure X-Plane 11 version of the CRJ, I will obviously use this new infrastructure. For the current CRJ, which still supports X-Plane 10, I cannot do this.
  13. philipp

    CRJ-200 knobs/switches inert XP10.50

    I see a lot of errors in this Log.txt, among others you have installed the XSquawkbox plugin into the Las Vegas scenery?? This installation of X-Plane looks seriously borked to me. The one most likely related to the CRJ is this error: dlerror:dlopen(/Users/nolimac1/Desktop/xp/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/shrink-wrap.plugin/mac.xpl, 6): no suitable image found. Did find: /Users/nolimac1/Desktop/xp/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/shrink-wrap.plugin/mac.xpl: mach-o, but wrong architecture That is the X-Aviation wrapper that has since been superseded as far as I know. The CRJ itself also appears to be an outdated version: lerror:dlopen(/Users/nolimac1/Desktop/xp/X-Plane 10/Aircraft/X-Aviation/CRJ-200/plugins/CRJAvionics/mac.xpl, 6): no suitable image found. Did find: /Users/nolimac1/Desktop/xp/X-Plane 10/Aircraft/X-Aviation/CRJ-200/plugins/CRJAvionics/mac.xpl: mach-o, but wrong architecture If it was the current version, it would read "CRJSE" instead of "CRJAvionics". My suggestion is to systematically go through the plugin errors in the Log.txt and remove those that don't load or are out of date. Then make sure to download the latest 1.7.1 version of the CRJ (which also works in X-Plane 10).
  14. philipp

    Selecting an Arrival RWY with no STAR

    I understand what you mean now - I'm talking about the case where both an RNAV transition and a STAR exist from the same starting point and you want to use the RNAV transition but not the STAR. In this case, the points of the STAR are automatically overridden (deleted, actually), when you select the RNAV transition. You can achieve the same effect for a (non-RNAV) transition to approach by selecting an arbitrary STAR, then the approach and transition, executing, then de-selecting the STAR and executing again. This is not ideal, but it does work. The limitation "SELECT STAR FIRST" is a leftover from the 1.4 version of the CRJ, where the FMS was not as capable as it is today. With 1.6, I changed the FMS to support all that, but I never removed the scratchpad warning, despite it actually works now. The somewhat complicated solution I offered above does work in CRJ 1.6 onward, and allows you to fly an RNAV or non-RNAV transition directly to final approach without STAR.
  15. philipp

    Selecting an Arrival RWY with no STAR

    Not sure why you say it's impossible - it is actually quite common in Europe to fly RNAV transitions instead of STARs, like for example this in EDDL: In that particular example, the DOMUX STAR is overridden by the DOMUX arrival, so the STAR isn't used. Same thing in EDDS with the BADSO STAR, and several other airports in Germany that I use regularly for testing.