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  1. Cameron

    What’s next?

    Already being created by Torquesim.
  2. Cameron

    TBM900 and Terramax conflict Version 2 Thread

    Because other people adding they have the same problem when we acknowledge it no longer makes our acknowledgment the last post. We're aware, and that's what matters. This thread will be locked too. Please do not try to create a separate thread again. It'll be removed the next time for keeping things clean and clear. Thanks!
  3. Cameron

    Engine Shutting Down

    It's supposed to do that. If you have installed liveries, or have certain after install files they will remain intact. ALL files that are a part of the original install will be removed.
  4. Cameron

    Sugestion: Single INstaller EXE

    Don't go there, please.
  5. Cameron

    Sugestion: Single INstaller EXE

    You asked and offered a suggestion as a "thought" of what you figured made sense. I gave you an answer. No need to pad responses with fluff. If you read it defensive that's you putting the thought in your own mind. It's just matter of fact.
  6. Cameron

    Sugestion: Single INstaller EXE

    Each installer is compiled to checksum and verify the encryption of each downloaded component for the installation. There's a valid reason and it's not changing.
  7. greetings I had my ID locked when I was asked to update 

    my licence. I'm not sure what I did wrong but is it possible to have my licence reauthorized. 


  8. Cameron

    TBM900 and terramax conflict

    Not yet. Still working it out. Thank you for your patience. We've had numerous internal discussions on it and are troubleshooting. News will be updated here when we have it!
  9. Cameron

    Visual artifact?

    Turning it off doesn't mean much. You need to fully remove the plugin before starting X-Plane.
  10. Cameron

    Visual artifact?

    What happens when you don't use Ultra Weather? Pretty sure they're messing with shaders.
  11. Cameron

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    Adding more detail on the pilot is not going to happen. Likewise, removing the pilot will not happen either. We used to not include pilots years ago. We got far too many requests and complaints for it, using the same argument you just did, but saying that it's not realistic to NOT see a pilot. I can see us creating a removal of the pilot in maintenance mode. Maybe something else option wise in the future, but for right now we have bigger fish to fry.
  12. Cameron

    Can not load Version 1.1

    Yes, but back to my original discussion...you need to eject the old DMG file! If you don't know how to do that, do a Google search to learn. Sometimes restarting your Mac will do the trick too.
  13. Cameron

    Can not load Version 1.1

    Considering 1.0.9 was out on Friday and you mentioned uninstalling a previous version, I'd say you had it.
  14. Cameron

    Can not load Version 1.1

    Sounds like you did not eject the old 1.0.9 DMG file. You need to eject the DMG before using a new one.
  15. Cameron

    Can not load Version 1.1

    Are you on a Mac?