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  1. B737-300 Problem installation

    Moving any of our products to outside folders WILL have adverse affects on the products and potential updates. You should never move them out of the folder they are installed to. Move this product back to the correct folder and it will work fine.
  2. [FAQ]Reflections

    Numerous people have reported the reflections there and working as intended (some have even posted shots on Facebook groups of it). So, either you are not at the right angle to see the reflections and smudges, or we're seeing some kind of a potential bug that may be Laminar or us on some systems, not all. Please be sure that you're reflection setting in 11 is turned on high enough and that you move to various angles around the cockpit as was originally shown in our example photo for XP 11.
  3. B737-300 Problem installation

    Install it correctly.
  4. Night lighting, flood/dome

    What is backpacking lighting?
  5. [FAQ]Reflections

    The reflections are now real time. You'll need to ensure you have the rendering settings in X-Plane 11 high enough to see this.
  6. First official XP11 screenshot

    X-Plane rendering settings.
  7. [FAQ]Reflections

    They are already there. You'll need to turn up your rendering settings for reflections in X-Plane 11.
  8. Gizmo64 v17.06.04.1958

    They are the same. Ben's zip is the same we ship.
  9. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    Downloads are unlimited, so if you want what you paid for you can download it. The exception to the rule would be RealScenery products, which do not come with a free re-download.
  10. If I purchase now for X-Plane 11?

  11. If I purchase now for X-Plane 11?

    To answer the question: Version 1.5 will be a free update which will bring X-Plane 11 official compatibility. Version 2.0 will be a paid upgrade at a discounted rate for current Saab 340A customers, and an entirely new model, textures, new features in code, etc. This is still quite a ways out from any kind of release.
  12. This is intentional. Use the default X-Plane 11 pushback if using XP 11. Turning only works with our pushback in XP 10. Turn off IXEG contrails.
  13. [FAQ] Problem with Pushback

    I do believe this is intentional. X-Plane 10 is the only version you can steer.
  14. We do not limit download speed to our clients in any way.