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  1. Cameron


    As with all of your other posts, it will not work.
  2. Cameron


    It will not work.
  3. Cameron

    Catalina OS for Macs.. any problems

    The installers is least of your or our worries. Transition to 64 bit is relatively easy. What is not is that Apple now has a new security signature system in place that will render plugins/dll's/xpl's essentially useless at the moment. Laminar does not even have answers yet on how to deal with this. It's a bit of a mess. Bottom line: avoid Catalina for now.
  4. It would probably serve you better to post in the correct forum sections. Right now you're not doing so.
  5. Hello Cameron. I see you writing about freeze I  have the same probleme

    Yerstarday I updated Win 10 and today after activated licensing when I put mail and pasword ask (Freeze) and whriting (Please type freeze to agree) please help me .I dont can activate my products

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    1. Cameron


      Do what it says to do.

    2. vadimka28-79
  6. Cameron

    Update progress

    Of course!
  7. Cameron

    Update progress

    Sorry guys, we're not able to provide any more updates, we're too busy.
  8. Cameron

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    The update continues to be updated.
  9. Cameron

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    Ah yes, I misread and apologize. It would appear the same then. There is no fix around this for the moment. Only once was the TBM developer able to replicate this and fixed it on his end best he could. Since then it's been a wild goose chase only in his control.
  10. Cameron

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict

    No, this isn't anywhere close to what people were talking about in this thread. I don't see a problem that you're reporting. Sounds like you're just talking about the pause? That's normal. You can get around it by forcing a season instead of automatic changing.
  11. Cameron

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    And I'm telling you we do not support the modifying of these files and will not give tips on doing so.
  12. Cameron

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    We do not support doing this.
  13. Cameron

    Installer won’t work!!

    Catalina is 64-bit only and we do not support this yet in installers. This is just one of the downsides to using beta operating system software before it's official. We don't have any plans to release new installers prior to Apple's release. There are changes in how the apps and DMG files need to be signed as well, so even if we were using 64 bit this still wouldn't work just yet.
  14. Hi @dlrk, When there is news we typically post it. You can assume there is no news if we have not released news.
  15. Cameron

    Mac OS X will break X-Aviation installers

    In time it will be addressed.