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  1. This was basically trialed in earlier betas. The end result was not satisfactory to our testers and the feature was removed. There's a lot that goes on under the hood.
  2. X-Aviation products and Mac Sierra

    We do support Mac OS X Sierra, yes!
  3. X-Aviation License Updated

    You do. It's a preference item. You have an outdated product as well. Re-download and re-install.
  4. [Merged] xEnviro

    I think you misread. I said, in another topic, that the weather radar is essentially what xEnviro is making an SDK for. In other words, our weather radar cannot currently depict xEnviro storms accurately because they bypass X-Plane weather standards. It had nothing to do with some kind of CTD.
  5. xEnviro Weather SDK

    Weather radar.
  6. xEnviro Weather SDK

    Unknown at this time. There are many other priorities over this at the moment, and the 737 works perfectly fine with default X-Plane weather, SkyMaxx Pro, and other third party injectors.
  7. SMP v4.5 Storm Clouds

    It was a matter of compromise. To be short, some places of the world, especially in the south east, experience this type of cloud in one spot. They appear in this shape as well. Computers in a simulated gaming environment like X-Plane also come into play with regards to performance.
  8. Private License Program Fees

    I can confirm this is a fair price. Latch on to the opportunity and enjoy the experience!
  9. Hi Cameron

    just got the IXEG 737-300 installation went fine and did verification when x plane opened 

    then when I open my aircrafts the 737 -300 not showing up at all

    can you advice 

    am not very tech guy


  10. B737-300 Problem installation

    Moving any of our products to outside folders WILL have adverse affects on the products and potential updates. You should never move them out of the folder they are installed to. Move this product back to the correct folder and it will work fine.
  11. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    Numerous people have reported the reflections there and working as intended (some have even posted shots on Facebook groups of it). So, either you are not at the right angle to see the reflections and smudges, or we're seeing some kind of a potential bug that may be Laminar or us on some systems, not all. Please be sure that you're reflection setting in 11 is turned on high enough and that you move to various angles around the cockpit as was originally shown in our example photo for XP 11.
  12. B737-300 Problem installation

    Install it correctly.
  13. Night lighting, flood/dome

    What is backpacking lighting?
  14. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    The reflections are now real time. You'll need to ensure you have the rendering settings in X-Plane 11 high enough to see this.
  15. First official XP11 screenshot

    X-Plane rendering settings.