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  1. trigger_xp

    Synthetic Vision

    Excellent, thank you!
  2. trigger_xp

    Synthetic Vision

    So for those of us using ortho, what does this process look like? What goes where? That said, I am using ortho and have no issues with synth vision. Thanks!
  3. trigger_xp

    First impressions

    Couldn't agree more. Absolutely amazing.
  4. trigger_xp

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    @skiselkov Yes, loaded into the TBM directly just now and had a CTD. Log.txt
  5. trigger_xp

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    Another update: Loading the default Cessna 172 and then switching to the TBM does not result in a CTD. I can click the choks etc. Not sure if it will help, but I attached the log below. What I did was: - Load default Cessna on startup - Switch to TBM - Clicked choks in menus - lifted the crash bar to see if avionics boot - exit Xplane Thanks! Log.txt
  6. trigger_xp

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    Hey, Thank you for all the work to try and resolve the issue. However, with version 1.01 I am still having the CTD. Previously I was able to complete the X-Aviation activation before the CTD but now it happens immediately after loading the plane. Log attached. Log.txt
  7. trigger_xp

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    Hi, I am having a CTD as soon as I am loaded into Xplane. Went through the tutorial with no issues and when I clicked on the chocks menu item the sim crashed and now I have a constant CTD as soon as I click yes or no in the flight restore menu that comes up after load. Thanks Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. trigger_xp

    MU2 1.6 Transponder Problem

    I have the same issue. This renders the plane unusable for me on PilotEdge.