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    Saab V1.5 Status

    Customer is not always right. Such statement has some different meaning. Goran communicates with our community in fantastic way. It's pretty rare situation when we can have such a great contact with addon developer. He stated that his work on Saab 1.5 update is over, but it's been explained a few times already that it didn't mean that it's ready for download. It's also been explained why. All misunderstandings were clarified. If you don't want that status information, then don't follow fb and forums, and just wait for e-mail with official update announcement. Besides, Saab is flyable in present version of XP11. And finally, from my perspective... I've got two aircraft form XA - MU-2 and Saab. Both are supported for free for long time, both are good quality. Updates for both of them are well tested and usually with very few bugs. So XA has my respect and I believe they know what they are doing... Pawel
  2. gardiniere

    Version 1.5

    I think, that by saying 'Goran doesn't want to just come out with that specific detail' Cameron means that Goran doesn't mention that it is going to take a few weeks. He doesn't say that something is missing in technological process. Am I right? As we don't know the process and required work, we (or some of us at least) assumed that's gonna be just a few days.
  3. gardiniere

    MU-2 and XP11

    I did a few flights in XP 11 pb8 and 9 - all seems to be OK.