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  1. Cameron

    FS Global Real Weather Unhandled Eexcption

    How do you not have it if you even knew to list the version and build number in your original post? That's very specific to FS Global Real Weather.
  2. Cameron

    FS Global Real Weather Unhandled Eexcption

    I did. I think YOU need to read it. The error window clearly says FS Global Real Weather on it.
  3. Cameron

    FS Global Real Weather Unhandled Eexcption

    What's the problem? I don't see one. The error you posted is FSGRW. Real Weather Connector is an X-Plane plugin. You just posted a picture of the installer with no error.
  4. Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.1.0 update for the Pocket Rocket. All customers who have purchased the Pocket Rocket up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the Pocket Rocket from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.1.0 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original Pocket Rocket download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: FEATURE: Environmental Control System TWEAK: Updated FMOD with improved sounds TWEAK: Additional decals added to cockpit to mimick regulated placards TWEAK: Added JET-A icons to exterior TWEAK: Revised Particle Effects TWEAK: Added window seal texture TWEAK: Added vents to cabin As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
  5. Cameron

    IXEG 737-400/500

  6. You have the latest. Said update has not yet been released. The last update was released in April. Saso's post was made in May.
  7. Cameron

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Can you send me a screenshot of the white box you're talking about next time you see it? These issues sound very strange and not something I get typical reports on. It makes me think something else is amiss during activation.
  8. Cameron

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Which white box is that? Also, after authorization the entire Gizmo system from which the Saab runs is rebooted. It's effectively the same as restarting the sim. Is there a hydraulic issue you really have consistently? Or, is the poster just talking about the intermittent, though persistent, sound of the hydraulics as you fly?
  9. Cameron

    Password lockup problems

    I'm glad you got it sorted.
  10. Cameron

    Password lockup problems

    Login with your username and not your email.
  11. Cameron

    machine id locked

    Activation requests are not handled in the forums. Machine IDs do not get locked without SOMEONE typing FREEZE, so if you didn't, then that would indicate sharing with the account and someone else typing FREEZE for you, which then deauthorized the machine. Bottom line, we don't de-authorize on our end. Only you or someone you shared with that you shouldn't have (if you did) can do that.
  12. Cameron

    MU-2 Preference Dialog Box - How to Reopen?

    Nevermind, we added that recently and I forgot, so my apologies. What you're referring to is the Gizmo menu bar. You'll find that by going to the plugins menu and making the menu visible in the Gizmo64 preferences.
  13. Cameron


    Once and ID is locked, it is locked forever. This is indicated when you choose to de-authorize a machine and why you had to type the word "FREEZE" in all capital letters.
  14. Cameron

    MU-2 Preference Dialog Box - How to Reopen?

    The MU-2 has no such menu.
  15. Cameron

    SAAB 340A

    The manuals definitely cover the autopilot. Sounds in replay is a known thing. They simply don't work in that mode.