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  1. OuterMarker

    Deicing on the ground

    Thanks, I'd appreciate that
  2. OuterMarker

    Deicing on the ground

    Hi guys, after a 2 hour flight I let the plane sit on the apron for around 20 Minutes and, of course, it picked up snow/ice. I was planning to do the return trip but unfortunately I can't find an option to deice the plane on the ground. So what am I supposed to do now? I guess changing the temperature in the weather menu until the ice is melted and then changing it back would work but that's not really an elegant way. I'm surprised that in an simulation as thorough as this, this scenario apparently hasn't been thought of (or I'm too stupid to figure it out). Thanks, Jan
  3. OuterMarker

    Fix Engine Heat Waves (possibly)?

    I think the X-Plane heat distortion is quite basic, not sure if it can be fine tuned to this level of detail.
  4. OuterMarker

    Moving seat back a little

    Yes, I know. You can also change the FOV for any plane in the display settings Mine is quite high as you may see in the first screenshot, it's not really what I meant though.
  5. OuterMarker

    Moving seat back a little

    Hey guys, it would be nice if you could move the seat back a little bit. I'd like to have a little more space to play around with the viewpoint without suddenly sitting on top of the headrest and it would also be nice to see the full pedestal without moving the waypoint (I know that you can operate the switches through the seat though). I'm sure Jan's belly would appreciate it as well Have a nice day, Jan
  6. OuterMarker

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    We are as well
  7. OuterMarker

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - April 10th

  8. OuterMarker

    What is "close to release"

    I'm totally on your side and I don't care when it's going to be released. But if you sort of set a deadline on multiple ocasions (the end of 2015 was the deadline most Forum users were expecting), only using the word "close" for weeks and weeks after not meeting that line shouldn't make you wonder about people "bitching" to find out when it's finally going to be released.
  9. OuterMarker

    Approach Tutorials (request)

    Hey Guys, I'm getting tired of flying ILS approaches all the time, so one thing I'd like to get into when your 737 is released are different types of approaches. Are your tutorial videos going to cover approaches like VOR/DME, NDB, GPS etc.? Have a nice weekend, Jan
  10. OuterMarker

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    That's a great progress update, thank you very much!
  11. OuterMarker

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 12th

    So, to get back to topic, what are you working on at the moment? The last thing I remember was that you were near final testing for the FMS but now you reverted to adding features? I'm sorry if this has been answered in the depths of this thread before, but even though I check this forum daily it's hard to keep up with useful information when threads are exploding like this.
  12. OuterMarker

    IXEG 737 Screenshots - December 16th

    Thanks, I'm neither a beta tester nor a part of the IXEG team though. You can find this any many more screenshots here: http://ixeg.net/gallery
  13. OuterMarker

    Classic Gauge Options

    That looks amazing, congratulations!