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  1. FPS Issues as flight progresses

    It's happening to me as well and I'm still running 10.45
  2. Took the Plunge

    I did the same yesterday. Lots of crashes at first and am still experiencing a few. But overall, I'm very happy with the purchase. This is easily the X-Plane equivalent of a PMDG simulation in the other platforms, and I have most of those. It's a beautiful simulation, and I'm confident that it'll get even better as inevitable bugs are squashed and additional functionality is added. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Thanks for the updates and improvements!
  4. Sounds fantastic and am looking forward to the purchase.
  5. FMS and Autopilot

    It's in beta now, so I think that "a few more years" might be an over-estimate. I can't speculate on the state of the development team's hair... PMDG's 737NGX was released in early August 2011 after three years in development; the FSL Airbus was announced in May 2010. PS: I'm really looking forward to the 737 Classic!
  6. Basic flight parameters

    Thanks for pulling this list together.
  7. iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    It works! Sheepishly, I admit to have completely overlooked step 4)...apologies. Perhaps that step might be a good one to remind users about in the trouble-shooting section of your manual...
  8. iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Like lord_helmet, I can't get your app and my X-Plane Saab connected, even after trying the Windows firewall settings adjustment in the manual. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated...log.txt is attached. thanks! Log.txt