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  1. intj mastermind

    Is this still alive?

    Thanks for your updates! I fly the IXEG 737 at least once a week and I am very excited to try the new version.
  2. intj mastermind

    Descent question

    What do you mean VNAV isn’t descending the way it should? VNAV works fine for me, even on STARs with many step down points. Can you give us an example with the arrival you picked and what the wrong behavior was? Did you check the altitudes on the FMS LEGs page? If the FMS procedure has incorrect altitudes, they need to be fixed manually. A lot of approaches default to “At or Above” altitude restrictions. Technically correct, but I find that it works better to reprogram them to “At” altitude restrictions instead. The 30 mile ring was introduced as a rule of thumb in the IXEG tutorials. Most of the time you want to be around 10,000 ft and 250 kts when you’re 30 miles from the airport. If I’m in mountainous terrain, I draw a 25 nm circle around the waypoint that defines the MSA. Helps with situational awareness and terrain clearance.
  3. intj mastermind

    RFC: Making Sim Life Easy, is this going too far?

    It doesn’t make the sim too easy. In real life there’s a second pilot making the changes. He also has big tactile knobs and big legible displays. In the sim, one pilot has to do everything, and unless he spends megabucks on an external radio panel or a home cockpit, he has the added handicap of trying to click a tiny click spot on a screen.
  4. intj mastermind

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Yeah with that drop in VVI around 40 ft AGL I’m curious if the nose pitched down right there. Nice job with the data btw. Do you also have the corresponding pitch (or even better AOA), and IAS data as well? As you probably know those are the determinants of lift.
  5. intj mastermind

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Something I noticed in XP11 (that wasn’t in XP10) is that the nose will want to pitch down when you get to around 30 ft AGL, even if the plane was in neutral trim before. If you don’t anticipate this it will lead to a hard landing. The key I found for a smooth landing is to fly the airplane all the way to the ground. What I mean is don’t chop throttle at 50 ft as you pass the threshold, and rely on a last minute flare to arrest descent. I flare with power around 25 ft AGL, and only after I’m established in my flare attitude do I slowly retard the throttle and modulate pitch to fly the plane to the ground. Usually I will still have power on as the wheels touch the ground, then quickly retard to idle and go to reverse thrust.
  6. intj mastermind

    Taxi / Runway turnoff lights

    That’s not right at all... Each light is controlled independently by its respective switch. Turning on or off one light will not affect the others.
  7. intj mastermind

    Take Command! IXEG 737 Classic v1.21 Update Released!

    Is it possible to make the instrument reflections optional? They’re neat but on my monitor it makes the displays “hazy” and harder to read. Any bit of impaired visibility really hurts when it’s already so small on a computer screen.
  8. intj mastermind

    Engine starters do not disengage

    Thanks for the quick reply Jan, and you are correct. I had created a custom LUA command to take advantage of the Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle's Ignition / Motor switches. The TM Warthog switch, like the real A-10, has 3 positions: 1) a neutral position, 2) an up "IGN" position that's spring loaded to come back to neutral upon release, 3) an a down "MOTOR" position that clicks in place until manually released (used for dry cranking in the event of a failed start / engine fire). My idea was to use the IGN position as "GRD" to engage the starters (using X-plane's default Engage Starter command), and the permanent MOTOR position as "CONT" (using a custom LUA code). Unfortunately, it seems if I access the starter switch position as writeable DataRef, then the IXEG 733's automation cannot return the switch from GRD to OFF. Even if the GRD mode was activated by the mouse or default X-plane command and not LUA. Here was my LUA Code: dataref("eng1_start_act", "ixeg/733/engine/eng1_start_act", "writeable") dataref("eng2_start_act", "ixeg/733/engine/eng2_start_act", "writeable") create_command("FlyWithLua/IXEG_733/eng1_start_cont", "Engine 1 Starter Continuous (Hold)", "eng1_start_act = 1", "", "eng1_start_act = 0") create_command("FlyWithLua/IXEG_733/eng2_start_cont", "Engine 2 Starter Continuous (Hold)", "eng2_start_act = 1", "", "eng2_start_act = 0") I've removed this section from my custom commands Lua script and now everything works as intended. Jan: For your next update, could you create custom commands - LEFT / RIGHT ignition switch CONT / OFF / FLT? I think my plan would work if I don't use the Dataref. This may be helpful for other cockpit builders too.
  9. intj mastermind

    Engine starters do not disengage

    I'm having an issue with the engine starters with IXEG v1.2 and XP 11.11 final. When in the process of starting the engines, I turn an engine starter (both engines have the same problem) to GRD, N2 spins up, I introduce fuel at the appropriate time, and the engine starts up. However, the starter does not automatically disengage once N2 hits the appropriate threshold. The "Starter Valve Open" light remains on, and the physical switch on the overhead panel stays on GRD position, and N2 spins up to the mid 70s. I can manually turn off the starter switch, N2 returns to idle, and there's no issues after that. This problem occurs with both pulling the switch with the mouse, as well as triggering the X-Plane command "Engage starter #1 / #2" with the keyboard or a joystick button. I've only started using the IXEG 733 with XP 11.11 so I'm not sure if the problem existed in earlier versions. The last time I flew it was with XP 10.51 and this problem did not exist.
  10. intj mastermind

    Interior of port nose gear door untextured

    Please see the attached images showing the normal starboard nose gear door, and the affected port nose gear door.
  11. intj mastermind

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Fair enough! How about opening it up to pre-orders with early access to the documentation?
  12. intj mastermind

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Great news! Any chance of releasing the manual early so we can study up?