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  1. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    I think you'll enjoy it, and hope you report back saying such! Can't stress enough that you'll want Real Weather Connector with it!
  2. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Hi there, Yes, SkyMaxx Pro does work properly with IXEG.
  3. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    I literally just read a post elsewhere where people were saying they are experiencing more crashes as of late in the 767.
  4. And that's exactly why you're having this issue. You need to make sure the X-Plane folder or even the X-Plane/X-Aviation folder is writable. You definitely have some permission issues going on with your computer.
  5. Falco update?

    This definitely took a back seat, but I can't see it staying that way. Tom and I both are very fond of the Falco, and even though it wasn't anywhere near a big seller like other aircraft, we're still very keen to keep it alive.
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    It takes you little effort to install and find out. No one can tell you how your system will perform.

    Yes, it does.
  8. Error Saving URL

    Jesse, Looks like you have some permission issues on your X-Plane folder. Make sure your X-Plane directory is writable.
  9. - Another humble question

    It's no problem at all, Ole. Just one button to ban you...many more keystrokes for you to create new emails and continually register. Troll and look insane away.
  10. A humble question

    For anyone curious about this, the particular individual who started this thread is simply trolling. You can read up on that here: Topic closed.
  11. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Chase, Yes, clouds will move with wind and form based on what's given in METARs to Real Weather Connector.
  12. Upcoming PNWS : KTTN

    I'd say so...this was 5 years ago.
  13. Haha, man you stoop to some weird, obsessive, low levels. You seriously just got off on the fact you got an extra post or two after me saying it ends there. Obsessive. Weird. Worrisome. Hopefully you conduct yourself in real world interactions on a more mature, less worrisome/obsessive level. Let's put a conversation about this into perspective... Ole: "Cameron said he wrote me a reply to my support ticket, but I never saw it and don't think he sent it. He's a LIAR!" Person on the receiving end: "Whoa!!! Wait...who cares?" Ole: "I care! I need proof RIGHT NOW!" Person on the receiving end: "I need to go walk the dog. See ya later, man."
  14. If you have nothing more to add here we're good. You're the one making threats to continue paddling down this stream until you get banned. I'll help you get there quickly if that's what you are going to offer as your alternative. X-Aviation has been in business for over ten years, well over 6 digits in the number of customers, and you making peculiar comments about feeling you need to spout off about this stuff on other venues to make yourself feel better is not something I'll get into. You're you. I can't change that. One thing we do not do here is censor or delete threads and posts. Anyone may come here and see what you wrote.