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  1. KEY expired help needed.

    This was inaccurate. You received a response within the 3-day window. RealScenery products are on a premium bandwidth server, with the access fee we receive passed on to you. Small price for not having backed up your software. As per our policy, all other products are unlimited downloads.
  2. Re-buy?

    You will not need to purchase it again if you purchase now.
  3. First official XP11 screenshot

    What is 3.5?
  4. Problems with X-aviation

    The two people complaining in this thread are the two people sharing product. Irony. I would share the proof publicly (I really want to), but I can't due to privacy laws. It's plain as day obvious.
  5. Sky Max Pro 4.5 no clouds

    Please post you Log.txt and Gizmo Log.txt
  6. Sky Max Pro 4.5 no clouds

    Are you on a Mac?
  7. SMP creates too much brightness in XP11

    Sorry, I envisioned a different problem. You made no mention of cloud shadows before. This one is better answered by Frank.
  8. Nice to have

    We will migrate where the market demands. Goran's post is an accurate and honest view of what's going to happen.
  9. New X-Aviation Activation Policy

    Seriously, stop with the lies, dude. I did not just reply today, let alone a few hours ago. You ARE being a troll. You have infiltrated other threads and even a YouTube channel with illegitimate, non factual information, and not even pertaining to the topics subject. All you had to do was be diligent and, you know, check your email like a normal person would rather than put out lies and false insinuations (like us being out of business). It's not appreciated, and you lied from the start.
  10. New X-Aviation Activation Policy

    You make absolutely zero sense. In your original post you stated you couldn't install any product. In your support ticket you said you installed many products, just not some. Now you're in a thread about the activation system which has NOTHING to do with the issue you're having. But, what's most puzzling is your support ticket was already replied to with a solution, so why are you even here bi**ching like a troll would do? Very confusing.
  11. SMP creates too much brightness in XP11

    Try a different sky color set.
  12. Navigraph the only option?

    Aerosoft is your other option.
  13. Saab 340 v2

    No, there is not.
  14. IXEG PFD/ND + MCP Lights Too Dim

    No offense, but trying to compare latest technology Ryanair 737NG aircraft with an old CRT driven 737 Classic display is not exactly even close to the same. Different times in aerospace engineering years, and CRT's are notoriously not bright.
  15. [Solved]Activation Window

    You may contact X-Aviation to merge your two accounts together so you can use SkyMaxx Pro again.