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  1. cmbaviator

    TBM oriented VA

    Will there be flight in the UK because i'm going to incest a lot in OrbX true Earth GB + uk airports + UK2000 airport
  2. cmbaviator

    Normal climb speed

    the manual suggest 124 kts for the best rate of climb or 170 kts best can't remember what but 124 is barely used in real life because ATC doen't like slow speed. i was told that pilot woud use speed between 140-160. But if you are making < 250Nm flight, 170 kts is not bad as you have a higher ground speed. But if you have a long flight, better uses speed close to 124 in order to get quickly to cruise in order to reduce fuel consumption
  3. cmbaviator

    Steering the Plane after landing

    did austin work on that on for the 11.30?
  4. cmbaviator

    What’s next?

    i just which the next aircraft will be a glass cockpit, that's all i'm asking for xD
  5. cmbaviator

    Newbie looking for help

    I think the ground effect is well simulated in the 733, except the negative torque applied during ground effect which seems to be too important in my opinion, just need to tune it a bit lower and it will be perfect
  6. cmbaviator

    IPad App

    the tbm 850 through 930 is I think 98% the same airframe wise, only the interior will change and avionic, you can have the G3000 with 930 TBM 850: 910: 930 : you can see same dimension at 0.001m close + Same engine = same performance. search PFPX in the forum and you will find a dropbox link
  7. cmbaviator

    Newbie looking for help

    i was wondering wy i need lots of back pressure whe flaring, always thought it was too much
  8. cmbaviator

    IPad App

    its the same engine, i just modified the weights config : DOW.... and add +10% of cruise fuel and its pretty much spot on. someone also made a 124/170 KIAS climb profile and as well 2 cruise profile: Max cruise speed and i can't remember the other one
  9. cmbaviator

    Bounces too easily?

    dont forget that you land a TBM by stalling not like a B737. You should be at 80-85 Kts at 1000-800 ft AGL and at 30, slowly retard the throttle and pitch up and glide above the runway until your speed reaches in the low 70 kt, you should ever hear the warning : Airspeed prior to touch down
  10. cmbaviator

    Exciting take off runs...

    it gets off automatically when setting off The AP, I think
  11. cmbaviator

    Entering V speeds on the PFD?

    ahh, maybe its not implemented yet
  12. cmbaviator

    IPad App

    i have it on my ipad but it seems t take too much entering every information needed
  13. cmbaviator

    IPad App

    I use PFPX, much quicker and quite accurate
  14. cmbaviator

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    I made 3 profiles for the TBM but i don't know how to set those value in the software TBM-CLS-E-1.xlsx
  15. cmbaviator

    What’s next?

    i would like at least a big turbo prop like the Dash8-400/ ATR72/ ATR72-600 new glass cockpit)