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    Arming LNAV or VNAV and A/T

    Thank you very much! I will watch your videos! The thing with A/T is, I know that the switch should just arm Autothrottle. It is activated with the switches on the throttle. But on my flight the switch on the MCP alone activated the autothrottles... This confused me.
  2. Hello! Since the Autopilot on the 300 is a bit older I have a few questions. 1. Is it possible at all to arm any roll or pitch mode before activating AP after takeoff? On my flights the modes do not arm on ground. 2. In the tutorial PDF it says we should arm Autothrottle before takeoff (on gate or while taxi) This is impossible because the switch advances my virtual throttles into takeoff mode. 3. Is the Autopilot in general modeled realistic or are there IXEG specific quirks or comfort functions? Thank you!
  3. Rhinozherous

    Uncontrollable on Ground

    Disregard, I already solved it. I moved the sensitivity slider in XP all to the left and use Stability augmentation of 75%. Now it steers much nicer!
  4. Rhinozherous

    Uncontrollable on Ground

    Hello! I am new to the TBM and so far I love it... except on ground. The steering with Rudder is extreme shimmy. Takeoff and triyng to counter for tourge is impossible. On takeoff and landing it is impossible to keep a straight line. I cant imagine that the real aircraft is that hard to steer, it would be suicidal. I already tried with response curves but without success. What do other to keep it steerable? I have seen videos on youtube where it was not that crazy. Thank you
  5. Rhinozherous

    Assign Buttons

    This is awesome, thank you!
  6. Rhinozherous

    Assign Buttons

    Hello! As soon as the crash problem is fixed I will buy this bird... Now I think a bit forward and wonder what options are available for assigning buttons? The most important for me is the autopilot, can we assign Joystick buttons for setting the heading, altitude, vs, course and so on? I use the Saitek MFDs and like to bind the AP panel on this. Thanks!
  7. Rhinozherous


    Please read all the other threads in this part of the forum.
  8. Rhinozherous

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    This sounds like a more "in depth" problem then I thought. I dont own the plane so far, get it maybe if things get fixed...
  9. Rhinozherous

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 stopped working after 11.31r1 update

    Thanks, I will wait!
  10. Rhinozherous

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 stopped working after 11.31r1 update

    I thought about buying the TBM... I am on Xp11 version. 31 This means if I buy it now it will most probably not work?
  11. Rhinozherous

    [In Progress] Engine fails to start

    Had the same problem months ago. With Saitek pro flight yoke and throttle quadrant. Because of this issue I quited flying this plane. I'm curious if there is a possibility for solution in the next fix? (And if there is an date for next fix? :-) thank you
  12. My favorites: Fokker 100 - Cessna 525 Citation Jet - Eurofighter - and the MD11 is also great :-) Greetings!
  13. Rhinozherous

    Icing conditions

    Thank you! Altough my question was towards "how is it simulated on the les dc3.." because I had some problems in icing conditions with wing de-ice on. But no matter, the link is great! There is a lot of information concerning this theme very detailed. Greetings!
  14. Rhinozherous

    Icing conditions

    No one seems to know
  15. Rhinozherous


    Oh, I thought I HAVE TO activate the Xfmc's Autopilot with the AP button on it to make it work :-D I am not yet experienced with Xfmc, it is my first attempt with it. To make this great aircraft more "online capable". Thank you for this! I just using Android, but the airtrack on Ipad sounds good! What I do already use is EFASS, it has everything a simpilot needs, I think. Jope, the saab rules :-) Greets, Rhino