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  1. Unable to load the aircraft

    One post below the one you just started...
  2. MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    We all responded within a minute of one another! haha.
  3. MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    This is well documented in the forums. Use stuffit expander to unzip.
  4. This post was not even necessary or contributionary, and totally takes the post you are responding to out of context. No one said anything about an explanation needing to be posted on this site. Nicolas should address this. It does not matter where. The X-Plane world is small enough that people will see the response either here, there, or on the reddit thread.
  5. Nicolas will not speak about this. He doesn't operate that way. It's more of a "silent sniper" mentality with him...out of public view until someone says something. That said, this story is in line with history involving Nicolas and phone calls. He has been known to do this before. And, while I don't agree with the words used by Hohum, he had no issue flat out telling what he said, which obviously doesn't put him in a good light (and he knows that). Given history, I'm inclined to believe what I've read here.
  6. I think anyone here would be upset that some random guy who sold you X-Plane software on the internet is calling you or your employer on the phone and harassing people. Nicolas has no business doing that. The right to refuse business is Nicolas' prerogative, but calling someone's place of work? Never.
  7. Well, at least you're honest of your antagonism. While that probably wasn't appropriate or nice of you to say, going as far as you claim he has done above is not even close to acceptable. Nicolas should have walked away from this, perhaps even ignoring you, but the response you've gotten from him (or your employer) is rather scary.
  8. Curious to know...what did you do? In no way is it ever acceptable to seek someone out like this, and that's borderline bad harassment to be calling your work. This sounds rather unbelievable, but I know better unfortunately. A while back I recall a time when I young man was frantically private messaging me here to delete posts he made because Nicolas Taureau (owner of was calling his home phone and screaming at him over some issue. The young man explained to me that Nicolas was so irate it seemed as though through his screaming and yelling he could hardly breathe. Very strange stuff. Sorry you've got caught up in this.
  9. 'Re Install Gizmo' Error

    I'd really encourage you to use the search function in times like this. This answer is here! Delete the marker.1 and (if present) the license_db.bin file located in your X-Plane/X-Aviation folder.
  10. De-authorization problem

    You obviously did not understand the context of the words you just responded to from Ben. This has nothing to do with uninstalling the product. Anyone can do that. We provide an uninstaller for a reason.
  11. MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    I think we're close. The beta testers noted a couple of issues and Tom is fixing those prior to release.
  12. De-authorization problem

    There is not. You are the first person to complain to. Consider it a special circumstance, as even for a friend I cannot fathom why anyone would leave data on a machine.
  13. De-authorization problem

    Why in the world would you sell and ship someone a PC with your old data on it? It certainly IS a solution to have the machine formatted and OS setup new prior to sale, and you should!
  14. De-authorization problem

    You do not need to worry about that until you have reached the maximum activation limit. At that time you will be offered the ability to de-authorize a computer forever.
  15. Your answer is literally in the conversation above your post. Please read before creating posts.