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  1. Hosek-Wilkie sky model bug.

    Way more complex. Read up on Hosek-Wilkie.
  2. Maxx FX and XP11

    You're welcome!
  3. Maxx FX and XP11

    I'm saying you must unzip the zip file with Stuffit.
  4. Maxx FX and XP11

    I understand that. But you still need to do what I said.
  5. Maxx FX and XP11

    Based on what you’re explaining this actually sounds like OS X’s app scrambling. Apple has created a function of OS X Sierra which will prevent files from running properly by “scrambling” the file path code. The intention from Apple’s end was to be a security measure, but some people get hit by this even on honest files that do not contain a virus. As per the documentation found around in our forums, most customers get around this by downloading Stuffit Expander or an alternative free unzip app and unzipping the zip files with this application. The files should work after this.
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    This guy gets it. Thank you for your sanity.
  7. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    This topic is about a stupid push notification. The rest is moot. You trying to add more elements is just lunacy. I'll take you on that bet. You're not the only customer that matters, oh Holy one. Your years of boring writing on this can be kept to yourself. It's not going to change anything here, and no matter what you say, you will never have the experience of the market or how the younger crowd of it function in it when it comes to piracy, regardless of what you think. I know more about this subject than you do. I also know how the attempted cracks that came about work. And, I also know our tamper detection mechanisms that report things to us and ultimately lead to piracy crack down on these "cracked" products (which by the way, is old IXEG 1.0.5 even though they try and label as the latest, or SkyMaxx Pro v3, etc). I'm more than positive I keep a MUCH closer eye of dissection on it than you. Go on, have a read. Enjoy some of the threads about entire X-Plane installs being deleted from pirates too. You want to take the gamble of piracy? Go for it. My point is very simple: You're making LOUD noises about a stupid mouse click. That's amazing, and a total waste of time.
  8. Maxx FX and XP11

    It does work in 11!
  9. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    Yes. I can see the "many" that are coming to defend you. Meanwhile in my PM box discussing you.... You're beginning to border on the line of idiocy. Yes, the notification is for the benefit of the customer. Personally? I would rather it not exist and we just do what we want. Ethically? I can't do that. Having worked in this market on an international level for 10 years I know damn well how much people here take their privacy very seriously, ESPECIALLY with licensing and activation. A notification does nothing to prevent piracy. That's dumb. I'm happy to realize you haven't used these products then. They are purposefully riddled with things. Don't mistake or fool yourself into thinking we don't have tamper detection measures. It seems to be that's what you're paying me for at the moment. All the clicks and typing you've made are worth months of single clicks to dismiss the twice monthly message. Dumb. Calling a spade a spade is just the extra value you're getting in this. I'm not going to suck up to you for being over the top. Yep. Evidently you don't own Flight Factor, xEnviro, FJS, or the many other products which utilize online activation. Contrary to you, many others do. I don't want your business given your attitude. Thankfully MANY others have sent in messages of support against you. Quite okay with this decision of yours. And reddit. Feel free to correct the misinformation you're spreading then: The mirror will do you wonders. See ya.
  10. X-Aviation Licensing

    The notification system is used for other things. I don't find a single mouse click twice in a month so awful. The alternative is going back to making you write in to us if you need more licenses...seems like quite a few more clicks in my opinion.
  11. X-Aviation Licensing

    That is correct. You may use your mouse to move over to the Gizmo menu on the right side and select "Preferences". Then, de-select to update the license at each sim start. This will now have your license update only every two weeks, and thus the pop up appear only twice a month.
  12. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    You make zero sense. You tried to state that a notification benefits me. Now you're just talking absolute nonsense. How does it benefit ME? It benefits our customers by letting them know we did not sneak behind their back to call up our server. You have shown me no proof that such a notification somehow benefits me. Thus far it's been a poor argument. Are you living under a rock? Almost any popular X-Plane add on connects to servers for activation. xEnviro even requires an always on connection. A few people in a sea of so many thousands, and most illegitimate people who choose to be spiteful after being caught stealing or sharing with friends. You can't sell me on this. Am I somehow supposed to all of a sudden love you? Equally the same, you're now spouting off troll style, borderline exaggerated BS over multiple forums now. Thanks? It's almost laughable what a huge deal you're making out of a mouse click. And, you refuse to comprehend the reasoning for it. Nope, it will not request your username and password again. It will just auto update the license every two weeks and let you know it did it. God forbid you have to click a notification twice in a month that your license is valid! Give ME a break.
  13. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

  14. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    A new installer has been uploaded which should solve this issue.
  15. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    What I'm asking is if, as you get closer, that triangle happens to be the edge of a mountain. Part of me wonders if this is a "visibility fight".