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  1. Cameron

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    We do not support doing this.
  2. Cameron

    Installer won’t work!!

    Catalina is 64-bit only and we do not support this yet in installers. This is just one of the downsides to using beta operating system software before it's official. We don't have any plans to release new installers prior to Apple's release. There are changes in how the apps and DMG files need to be signed as well, so even if we were using 64 bit this still wouldn't work just yet.
  3. Hi @dlrk, When there is news we typically post it. You can assume there is no news if we have not released news.
  4. Cameron

    Mac OS X will break X-Aviation installers

    In time it will be addressed.
  5. Cameron

    Three issues I have

    If and when it becomes possible it would get done. We make no promises if that ability will come aside from the simple fact we'd like to.
  6. Cameron

    Three issues I have

    You said: " More than the biggest airliners, with more complex 3D models, avionics, cockpits and subsystems." I think that was enough information to go by for Goran considering he doesn't have any airliners.
  7. Cameron

    Cessna 310L

  8. Cameron

    Three issues I have

    Are you sure you looked in the right folder? Not Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/sounds, but Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/plugins/systems/sounds Be sure not to confuse those folder paths. I'm pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for there.
  9. Cameron

    Three issues I have

    No. Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/plugins/systems/sounds Sorry, but complaining about 55fps just makes me pretty much shake my head. I'm just not going to go there. In short, there are no plans to change anything 3D related. Programming wise, the product is highly optimized and utilizes multiple threads.
  10. Cameron

    Three issues I have

    1. The G1000 displays cannot be dimmed at this time. This revolves around an X-Plane limitation at the moment. 2. Sounds are all done in FMOD. Any volume controlling is handled by X-Plane settings. Any products you have that currently feature custom volume panels will slowly lose this feature (as they have been) with the adoption of FMOD. 3. Your analysis that this aircraft is somehow not as complex is likely your mind only considering the simple look of a panel. In honesty, it's one of the most complex, if not the most complex simulations to date from a programming perspective.
  11. Cameron

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    You tried putting your X-Plane settings down in a different aircraft first, THEN opening the TBM? It's the side menu in the tbm you want. Not the upper X-Plane menus.
  12. Cameron

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    Maybe try setting your X-Plane resolution settings really low and in a windowed box instead of full screen just so you can see if you can get to the TBM900 preferences menu and set the icing effects to off.
  13. Cameron

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    Yes, it's a setting in the TBM900 menu. It sounds like you have multiple versions of X-Plane 11 installed?
  14. Cameron

    TBM 900 1.5 fps

    Maybe try disabling icing effects.
  15. Cameron

    new pc procedure

    Just install as normal.