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  1. migrating to new pc

    You do not need to uninstall. You may make clones.
  2. Help opening door

    The doors do not open.
  3. Gizmo CTD

    Knowing Ben as I do, I can almost assure you these thoughts did not go through his mind. I won't get into his personal life matters for now, but he's got a lot going on, and for this I'll give him a pass. He's a pretty damn busy guy outside of X-Plane world at the moment with baby #2 and a slew of other things going on. Hopefully other responses here helped to clarify the situation.
  4. Gizmo CTD

    Perhaps if any of us had that kind of time these days we would. Looks to be a nice product. Time is still the issue.
  5. Gizmo CTD

    It means that If you read the Log.txt file posted you'll find this at the end: --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==-- It is rather ambiguous, and states that the SDK sub system crashed. It's neither xEnviro or Gizmo at fault according to the log. Until it can be proven without doubt that Gizmo is at fault, Ben does not want to go chasing down a rabbit hole, spending money on a product to try and chase it, etc, when it's quite clear that thus far only one of thousands of customers is reporting this, AND X-Plane is not laying blame on Gizmo (X-Plane is usually very good about laying blame in the log). Ben made this clear in a post elsewhere to regarding this subject. Unfortunately there's a few "branches" about this topic, so that may have been hard to follow.
  6. Hi Cameron

    Because of issues in activation in my products x-aviation i decided uninstall all and reinstall again. Before I could not activate any product, but now I can install and activate SkyMaxx 4, but still can not activate IXEG 737 and RealConnector. Still appear a message "all license slots used". There is an open ticket even when all x-avition products were disabled. Since SkyMaxx is enabled, what should I do now with the other products that are not already enabled? Do I create a ticket for each product that I can not activate or maintain the old ticket I opened to activate SkyMaxx?

    Thank you.

  7. HELP!!!! Ixeg activation

    Glad it's sorted!
  8. [XP11] IXEG needs wheel chocks

    As I recall this is an XP 11 bug.
  9. HELP!!!! Ixeg activation

    Can you show a screenshot and attach your log.txt file located in your X-Plane folder?
  10. HELP!!!! Ixeg activation

    Exactly what is horrible service? You started a post in an entirely different section of these forums days ago. YOU have not responded. That's your own ignorance.
  11. HELP!!!! Ixeg activation

    Did you even run the installer?
  12. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    That's a classic example of a GPU going bad on the Mac side.
  13. SMP4 Night

    SMP4 does not adjust anything in the night landscape.
  14. Wingflex
  15. Hi Cameron,

    I hope you can help me. I am a first time customer and I bought a copy of your DC3 November 9, 2016 but could not install it because of an issue between your installer and my Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra. I was told your company was aware of the issue and expected a fix very soon. I have waited patiently for something to be done but as yet, am still without the use of my purchased product. I did, at the time, click the product notifications box on my account page but have received no notice of updates. I have just today learned from a friend, that there is an update available but when I view my account history there is no blue highlighted update link on my purchase history page. I have tried a couple of times prior to this to send a ticket requesting help but have had no confirmation nor response. 

    I can only assume there must be something amiss with my account as I am certain you would not ignore a new customer's request for help. I do hope there is something you can do for me as I am quite anxious to fly your highly regarded DC 3.

    Attached please find a screen capture of my purchase history page which shows no blue highlighted update link. I initially tried twice to install the DC3 using two separate downloads which leaves me with one remaining download which I am now afraid to try lest that too fails and I am out of luck and out of pocket $47CAD.

    I look forward to your response.



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