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  1. Can we expect VR Support anytime soon

    Our goal with SkyMaxx Pro will definitely be to get it working in VR at some point. I do have an Oculus here in the office, but we have a couple of things to clear off our plate before we investigate this topic further. We'll definitely post more information on it as we start to examine what's going on and what we can do for VR users!
  2. P.180 Avanti II

    But it doesn't, and you're getting something for free. Can't be too nitpicky all the time.
  3. Saab V1.5 Status

    This is a very short-sighted post from you to technical things you as a customer do not think about. Just because a company (like Install Anywhere) makes installer compiling software does not mean that the software it compiles writes itself. We already use a multiplatform compiler similar to the one you have suggested. It still needs to be told what to do and how to interact with your server. So, the quick and dirty answer to your question is "No."
  4. 1.21

    FMOD: Yes and no. No in that it doesn't use FMOD. Yes in that it has its own 3D sound engine that does the same thing as FMOD prior to FMOD actually being used in X-Plane. When the switch to FMOD comes, I would not anticipate much difference in how you hear the sounds since the two sound engines essentially are equal. PBR: Yes, the 737 has PBR. The core team consists of four. It becomes six if you add in contributions from Ben and myself.
  5. Saab V1.5 Status

    We aren't prepared to announce that just yet.
  6. Flight sim nirvana...XP11 VR...

    Which VR set are you using? This certainly looks and sounds like it would be a fun experience! I was very impressed by the native VR Laminar came up with when it was on demo at FS Con.
  7. Saab V1.5 Status

    It's not so much that the installers in general are a nightmare, but the backstory is that the Saab installer was originally coded in 2013 and at the time was our most advanced installer code to leverage some attempted load balancing on the server, as well as keeping track of file differences and updates. At the time it seemed like a great idea, but in reality it was a terrible idea that I didn't see coming as time progressed. Keeping track of all these variants and the file updates between them, as well as the many gigabytes of data became tedious in the way the installer is coded, and it caused headaches not only for distribution, but also for people like Goran when we would discover some files were not properly updated between variants at update release times. Over the years new installer formats have been developed because of this. Products like IXEG, the MU-2, and pretty much any other recent release contains the more up-to-date installer routines. The Saab needs some love to move to this system so we can future proof release delays going forward on it. At the moment it's not top priority over a couple of other projects that are first in line, but as soon as those are out of the way the focus will switch to this and bringing it all up to speed. We need to leverage our time spent on projects appropriately to balance business cash flow for all involved. We'll get there, just not yet.
  8. Create a coroute folder in the main aircraft folder for IXEG.
  9. IXEG Refund

    As per the refund terms on X-Aviation: Please be aware that due to the nature of downloads being intangible goods, we do not offer refunds for any reason. You waive the right to a refund as soon as you process and download your order.
  10. Future Additions to this great Addon

    Tom, that's enough. You just signed up here and have written four posts with the same content. We get it.
  11. Things that would add to the realism.

    Show a real picture, and the difference to it in sim. The 737-300 does not have the same system as the NG, thus as it's currently modeled it is accurate. No changes needed. Please provide video of a 737-300 in the cockpit with braking noises. @Litjan Not likely. The lighting was set to be like a number of -300's we studied and interacted with in real life. There's bound to be variants as you've shown, but we like what we have very much. I have no idea what this means. We base ours off of a specific airline which allowed us a lot of access to their aircraft and sims. Please show a video of this sound for us to reference from real life. Please show a video of flap actuator sounds from the cockpit of a 737-300. There are too many hardware throttles out there for this to be logistically feasible I would think. @Litjan
  12. Aircraft Specifics

    Yes, we know, and that was a conscious decision. We do not hold a Boeing license, and we are not out to get into wars with them on name use issues. From a legal perspective, with the title of the product as is, we are free and clear of infringement. Most simmers like yourself will know immediately when viewing screenshots what variant this is. Not a knock on you, but I'm giving you the back story on why we made this decision. It has not proven to be a problem for us, as the aircraft is pretty widely talked about in the XP community.
  13. XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    Hey there, Might be best to manually delete the Saab aircraft folder, as well as the uninstall file in X-Plane/X-Aviation and then re-do the installer fresh again. It sounds like some old scripts are for some reason getting left behind. Can you do this and report back?
  14. Transfer SkyMaxx from one Mac to another?

    No problem!
  15. Transfer SkyMaxx from one Mac to another?

    Install it and activate it as normal.