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  1. Next update

    Laughing so hard at this. LOL! Thanks for that.
  2. Next update

    Who says $75 is our final price?
  3. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    Linux needs a bigger market!
  4. Next update

    No, this will come at a later to time and is not the current priority.
  5. Next update

    There's zero personal information there, Benjamin. See his other public post in this forum. You're trying to make something of nothing.
  6. Next update

    Just because you don't see something going on doesn't mean something isn't going on. There is a team testing daily the new updates and sifting out bugs so our customers don't have to. The only people you'll find in X-Plane not doing anything as a side project as a developer would basically be Laminar themselves.
  7. Xplane 11

    No sir! There's info about it in this forum though!
  8. Xplane 11

    The Saab is not compatible with X-Plane 11 at this time.
  9. G'day Cameron.

    Just read your response.

    I have filed 2 requests now via your support system if thats what you call it.

    I am appalled at your initial post why? Because waiting for now 7 days for a product i legally purchased then used your system twice via your support ticket system which clearly hasnt worked is "MY PROBLEM"?

    I am not  dickhead i am an real world A-320 Captain ex 330 as well and certainly know how to put in a support request.

    Feel free to check my website if you would like "proof" of that unless i somehow can get flightdeck acces on hundreds of occasions of the last 20 years.

    I again have filed now 2 support requests via your system off the hotlink next to the 737 under my downloads.

    Firstly your assertion that i have an agenda if complete rubbish i just want to download a product i have purchased legally and from many of my posts here and elsewhere enjoyed a lot.

    This is the bullshit that gives xaviation a bad reputation.

    I file a support request get no response not even an email to acknowledge my support request.

    Then i post on your boards after waiting 6 days for some kind of response and i am accused of causing trouble because your system clearly isn't working.

    You accuse me of lying and not lodging a support request even though i have lodged two!!!!!

    My original request was lodged last Thursday Australia time. My second request was lodged last Sunday some 72 hours later.

    Its now 7 days later and still the product remains unable to be downloaded.

    I have no barrow to push I just want access to a product i legally purchased only 7 months ago.

    If you feel to deny me that because I am not prepared to take second class service having used your support system which has obviously failed in this case(7 days from my original request now 4 days from my second one) go right ahead.

    What would i have to gain by criticizing a product I have recommended to so many people? Well? Or would you like me to prove that as well?

    When you accuse someone of lying(prove you put in a request) and I mean how can i prove i did when your system doesnt even send an acknowledgement of of the request?

    I guess this is my fault as i expected X-Aviation to support its customers.


    Captain Darren Howie



    1. Cameron


      What you do in your life as a profession is of no interest to me. Quite frankly, I don't think others care either.

      The instructions as to what to do for you were in the post I replied to. Either do as suggested to get a support ticket in, or move on from trolling.

  10. Your post was removed because the information it contained was non-factual, and it fell within the guidelines that checking up or running assertions to do with support tickets in general will be removed from this forum. If you feel you have an issue, take it to PM. To be clear, you tried to assert that you have been waiting one week for a response. In reality, you have been barely waiting into the 3 day window, one day of which was a weekend. You are still within the quoted support ticket response time.
  11. "Appalling". You used that word over and over. You know there are nicer ways to ask about things like this, right? Don't believe everything you read, either. 99% of what you see has another side to the story they aren't telling you, and it usually is piracy related. Regarding your issue... You don't have a reply because there is no support ticket for you, therefore there's nothing to respond to! Feel free to prove me otherwise and make me eat my words. Now, if you want to actually be productive and not sling text poo all over the place, send an email to and be sure you get your instant support ticket number back. It's really not that hard, especially asking in a polite way.
  12. Cannot download Ixeg 737 from X-Aviation

    How long ago did you purchase the 737?
  13. Download reset V1.4

    Austin, No, it has not yet been released.
  14. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    I know it's easier to just open a topic and get an answer, but we actually have a topic here full of information on the next update. Please investigate a little more next time before opening a new topic like this.
  15. Hello, Seems you wrote your original ticket, then you wrote in again to update the ticket and pushed yourself to the bottom of the queue. Please try and retain from doing this, as it only delays the response from you. As a caution, the forums are not a means for checking up on support ticket status. Rest assured, you will be replied to.