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  1. BMFlight

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    The cabin doors aren't functional in version 1.1.
  2. BMFlight

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    You can still do manual holds for now like how it used to be...
  3. BMFlight

    What is the next IXEG?

    They already said that they will eventually release the -400 and -500 variants along with the cargo version(s).
  4. BMFlight

    V-speed callouts

    Looks very cool!
  5. BMFlight

    No Marker sounds/Altitude callouts when on Pilotedge

    That is strange... Would you mind posting your log?
  6. I noticed that the cruise speeds are pretty low up at cruise when VNAV is on. For example, flying at FL330 with a cost index of 35 has a cruise speed of .73. I could be wrong, but haven't noticed the speeds being this low before - usually at around .74 with a cost index of 28. I am running 1.0.3, and speeds seemed to be fine with the previous versions.
  7. BMFlight

    Vnav speed after turnaround

    I can confirm that changing the target cruise speed on the cruise page in the FMC causes the VNAV speed issue.
  8. BMFlight

    Vnav speed after turnaround

    I sometimes have this problem without even doing a turnaround.
  9. BMFlight

    Clickable Option for Overhead Cockpit Windows

    That might be added later in a future update. It was listed in the "What's Not Going to be In V1" post.
  10. BMFlight

    Logo Light

    The 737's had their logo lights located on the wingtips of the wings.. The winglets take up the area where the logo lights should be.
  11. BMFlight

    Logo Light

    You probably have winglets enabled. They are not functional with the 737s with retrofitted winglets.
  12. Do not disengage the autopilot with the bar.. That will cause the flight directors to shut off, which is working as intended. Disengage it with the clickspot on the yoke or binding a key to your joystick.
  13. BMFlight

    IXEG Lnav keeps shutting off

    The problems you are having with the FMC other than the crashes have to be something you're doing because I, like most people, have been able to do tons of flights with the FMC... Can you explain a bit more on what is happening?
  14. BMFlight


    That is exactly what happens to me too! Thanks for posting it!