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  1. SAZS San Carlos de Bariloche Airport View File Version 1.0 is for XPLane 11. Version 1.0_10 is for XP10. Bariloche airport, simple, small and very chic. No external libraries needed. Please visit - http://axplane.blogspot.com.br/ Submitter axmiha Submitted 11/15/2017 Category DSF Scenery Packages X-Plane Version(s)
  2. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 is for XPLane 11. Version 1.0_10 is for XP10. Bariloche airport, simple, small and very chic. No external libraries needed. Please visit - http://axplane.blogspot.com.br/
  3. axmiha

    Training Video's

    @Maestaru - thanks. @Morten - understood.
  4. axmiha

    Training Video's

    Ok, sorry. No, now that I think of it, I'm not sorry at all. I didn't know I was doing anything WRONG here, as I was just following the CONVERSATION, as it used to be long ago - you know? - someone says something, another responds and so it goes without any military RULES. AND I was not using this as SUPPORT but just CONVERSING and sharing my experience about my training and my LEARNING. If you don't want questions from trainees, why the COMMENTS section?
  5. axmiha

    Training Video's

    A question for the masters. When I set the baro on the altimeters, do I set it also on the middle one, how is it called....standby altimeter? ... or do I leave that one on 1013 / 2992? PS - by the way, that picture is good for another question. As you can see, altimeters show different altitudes, although both are on 2992.
  6. axmiha

    Training Video's

    I'll check the videos, sure. Thank you. And a "hello" from my dogs to your dog!
  7. axmiha

    Training Video's

    Really?? I was in coffin corner?? Because of the altitude? I heard of that in some Air Crash Investigation video. Holly sh... But, but but .... the red marks in the ... er... EFIS? EADI? They don't appear when flaps are up, so....how would I know I was in ... brrrr ..... coffin corner? ... (spoken "Côfen Cônah" in England).
  8. axmiha

    Training Video's

    I don't remember total weight. But I'm starting the same flight again and it must have been something very similar. Payload = 15.500lbs / Fuel = 20.300lbs / GW=108.1 / ZFW = 87.9 Let's see what happens. ..... FL220 / winds 208/22 ......FL320 / winds 252/39 ......FL360 / winds 257/42...and...cruising now at FL360 m0.74 no problem. Yesterday I climbed not in VNAV (like now), but in LVL-CHG, and in a lower speed (around 0.68). So at FL360 I had to go from 0.68 to 0.73 but it was accelerating too slowly and I thought something was wrong. Winds were stronger yesterday but not so much. I hate to waste your time like this, fellers, although your replies are great for me to learn. But I'll continue with the training videos.
  9. axmiha

    Training Video's

    Thank you. Absolutely correct. Very strong head winds. In fact the throttle was...how do you say it....way to the front (sorry) almost the whole flight. At FL360 it couldn't go faster than .69 or so. It was "struggling". In fact that was another doubt I had, about what to do when that happens. Should I go slower? Go to another altitude? But I don't want to bother with so many questions, specially about these things that are so variable - complex calculations for each flight etc. It was the first time I only followed the quick planner. I usually use the http://fuelplanner.com/ and it usually works, but I don't think it considers the winds (I guess "reserve fuel" has nothing to do with winds...?). If I remember I loaded about 19,200lbs with quiekplanner. See the picture bellow, fuelplanner.com gave me 20.222. Not too different. I use SkyVector for the routes and it has, in the navlog, a table of winds - the other picture - (directions and speeds). Is that how you know what winds you're going to encounter on your flight? (By the way, never mind the TAS. I still have to learn how to fill this thing correctly.)
  10. axmiha

    Training Video's

    Not related, but I just landed in SAEZ (Buenos Aires) coming from SBSP (São Paulo), a 3hs flight (dist:930), and just as I touched down, the master alarm came on. "Fuel". Mama mia, thank god I'm not a real pilot. The picture is when I parked. I followed the IXEG's quick fuel planner. How does that work? The "fuel required" plus...? Uft!
  11. axmiha

    Altitude sudden jump

    Yes, sir. ax
  12. axmiha

    Altitude sudden jump

    Doesn't "smell" like an IXEG problem, and it's probably unrepeatable. Is there such a thing as, for instance, you pass through a certain area and something changes in XPlane info about altitude, terrain, position, weather, something? It felt like that. Something changed that made IXEG go mad, thinking i twas at 9000ft. But I'm just guessing...
  13. axmiha

    Altitude sudden jump

    Hi. Real weather (match real world conditions on XP). XP failures....er...er.....lemme check....all in "always working". A Fly with LUA problem perhaps?
  14. axmiha

    Altitude sudden jump

    I was flying from Bahia Blanca (SAZB) to Bariloche (SAZS) and cruising at FL320. Suddenly the plane went mad. Speed went to a billion knots, all alarms went nuts and the altitude jumped down to 9.000 feet. (INHG was still 2992) I went manual, reduced speed and started climbing again to FL320. It reached FL270 and stopped there, unable to climb more. The speed indicator showed the top speed needle (the red and white one) quite low (at about 220kts) so it looked like I was actually at the maximum altitude (FL370?). So something happened to the altimeter that it went crazy. Any ideas?
  15. Hey, I became an advanced member. Was that because of the "reputation" you gave me?