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  1. Because we use our own sound engine. Use the IXEG sounds menu.
  2. [Confirmed] Crash after 1.21 update

    Please provide your log.txt and Gizmo Log.txt files
  3. Sorry, I did not realize I was writing in the feed instead of PM

  4. Hi Cameron

    First of all I want to apologize for my bad English.

    I thought it more convenient to write to you privately so as not to flood the forum with similar reports.

    I just checked that if I load any plane first, including the default LR, I have the same error I mentioned in 

    For me it is not a problem, I just load the IXEG in the first place, but I wanted to inform you about it.

    As it is something that I have tried several times and I can reproduce it whenever I want, if you need logs or any other information let me know. I will be happy to help.


  5. [Confirmed] Crash after 1.21 update

    Thanks for this report. That narrows things down.
  6. That post is updated by Jan. Ignore the date of original post.
  7. Reactivation of addons

    No, it should be fine.
  8. Newbie question

    SkyMaxx does not use any default X-Plane textures (minus sky colors if you select that).
  9. Version 1.5

    Ben's last post sums this up pretty nicely, and that's where this thread ends. It's out when it's out. Whomever is spreading other rumors about issues between Goran and I (who is a great friend and business partner that speaks to me daily) has no clue what they are talking about. You bought something for v10. It was advertised officially on the store as v10. If you could not stand to wait for an update then the time you purchased it, while appreciated, was an inappropriate time to do so. Only you are able to assess your level of patience. This thread is now closed.
  10. NO beta test will ever prepare you for the many thousands of people who use the product once it's in the wild. We have a lot of beta testers between all products at X-Aviation. Each one of these people are regular customers like you.
  11. How to update the IXEG 737?!

    Yes it does.
  12. LOW FPS after Update V1.21

    Show us your X-Plane rendering settings window, please.
  13. Need help

    I don't recall which plug-in causes this, but there is one that prevents the letter 'A' from being typed. You likely have it installed. You can always just type your password in notepad, copy it, and paste it into the password login window in sim.