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  1. Veace

    Next update

    And what is stopping you?
  2. Veace

    Next update

    Take all the time that you guys need. The iXEG project flies beautifully and I enjoy it a lot! For me personally whenever you ready i'm ready no rush. Quality takes time and I know that for iXEG team that's the main goal
  3. I have them too. when i change for example star in flight i get the same message
  4. Veace

    VNAV switch to kts approaching TOC

    I personally haven't ever got this kind of problem in any hotfix that was released
  5. Veace

    LNAV Go Around

    I did practiced as well some GA and had the same problem. Good to know that we have a problem and solution is coming
  6. Veace

    Strange characters in FMC

    You've got a shift in horizontal resolution i've noticed. Can you try and run XP in window mode and do the same?
  7. Veace


    Check the bug with text on prog page
  8. Veace

    What did you fly today?

    Departing from EPWA Approaching LOWS On LOC/GS for RWY 15
  9. Veace

    [1.07] soft crash after go around

    +1 I got the same thing on CATIII landing at LFMN toga
  10. Veace


    Done! BASE OVERLAYS.psd
  11. Veace

    Custom speeds

    It is great that we can insert speeds but they don't get updated in legs page
  12. Veace

    Problems with 1.06 FMC

    Hi ixeg! After flying this plane since release date i haven't had a problem inserting a route but with this release FMC is useless. Yesterday I have made a route from LSZH to EDDL with 1.05 with no problem but with this one I can't even insert my route in the FMC this was the route : ATC ROUTE: SID RWY 16 ZUE2R ZUE T125 ROMIR N851 VEDOK N851 LBU UQ163 ETASA Z724 KETEG Z3 ABUMO N850 GISEM Z505 ARPEG Z850 ADEMI T854 DOMUX DOMU2G STAR RWY 23L I will upload a video to show the problem i have encountered with FMC Check this one Tom Its still a small issue maybe you can fix it in next hotfix. Other than that it works now I have to do some manual inputs but works
  13. Veace

    What did you fly today?

    Ready to depart from EGLL to EIDW
  14. Veace

    Southwest Illinois

    it is a 7z i will put a rar one for you