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  1. unlocking machine

    Lee, You're not winning any hearts here by opening a second thread to a previous that was already locked. We do not handle activation issues in the forums. The appropriate ticket channels are the only method. I think at this point it's pretty obvious that we give multiple pages and confirmations in the de-authorization process of a machine to make it very clear this is a forever move. It's made very clear in the wording. Mistakes happen, and we're happy to work with people on them once we conduct our own verifications on license uses in this situation, but your lesson learned here is to be diligent and soak in the information presented to you on a screen. Support tickets are the only method of help with this situation, and that doesn't mean sending multiple support tickets either. In your previous thread you said: "I sent two support tickets and have not heard anything." This is rather infuriating to read you make claims like this, yet apparently (again) not reading more blatant information presented to you on our contact page where you submitted your support ticket: We will reply as soon as we are able and will endeavor to reply within 3 days, but usually quicker. Please do not send multiple e-mails or this will delay our response to you! Not only was your first e-mail not even in our system long enough for a first reply, you sent a second e-mail regardless of the fact it said not to send multiples.
  2. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    You're so keen to dish out advice, but not so keen to think before you type your initial gripes. I could go on and on about how YOU could have posted something in a much better manner of wording rather than tell us how easy it should be (when you clearly don't know what the limitations are). Marketing departments exist in the corporate world, and for good reason. You get one on one interaction here, but just as much as you're human, so are we. Use it wisely. That's the end of this topic.
  3. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    The only thing rude in here is you asserting that something was programmed incorrectly or that you can't possibly understand a design, how dare we do that! You not liking cold, hard facts and viewing them as rude is your own issue in and of itself. In fact, in my post I ended it by specifically stating: "You do nice work, but we have to be practical and economical in approach." Hardly rude on my end.
  4. FR: Lens Flare to be independent of the cloud rendering

    You can't assume things you don't know. X-Plane itself is responsible for the rendering order. We can only do so much within those bounds. Complain to Laminar if you wish, but they'll basically tell you "Ya, we know, tough luck for now though." You have no idea how SkyMaxx Pro does scene rendering, so for you to assume something should be so easily done with regards to separating lens flare from clouds is not reality. And, in years and years of production, I think you're the first person I've heard even complain about this (probably because most people just fly instead of cinema). Our main concern is simmers first. You do nice work, but we have to be practical and economical in approach. Attempting to change something just for you even if you could would not be a smart or viable business decision!
  5. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    Uh, what? He got it solved, and the answers are in this topic provided by me. Get off your high horse. Coming in here and hoping to have everything handed to you is not how this works. Forums exist for people to search and find the answer that's been posted a million times, including in this topic. Use the resources of this forum that we provide to you and your life is much easier, especially when the answers are already here and you don't need to wait for one of us to answer.
  6. Machine locked

    We don't lock machines. You locked your own machine. When you have too many machines/OS's activated, you are presented with a screen that states to de-activate one "forever". You are presented with the names you gave each machine, and the activation date of each one. When you select it, you then have to acknowledge that you are about to forever de-activate a machine you've selected by manually typing in all caps the word "FREEZE". You selected the machine. You locked it. We just allowed you to do your own selection, and that's the end of this story.
  7. Gizmo64 v17.06.04.1958

    There's a search function. Use it. There are topics all over these forums with the answer to the error you are receiving.
  8. Gizmo64 v17.06.04.1958

    Time to do your research and find the answer that's all over the forums then!
  9. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    Glad you got it solved.
  10. Gizmo64 v17.06.04.1958

    You should do a search for the error you are receiving instead and learn how to fix it. The answer is all over these forums.
  11. IXEG 737 activation failure - gatekeeper.lua.gfys

    You need to re read the file location instructions.
  12. Gizmo Error after Windows 10 Fall Update

    You can easily help yourself by using the search function on these forums.
  13. Soundmaxx Corrupt?

    Maybe you should make some effort to actually search for your answer in this forum (the answer is here in numerous topics) rather than waste your time calling names.
  14. Gizmo64 v17.06.04.1958

    Good stuff, and thanks!