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  1. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    Thanks, Ben. No doubt, we'll hear something very soon!
  2. diamonddriller

    Does RWC require an update?

    As NOAA dropped non-HTTPS access to weather data the other day, does this affect the "Always" option in RWC? In your reply, could you reference this problem (if it is one!) to X-Plane 10 as well as X-Plane 11? Thanks.
  3. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    @tADEUS73 "So, just pressing the START buttons for the engines without even touching the Prime switch can also work in real life?" Well, sometimes. It depends........... Of course, that's the joy of Rotax engines and diesels which have FADEC. They just start, like your car! I think what Digital Replica is proposing is fair.
  4. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    @tADEUS73 Hi Priming aircraft engines is a very inexact science. Engines often appear to be like people, in that each one has its own peculiarities. It is probably fair to say that one usually has to prime in cold weather, and with a cold engine. Starting fuel injected hot engines can also be an art, even when following the manufacturer's recommendations! Although there are obviously written procedures, and they may well work on a particular plane (well, they usually do!), you will often get into a rental, and the owner tells you to ignore the book, and start it "this" way! This may involve pumping the throttle a couple of times, or putting the throttle in a certain position, priming with a certain number of pushes (on a pusher type of primer), never priming, mixture here or there, fuel pump on or off, etc., etc..... Frankly, in a sim, I wouldn't worry too much about the accuracy of the priming or starting. Just start it up and enjoy the flying
  5. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    Don't think I've mentioned this, but the transponder's interrogation light does not come on nor blink. Not for me, anyway.
  6. diamonddriller

    A few questions...

    I got the autopilot to do what I wanted (sort of) for a while in a flight on PE, but when I later wanted to alter a heading, I couldn't quite get it to work gently. Maybe my fault. I found the operation of the autopilot trim wheel to be quite difficult. One of the arrows was sometimes tricky to "find". So, I'm still struggling with getting it to climb or descend with the A/P. Easier to hand fly it. I found a nice heading to keep the CDI centred on a VOR, but have you now quietly implemented VOR tracking? I presume that the A/P is not in any way coupled to the GPS - or is it, or will it be? I reduced the joystick sensitivities down to around 50%, and I could then hand fly the plane pretty well, but I realise that everyone's setup will be different. One day in the future, you could give us an alternate panel - like the one on the YouTube "310 Pilot" channel :-) I am kidding, but it's a thought......
  7. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    Great update. Thanks a million. Interestingly, the A/P switch was "on" again after I first opened the plane after installation. I switched it off. Later reloaded, and the switch was now "off" - so that's OK, and just something to watch for. Probably only happens at the first time the plane is opened. I'll let you know should it re-occur.
  8. diamonddriller

    Autopilot pop-up please

    Thanks for considering it. It would be a great help.
  9. diamonddriller

    Autopilot pop-up please

    The Navomatic 400 is a bit of a strange beast, with small switches and its all important heading dial. Not an easy thing to be looking down to, and fiddling with, in a sim. Manageable in RW, because we can glance back to the six-pack easily. Yes, I can make a num-pad keypress get me to a reasonable view of the 400, but I'm then not looking at the panel. Well, you may say, once I've got the A/P on, I can afford to be looking away while I set things up - say, turn to an ATC given heading. OK. However, ideally, we should always be checking the AI, and altimeter (at least) to establish the A/P is functioning correctly. In the sim, it probably will be, but it's still a bit awkward. When I set things on the Garmin 430 or 530 (and even on Aerobask's stuff) I pop out the panel, as it's much easier to see what I'm doing, and physically easier to locate the correct part of a concentric knob setup - i.e. get the "curlies" working on the right bit. Same for any buttons or switches. So, a request for an autopilot pop-up - like Carenado or Aerobask (and others) have.
  10. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    Putting it into perspective, a proper autopilot these days will run you between $15,000-20,000 for the kit, plus $7,500-10,000 in labor for the install, and any additional approved hardware to mount the servos. A lot of owners don't have the cash to make this kind of a thing happen easily, and as such these things get overlooked in favor of other things (like engine overhaul). I know, Cameron. I've been flying RW for over 20 years. Owning a plane is like owning a boat - both wonderful ways to burn through money As you well know, a new avionics suite can easily cost more than many older planes are worth, but it can transform the experience. BTW, looking forward to the TBM!
  11. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    4 hours ago, diamonddriller said: To my surprise, I realised that the plane had loaded with the autopilot on, even though the engines had to be started! It is supposed to be on the off position at flight start. I will check on that. Well, I had installed the plane, opened it for its first flight, did the licensing and looked around. The master switch and magnetos were on (and the avionics, as I remember it), but the engines were not running. Maybe that won't happen again, but I suppose it's worth a quick look by you. I couldn't believe how the plane was rocking like mad from side to side, even though the winds were very light. I could hardly climb, and the trim seemed not to be working. Then it started to descend, and I looked at the trim wheel, which I could then see was hardly moving with my efforts. A light popped on in my old brain, and I looked at the autopilot switch :-)
  12. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    Very true, Cameron. However, it took me a while to find much on the 400 with Google (I did, eventually, find a manual), whereas there's quite a lot on the 400A and 400B. With that fact in mind, it makes me wonder just how many of these are still around. Just musing........ I read an article suggesting that these very early autopilots are now not really to be trusted anymore for IFR work, and their repair is uneconomical if, indeed, possible. However, the subsequent 1970's 400A and 400B are still reliable (if properly serviced), repairable and well worth keeping. Still, I'm delighted with the 310L. The work that has been done on it is stunning.
  13. diamonddriller

    Bug Report

    I decided to "risk" things, and take my first ever flight in this lovely plane on PilotEdge! The windscreen reflections, dirt and scratches, together with X-Plane 11's haze made VFR a real IFR adventure! I often could hardly see anything out of the screen. The idea of being able to toggle this (as well as the instruments - which were not that bad, actually) - is fine, but I think a reduction in the default view would be welcome. Then it would be more like real world, and the ability to get rid of it all would be a useful bonus. Interestingly, when I first loaded up and flew off, I found the plane verging on uncontrollable. Of course, as I was under ATC, I struggled to look around the plane more than I otherwise might have. To my surprise, I realised that the plane had loaded with the autopilot on, even though the engines had to be started! No wonder I couldn't trim it or hold a heading properly. Yes, it was my fault for neither checking, nor reading a checklist, but it is a bit strange. I will make sure I'm really cold and dark next time! I'd appreciate a heading bug on the heading indicator (I know many HIs don't have a bug), even though the Navomatic 400 has its own heading setting. I wonder who would put a Garmin 430 into a plane, and retain that autopilot, which is virtually irreparable these days......
  14. diamonddriller

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    Well done. I did notice the installation hiccup on a livery for 1.4, but let it go I hadn't had a chance to fly and notice the other bugs, so I agree with mmerelles!
  15. diamonddriller

    SkyMaxx Pro 4 on XP11 - no clouds, just blocky matrices

    Oh dear...... I can switch to using HDR (XP-10, just to remind you), and the blockiness goes. I've never had to bother to use HDR before with SkyMaxx Pro, and I've been a customer since v2.0. I've never been particularly bothered to get the extra eye candy of HDR, and it does put a bit more strain on the system - which heats up iMacs' GPUs a bit more! I'll continue to experiment, but maybe the coming v4.1 will somehow cure this.