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  1. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.7 Has Been Released!

    I am unable to update. Got an Gizmo-error: error: 255.118: http API call_back: HotFix_eatUpdateManifestData: [string "extensions/HotFix/HotFix.lua.aes"]:203: attempt to get length of field 'data' (a nil value) GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. IXEG Auto Pilot

    Can´t execute any Modes? Is HDG oder LNAV working? Check the CWS Nullzone in the prefereces-menu... The slider shout be on the right...
  3. overcast weather again

    I don't know the last-time-answer...
  4. AP CMD A and B / Autothrottle Master Lights

    That´s it... As I said... Silly mistake... Thx for the quick offtopic-answer. Thomas
  5. AP CMD A and B / Autothrottle Master Lights

    I think my problem is a small one and must not start a new thread... I can´t enable da 2CH Approach... Everytime I turn on AP2, AP1 goes off... Sequence: ILS Freq. In NAV 1, Course left and right, AP1, LOC, (when aligned) APP, AP2.... Where is my "silly" (I think) fault...? Thomas

    Any Instrument appproach charts. Unually a table at the bottom.
  7. Best XP10 Settings

    What's the equal for AMD?
  8. Simplates

    You dont need a licence for SIM purposes. In addition with the iPad App it's great. And I don't pay anything. I would, though.
  9. Simplates

    I used it, but the charts are outdated often. I use rocketroute. Free and up to Date.
  10. EDDN DOSIS28 Transition not displayed correctly

    You're welcome.
  11. EDDN DOSIS28 Transition not displayed correctly

    Watch your Speeds.. With 284, you will never be able for this turn...
  12. Very low FPS, GPU and CPU not fully on duty

    Ok, thx... I really get to the clue, that I am CPU limited
  13. Very low FPS, GPU and CPU not fully on duty

    Tony, which CPU are you using?
  14. Very low FPS, GPU and CPU not fully on duty

    Hi Tony... Thx for the reply. I am aware of that, that the GPU load is not at 100 usually. I am concerned about the GPU Clock, which is not reaching the 1090 MHz limit...
  15. Hi there, I know, the topic seems to be old and asked 1000 times... Anyways... I can´t figure out. how to improve my x-plane settings to get better FPS. On approach to EDDK I get araound 8-10 FPS. Max 15... With my CPU (i7 4770k @ 4,2GHz) and GPU (R9 290 Tri-X @ 1090MHz 4 GB VRAM) and 32GB RAM I exypect better. I attach some screens from my settings and the log.txt, scenery.ini. I wish someone could help and point to my bottleneck,... Sceneries: EDDK (importet with FS2XP), W2XP Europe and some others, see screen... Appreciate the help... Thomas Log.txt scenery_packs.ini