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  1. Cameron


    Glad you were able to get that off your chest! Now back to the daily grind we do day in and day out.
  2. I would guess so, but I haven’t tried it myself.
  3. Cameron

    Does RWC require an update?

    Weather data services used for sims (NOAA in this case) do not update weather frequently anyhow. Once per hour is the norm for that.
  4. Good morning

    After i updated X-Plane i get this message 

    when i write in my password it happens nothing

    best regards

    Mario Studer



  5. If you're worried that there's some immediate update around the corner, there is not. It's being worked on but it's not anywhere close to ready. Anyone who purchases now will also get a big discount for v2. Buy it and enjoy it.
  6. Cameron

    Should I buy RWC?

    Yes, in your case you would want RWC and set it to the external injector mode.
  7. Great products.  Keep up the good work  


  8. Cameron

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Update Released!

    Carefully re-read what you just quoted from me.
  9. Cameron

    Can't Install RWC in SkyMax 4.8

    This has been resolved.
  10. Cameron

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Update Released!

    @DeltaTango @nechrofaust @VasilisMaximos @seth The RWC install issue should be resolved. You can re-download the installer and re-run it (the SkyMaxx Pro 4.8 installer). Using the one we released last night will NOT work. You MUST re-download!
  11. Cameron

    Does RWC require an update?

    Why did you try to update RWC? There was no updates to it. We are looking into that error, but I'm curious why you went down that route?
  12. Cameron

    Limited bank angle

    The aircraft is actually an X-Plane 9 plane that has been continually updated. It's last major update was in X-Plane 10. The aircraft is now X-Plane 11 only because it makes use of some PBR and other items X-Plane 10 cannot handle. We will not provide further updates on release times. Until you've been on our end of that situation I don't think you'll ever understand our side of that. We used to do it. We no longer will based on experiences from doing that in the past. Anyone is here to communicate. Pestering about when something will be released doesn't do anything for anyone. That's not really a communication issue at that point, and v2 is a separate product that no one has purchased, thus no one is entitled to. In reality, many customers started talking up v2 way more than we ever did. We really haven't been trying to sales pitch that other than something in the distant future. Hot fixes cannot be released for the bank angle because there are other code changes with it unfinished. Just because the cause of the bank angle was identified and solved for the next patch does not equate to a patch being ready. When it's ready it'll be released. When it's ready for release it'll be announced. Those are two things we can promise. It's being worked on daily. Hashing this out in a forum does no one any benefit except take our time to answer you the same thing said over and over....and there goes another five minutes of my day.
  13. Cameron

    Does RWC require an update?

    The portion of code that will facilitate RWC for this was done in SkyMaxx Pro 4.8. No update to RWC is required.
  14. Cameron

    Does RWC require an update?

    With the release of SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 this issue has now been resolved.