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  1. Great work!! I sent you a PM regarding it
  2. 3rdwatch

    What Yoke do you utilize?

    Go Flight
  3. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Nope never did. I have to set it to increase mixture, So they work at start up but I shut down I still have to move them then click the shut off in my 3d cockpit
  4. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    I really do appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. For the life of me I can't figure out why it wont work. You even have me reading the Flywithlua documents. It does disable the cutoff in the virtual cockpit so something is being read I just don't know what. Again thanks for all the help.
  5. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Well I was really hoping it would work. Just to make sure the file goes in the flywithlua/scripts folder. Also do the fuel lever buttons need to be unassigned? The jetmax throttle is plug and play so it's not a very complex unit. X-plane doesn't seem to read it any different than by saitek throttle.
  6. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Thank you but no success. Engine 1 is 129 and engine 2 is 128. I tried editing the file myself and changing to 127 and 128 but the levers do not move and they are frozen in the sim.
  7. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Thanks for helping with this. They seem to work like this Recognized as switch When you toggle the handler up to idle, a button press displays and it stays. I mean it keeps displaying like something went to ON When you toggle the handler down to cutoff button representation on the display turns off. Here is a pic of the switches at idle and cutoff
  8. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Hey I appreciate the help that is what I have it set at. The problem is when I move them to cutoff there is no button. I have to move the lever to cutoff on my throttle and then enter the 3d cockpit and move the lever to cutoff to shut down.
  9. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    The JETmax throttle does not require any software. Xplane recognizes the fuel cut off as a button. So when placed in the "idle" position it show a button press.Yes i run flywithlua
  10. 3rdwatch

    IXEG 737 Classic Southwest Lone Star

    Looks great! Can you make the outter main hub cap red and reverse the american flag on the right side. The blue field should always be towards the front.
  11. I am wondering if someone can help me out here on what I did wrong. Let's start by qualifying that I have a/p disconnect from the ixeg 737 mapped to my go flight home and the Ixeg A/T disconnect to the A/T disconnect on my Jetmax TQ. So not the default xp10 commands. So so I am flying in LNAVand VNAV into KSEA I am not a huge fan of Vnav and switch over to me tuning the MCP while using LNAV. I am on a 7 mile final to rwy 34R at KSEA and decide to hand fly the approach I move my ghost throttle over the A/T ones and hit the a/p disconnect. It all disconnects however I leave the auto-throttle connected. I decided time for me to disconnect the a/t. I hit the button on my throttle and there is a loud switch sound and the auto-throttle switch tuned off on the MCP. Now the real problem is here. I pulled throttles back but the engine won't reduce power it stays at AT speed and won't reduce power . Is there something I missed. Thanks 3rdwatch
  12. 3rdwatch

    Jetmax throttle

    Does anyone know a good setting for the fuel cutoff levers. The best I can do is set them to mixture rich. This works for engine start but when I move them to cutoff I have to also move them in the 3d cockpit.
  13. 3rdwatch

    If you wanna get away.. SWA N654SW

    flight tracker 24
  14. 3rdwatch

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    I have a hard copy and a digital copy of the 737 and 757. They are great books and the author is a great guy too. He will reply to emails and if you buy the book from him he will autograph it for you. They have digital versions that work great on an ipad. Mike Ray the author is a retired United Captain. http://www.utem.com/shop/index.php?l=product_list&c=5
  15. 3rdwatch

    If you wanna get away.. SWA N654SW

    As a bonus here is today if you want to see if you can stay on schedule 2016-04-22 WN616 Nashville (BNA) Baltimore (BWI) 20:40 CDT 20:47 23:20 EDT Landed 23:09 2016-04-22 WN616 Dallas (DAL) Nashville (BNA) 18:15 CDT 18:43 19:55 CDT Landed 20:18 2016-04-22 WN616 Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Dallas (DAL) 15:45 EDT 16:19 17:40 CDT Landed 17:48 2016-04-22 WN616 Orlando (MCO) Raleigh-Durham (RDU) 13:35 EDT 13:44 15:10 EDT Landed 15:13 2016-04-22 WN616 Austin (AUS) Orlando (MCO) 09:30 CDT 09:31 13:00 EDT Landed 12:51 2016-04-22 WN616 Houston (HOU) Austin (AUS) 08:05 CDT 08:03 08:55 CDT Landed 08:38