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  1. x aviation not secure site alert

    Should be resolved.
  2. Cannot download the product I paid for

    A new secure certificate has been installed on server. All should be well now.
  3. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Sharing. It does nobody any good...
  4. Next update

    None of the people in this thread so far have any association with IXEG. They have tried to help you with questions already answered though. Look around. There's a thread dedicated to news and screenshots of the next update.
  5. SkyMaxx-Pro V2.1

    Hey, glad that solved it, Patrick! Enjoy, and thanks for the kind words!
  6. Great Customer Support - Thanks

    Happy to help, sir! Enjoy!
  7. SkyMaxx-Pro V2.1

    Hi Patrick, This should be solved for you. Please let me know if you have further issues! Cameron
  8. To Admins -

    Did you post it into the proper category?
  9. SkyMaxx-Pro V2.1

    Don't worry, I'll get you sorted!
  10. SkyMaxx-Pro V2.1

    Hi there, Sorry for any delay on your ticket. I'm out of office till tomorrow but will be happy to look over it for you as soon as possible. My first hunch is that you need 2.1.1, and that's the cause for the error you are getting.
  11. Run the installer again for X-Plane 11
  12. Please Cameron read my private message

    Many thx

  13. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    When it's ready.
  14. XA_Activation_Canvas_OnDraw popup

    What graphics card do you have?
  15. Friendly reminder for Ticket #BHY96

    The forums are not to be used as a means for speeding up or checking up. Such posts will be subject to deletion.