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  1. cmbaviator

    great airplane except ground handling

    I know but if 0.5cm of deflection makes it difficult to steer... it should be that senstive, it would impossible irl to maintain centerline correctly. Because if i could use more rudder application that would fine as it is more manageable, but i have to barely apply pressure on the rudder. As i said with the majestif, i need quite some amount of rudder application to avoid steering left and thats okay because i have some even if i decrease slighty some ruder application or increase it it will not steer severly to the right or less. With decreasing the sensitivity on the rudder pedals AND setting 0 crosswind component on ground thanks to ASXP, its now manageable.
  2. Hi. I have made the acquisition of a force feedback yoke but it can't work 100% because it needs data so that it can follow the virtual yokes movement and for what eveer reason I can't engage the AP with that yoke, works fine with the majestic Q400 on P3DV4 and the TBM900 on XP11.30. I also noticed that the electric trim from the yoke seems much slower than usual Is it possible for the 11.30 update to add those dataref? it would be a shame not being able to use such a yoke on a study level add on and mean for me that it will rest in the hangar Thanks
  3. cmbaviator

    great airplane except ground handling

    i think its still a little bit exagerated. I've been flying the majestic Q400 pro edition and its a study level aircraft, during takeoff, i need like 1/2 of rudder deflection to the right to maintain centerline but it is very smooth to maintain centerline. in the tbm, even 1/100 of rudder input will make you zig zag into the runway, the only way i manage to maintain centerline correctly was to set a very non linear curve to my rudder axis, the draw back is that its more difficult to make 90° and U turn during taxi
  4. cmbaviator

    Swerving off runway during takeoff roll - fixed

    for those having ASXP, just enable to turn down the crosswing component on the ground ( still maintain HD/TL wind component), will be be easier to take off and land during corsswind
  5. cmbaviator

    I am not a turbine guru...Question?

    i think its normal, because when you shut down the engines, it will of course decrease the ITT but the Combustor chamber is still hotter than the ITT and will exchange heat, so the ITT will increase until a thermal balanced is set between the ITT and the chamber and it will then decrease toward the outside temperature. I wouldn't be surprise that after shutting down the engines and power up the aircraft 45 min after, that the ITT will still be hot and increasing. Next time, after shutting down the engine engines, display the engine temperature (TBM plugin menu), you will see that after a couple of minutes, the ITT will rise slowly until the temperature balanced is achieved with the combustor chamber.
  6. cmbaviator

    Smooth flight!

    Yeah but the more fps can be because the weather was lighter than the previous one ?
  7. cmbaviator

    TBM 900 PFD How to display AoA

    Hi there. it is not yet implemented but i heard that Toto will implement this in the futur
  8. cmbaviator

    TBM oriented VA

    That sound interesting. will have a look
  9. cmbaviator

    Hot Start TBM 900 Suffers from Major Problems

    I have yet experienced a single crash with the TBM, the only issue i encounter is that my fps drop after 1 hour flight. Hope you will find a solution. Do you have lots of plugin installed?
  10. cmbaviator

    TBM oriented VA

    you didn't get me. I would join a VA if we can fly in the UK. As i don't have much time, i want to fly on region/airport i have Custom sceneries, i can't fly on default xplane terrain. Guess i would fly alone lol
  11. cmbaviator

    Yoke oscillations with autopilot engaged

    possble to have a video ?
  12. cmbaviator

    TBM beta/reverse sound looping issue

    yeah same, don't know if its realistic or not ?
  13. cmbaviator

    Yoke oscillations with autopilot engaged

    didn't you have fps Loss by doing so ?
  14. cmbaviator

    TBM oriented VA

    Yes but at the very beginning, I can only fly a 2-4 hours the WE and i don't want to have like minimum flying hours just to be able to create my own hub if it makes sense
  15. cmbaviator

    Normal climb speed

    124 or 170 for me