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  1. axmiha

    IXEG random failures?

    Thank you, sir.
  2. axmiha

    IXEG random failures?

    I'm scared! It would be a good idea to read the QRH first, right? Brrr....
  3. axmiha

    IXEG random failures?

    Aha. Interesting. Thank you.
  4. axmiha

    IXEG random failures?

    I didn't find anything on the search so I'm starting a new topic. Sorry if I'm repeating an already existent topic. Question: does the 737-IXEG has random failures, or we need to "provoke" them in the FAILURES tab in the menu? I'm flying for a year or more and never had any failure by itself (which happens occasionally with FlyJSim's 727, for instance). Not that I want to, I'm just curious if failures do happen by themselves with IXEG. Thanks axmiha
  5. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Indeed, I remember something of that story. Weird. Hey, isn't the kgs/lbs mess up what caused the Gimli glider thing? The fuel truck guy, according to the Air Crash Investigation film, messed up. Again, so many details to think of that it's scary how you guys deal with it all. If I showed you some of my orchestral scores, you might say the same, but the worse that can happen in my case is ugly sounds, some boos and laughs. But no one dies. abr ax
  6. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Guys, another one. Although checking the fuel very carefully after fueling, this time I confused kilos for pounds going from SCEL to SCFA. HA! Run out midway, but could land at SCAT with 440 lbs remaining. I had the previous plan at SimBrief done in kilos. What a dumb sumb. Does that ever happen in real life? I would imagine not. I have no idea what 8500 kilos are, or how long you can go with 8500 lbs on a 737. On a 614 miles trip, any real pilot seeing 8500 lbs would find it very weird, right? Anyway, since I didn't crash, I gave myself a medal! ax
  7. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Yes. But I did some tests and it seems unpredictable. Sometimes it stops, other times in doesn't. But it's not a problem at all. As Jan said, the capitain should always check everything.
  8. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Thank you, sirs. Yes, I thought I should check the fuel. Lesson learned. Indeed I have the sequence stopping sometimes and it must be what lan said. I'll think of that from now on. Billy Connolly, scotish comedian, wonders from subject to subject without a plan and sometimes he never gets back to what he was talking about. Once he told the audience "Don't worry about that. If I come back quite near the subject that's good enough for me. And that's why I never became and airline capitain. Can you imagine...'the plane landed quite near heathrow''". I admire what you guys do a lot. Even with the many cheklists and procedures, the amount of details is such that I really don't know how you do it. It's amazing.
  9. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Jan, just one more thing before we close. Sometimes the "realistic" option when loading fuel (ground services) doesn't work exactly and twice I had to divert because of fuel emergency. Not enough fuel. It was quite fun, but I wonder if it's a bug or something. ax.
  10. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Ah, XP 11.30, ok. Duh. I love that plane, by the way. What an "obra prima", we'd say here in Brazil. A masterpiece! best, ax.
  11. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Hi Jan. thank you for the reply and suggestions - and thank you guys for all the info that followed. This happens exactly in the circumstance you mentioned above. Much easier to avoid the "stall" (is it called stall in this case?) when there is a turnpad, but many runways I "fly" don't have one and I always look like an idiot in the middle of the turn. My old joystick also doesn't help much, I'm afraid. It's falling to pieces, poor bugger. Anyway, thank you beri much. And I agree about WED, and how nice would it be to make airports without having to keep reloading the scenery in XP to check. I tried OE but the UI alone made me o so very nervous. Thanks guys. Awaiting for the 11.30. Er....I see here "version 1.21" not "11.21"(?) axmiha.
  12. axmiha

    Taxi turns stall

    Hi. About making turns while taxiing the IXEG 737. I didn't find anything regarding this and it's probably my fault, but when I try to do a 180 with the plane to line up, I end up stopping the plane in the middle of the turn. It's like the wheel goes 90 degrees and the plane stops. Is this a "nose wheel stall" or soemthing like that? (I remember seeing something in some video). Maybe I'm going too slow to make the turn, but it doesn't feel like it. Does this happen in the real plane? Could anyone help me do this correctly? I know it's kind of ridiculous and I don't expect any tutorials about doing 180s on the ground with 737s....but, there you go. OBS - the rudder Y axis on my joystick broke and I'm using the normal left-right on the stick to taxi. Thank you. ax
  13. SAZS San Carlos de Bariloche Airport View File Version 1.0 is for XPLane 11. Version 1.0_10 is for XP10. Bariloche airport, simple, small and very chic. No external libraries needed. Please visit - http://axplane.blogspot.com.br/ Submitter axmiha Submitted 11/15/2017 Category DSF Scenery Packages X-Plane Version(s)
  14. Version 1.0


    Version 1.0 is for XPLane 11. Version 1.0_10 is for XP10. Bariloche airport, simple, small and very chic. No external libraries needed. Please visit - http://axplane.blogspot.com.br/
  15. axmiha

    Training Video's

    @Maestaru - thanks. @Morten - understood.