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  1. Cameron

    New Product New Machine ID

    Doesn't matter. Just always select the oldest dated authorization to de authorize in such an instance.
  2. Cameron

    New Product New Machine ID

    When you run out you'll be asked to de-authorize one
  3. Cameron

    Throttle and Prop levers not movable

    Looks like your license was updated, so after that you'll want to reopen the aircraft with engines running.
  4. Cameron

    Cannot Complete Installation on Mac

    You purchased the product prior to wide release happened, and you downloaded an outdated installer. You will need to trash it and re-download.
  5. Cameron

    Throttle and Prop levers not movable

    Major red flag right here. NEVER put X-Plane into the Program Files folder! The Desktop is where it best lives.
  6. Sundowner v2 has now been released!
  7. Today we're proud to announce we have released the Beechcraft Sundowner version 2! Comparing it to our previous version of the Sundowner from 2009, this is a completely new product. It features things such as Reality XP GNS integration, Avitab, use of the particle system, completely new 3D model and textures, FMOD sounds, and more! Upgrade for previous owners If you were an owner of v1 of the Sundowner we are extending a special 35% discount to you. This discount offer will come to your e-mail, and is only valid for 30 days from today. A preview video is now available here: The product page is here: http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/beechcraft-sundowner-c23-p-166
  8. Cameron

    Librain on dreamfoil EMB110

    It's up the the developer of the 110 to add it, not Saso.
  9. Cameron

    Limited bank angle

    It might be available in 2019. It might be available in 2020. Not sure at this time.
  10. Cameron


    Yes, which was also explained in Ben's link.
  11. Cameron

    work on skymaxx pro

    There are still things developed and maintained for this product. Right now we don't have any updates to really share, but I think as we learn more also what Laminar has planned for Vulkan we'll make more decisions.
  12. Cameron

    Mac OS X will break X-Aviation installers

    An update to the situation has been posted here:
  13. Cameron

    Catalina OS for Macs.. any problems

    This is an update on the situation to say that we have converted some of our products/installers to utilize the new security protocols Apple requires for OS X Catalina, as well as 64-bit installers. As of this writing, some of our most popular products have been converted and uploaded to our servers. These products that will now work in Catalina are: TBM 900 IXEG 737 Saab 340A Dubai/OMDB TerraMaxx SkyMaxx Pro v4 Pocket Rocket Gate to the Great Lakes: Custer Gate to the Great Lakes: Fox Islands Work continues on updating further products, and we will likely send out a mass newsletter once every product is complete.
  14. Cameron

    Skymaxx Pro Uninstall

    You'll need to tell me which addons you have installed and then I'll tell you the file locations you'll need to remove.
  15. Cameron

    Question about X-Aviation activation

    You may proceed normally. We advise selected the oldest dated activation for de-authorization if it is on the same machine.