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  1. diamonddriller

    Mac OS X will break X-Aviation installers

    OK. Thanks.
  2. I asked, in an email a while back, whether the installers for most of the X-Aviation products would be updated to 64-bit. I was told not to worry, but OS X Catalina will shortly become the standard. All new Macs will come with it installed. It will not run 32-bit programs at all. I just ran a reinstall of a fairly recently bought product, and got the warning. I would guess a lot of the older products have not been adjusted. This is neither a rant nor a complaint. I am just asking whether this will be addressed very quickly.
  3. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    Believe me, Frank, if SWP loading weather was the only stutter I ever got (and once an hour, at that), I would be bl--dy grateful Have a great weekend!
  4. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    Thanks Frank. That has clarified things. I was well aware of the https problem, virtually as soon as it happened! I had some correspondence with LR, and thought that they were looking at this, but nothing has happened for XP10. I suppose, as XP11 has this fixed, they are no longer bothering with XP10. As they have already written the code for this in XP11, I am surprised that they couldn't port this to XP10. kentwerickson has a point about bypassing Gizmo, but Cameron has said that Gizmo was being altered, and that it was not a simple fix.
  5. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    So, Frank, your two statements below, from your last post, seem to indicate that SMP now downloads its own weather! Does it? "Always" mode to tell us to always download our own, detailed real-world data instead of depending on the add-on or X-Plane's default weather to do so. What we're doing is checking to see if Gizmo failed, and if so, we do it ourselves instead. Now, I'm really stumped. If SMP downloads the weather, why would Gizmo need to be altered? Also, if SMP is getting the multi-layered weather, we could dispense with XPGFS and set RWC to "automatic" and off we go (this is for XP10). If we wanted that SMP weather in XP11, instead of the default, how does one set that up? Disable XP11's weather, then set RWC to "automatic"? Also, of course, Cameron is entirely correct. RW Weather gets updated hourly, with exceptions when something out of the ordinary happens.
  6. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    So, Frank, to clear my old brain (!!!!), does the "external injector" work properly with XPGFS? I would not have considered using "always" mode for that. I can see why one might, but is it more logical than "external injector"? Also, it does indeed seem that we await a change in Gizmo as another source of downloaded weather for XP10 (as the native method stopped working), and, when that happens, which setting in RWC would be appropriate? I would expect it to be "external injector" again, but you are the one who knows! Also, correct me if I'm wrong: in XP11, one continues to use RWC as we originally did in XP10 - i.e. Automatic setting (if we don't have XPGFS as well), because XP11 is downloading the weather. If we use XPGFS, though, the same question arises as above - what's the best setting? Thanks.
  7. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    @kentwericksonHmm. RWC in "Never" mode for XPGFS. I still don't get this (although XPGFS will certainly work properly without RWC, as it was designed to do so! ). However, I would have thought that the "external injector" might work, as one of the points of RWC was (I thought) to smooth out transitions from one area to another, and I presume XPGFS is an external injector. The other thing is (useful only for XP10 real weather downloads, that had been stopped. XP11 works properly) that Cameron initially had pointed out that Gizmo would be altered to get HTTPS access to weather. This being so, one could (if preferred) dispense with XPGFS. In posts above, Cameron seems to now infer that the code is now in SMP 4.8, but Sundog does not agree - see his last post. Maybe the latest Gizmo (which one would automatically get in the 4.8 distribution) has the HTTPS thing fixed, although I doubt it, because the file creation dates seem to be in 2018. It's all a bit confusing, but I'm keeping XPGFS for XP10 at the moment, and I quite like it in XP11 too. How accurate all the depictions are is another matter, but I'm not going to let it ruin my day
  8. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    Brilliant! Thanks, Cameron, for that quick reply! Regards.
  9. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    Am installing 4.8 later. I noted RWC is still at 1.1. The earlier posts seemed to infer that it might be RWC that needed the update, or was it the Gizmo bit that does the "work"?
  10. @CoopThe link you posted on Sunday is XGS 2.0.2 - and you said this is the one that we shouldn't use - or have I got this wrong? Anyway, I decided to use a lua script for landing speeds instead. I was getting a CTD when I loaded the plane first (as opposed to loading it after I'd loaded another one - when it was OK). Xsaitekpanels was apparently the culprit. I investigated further, and found I needed to update that plugin, and it's OK now! BTW, I'm on an iMac and using OS X 10.14.4 and X-Plane 11.33
  11. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    @kentwerickson Yes, as you know, XPGFS changes the weather from a METAR at the nearest airfield you are flying by, so the changes can be a bit abrupt. Sadly, I'm often finding that SMP is often slowing my frame rate down into single figures in XP10. Immediately I disable it and RWC, I'm back into the 50s or 60s fps...... Fast i7, 8GB graphics card..... shouldn't happen, but it does! I can often re-enable SMP later, and things are OK. Strange. I must have a go without RWC completely to see how that works. I'm also using XPGFS in XP11, but I may have another shot at things with the default weather. I originally thought that RWC was there to smooth transitions from one area to another as we fly, and didn't appreciate that it was injecting weather itself. It's all a bit irritating, but I'm pleased to read (from Cameron) that work is being done for those of us who still use XP10 as well as 11.
  12. diamonddriller

    Toe Brakes

    @falcon1823 Of course. The old "v" and "b" default braking keys still work. Realistically, you don't pull up a plane, after landing, with the parking brake. Can you imagine whizzing down the runway, with one hand on the yoke or stick, relieving pressure on the nose-wheel, while reaching under the "dash" to pull a 1950's style car handbrake, and leaving the throttle unattended? The toe brakes are hydraulic, but the parking brake is almost certainly going to be cable operated - and, in many planes, will not be applied properly if you have not depressed and held the toe brakes. It was the differential aspect of braking while taxiing that I was looking at. I decided to look into this further, and note that X-Plane 11.30+ applies progressive differential braking with rudder input (it did in XP10 as well, but the rules were applied differently) - specifically to address the problem I mentioned - which is why the plane steers on the ground so much with a twist of the joystick. After all, it's not a real plane!!! However, the "hold left" and "hold right" key options are available, and I have certainly still found they work on most planes - but, maybe not all. They do not work on this 310. Laminar have now given the author the tools to adjust whether the auto toe brakes work or not in their plane, and also how aggressively they are applied.
  13. diamonddriller

    Toe Brakes

    These work and animate just fine in this 310 with rudder pedals. However, if one does not have or use these, and just uses a twist grip joystick for yaw, then key-presses can assigned to hold the left or right brakes. This works on every other plane I have, both in X-Plane 10 and 11. Admittedly, it's an either on or off toggle, and this plane pretty much turns very sharply on the ground with full rudder deflection, but it nice to have the option. This Cessna does not respond to my assigned keys, neither in braking effort, nor the animation. So, without pedals, there are no toe brakes at all.
  14. diamonddriller

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    Got the email from Cameron. All is fixed! Thanks to all
  15. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    Me too. Installed, and all works just fine. Thanks to all