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  1. Will it have 4k textures throughout?
  2. philwhite

    KEY expired help needed.

    You are right regarding the response time and i am sorry about that. I have been busy and thought it was longer.
  3. philwhite

    KEY expired help needed.

    Well i am a bit shocked to say the least. I received an email with a link to re-download but with a 5 Dollar charge, i don't think i will be bothering.
  4. philwhite

    KEY expired help needed.

    I purchased the Enhanced Island of Oahu some time ago an i have recently built a new computer and want to install it on there. When i log into my X-Aviation account and download the installer the install fails due to an expired licence key so how do i get it valid again please. I have sent a ticket about a week ago and have had no response yet. Thanks.
  5. philwhite

    ASL for IXEG Boeing 737-300

    Are the wing and engine textures ok for all liveries and where do I install them please.
  6. philwhite

    Download link activation.

    I have created a ticket regarding a download link I need re-activating but as yet I have had no reply. at the time of writing this message it is 24 hours since contacting X-Aviation.
  7. philwhite

    Bell 407 in Dublin Airport

    Looks great. How much impact does this airport have on the FPS? I know a lot will depend on the system spec and rendering settings.
  8. philwhite

    Saab 340 doesn´t work

    Glad I have helped you.
  9. philwhite

    Saab 340 doesn´t work

    Have you set up the Condition Levers on the throttle quadrant within the pop out menu that appears on the right of your monitor?? Just a thought.
  10. philwhite

    Saab340 Loganair FlyBe

    I bought the Saab a few days ago. A great Aircraft addition to my hangar.
  11. philwhite

    Saab340 Loganair FlyBe

    I really fancy this aircraft myself. I already have the Jetstream 32 along with SkyMaxx and the Oahu scenery so I suspect my hardware will run it well enough.
  12. philwhite

    HD Mesh scenery 2 + SkyMaxx Pro

    I finally bought SMP and I am truly impressed. The level of cloud detail is amazing and I have noticed a slight increase in FPS.
  13. philwhite

    Problems with new card.

    I have now RESOLVED this issue. I simply removed all Nvidia driver software and started again and that sorted it.
  14. philwhite

    Problems with new card.

    Tried that already. Have a look at this which is logged with every flight in the X-Plane log This video card is: DX10 or 11 - With instancing (found glMapBufferRange)Note: X-Plane preferences are set to enable FSAA, but it is disabled by the driver control panel. I guess this is telling me that i don't have the correct setting in the Nvidia control panel.here is a screenshot of the settings so maybe there is a setting i have not got right??
  15. philwhite

    Problems with new card.

    I had X-Plane 10.25 running pretty well on my GTX660 3gb card but decided some extra grunt was needed so I decided to install a GTX770 4gb card which is faster on the base clock etc.. Now with identical settings that were used with the 660 in the Nvidia control panel and X-Plane rendering options I am getting terrible Antialiasing. I don't use HDR and with 16x antialiasing it looks no better than 2x jagged edges and the scenery is shimmering so I have no idea what's causing it. I am using the same driver version but of course I have installed it for the 770. So jagged edges no matter what setting I use, what could it be?