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  1. Rhinozherous

    Speeds in G1000?

    Also think such a prominent feature should get higher priority.
  2. Rhinozherous

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Thank you so much for this update! No more veering off the rwy anymore, it is so smooth now!
  3. Rhinozherous

    Other version of Ground Steering possible? [Answered]

    Thanks but I will wait for the Update
  4. Rhinozherous

    Other version of Ground Steering possible? [Answered]

    Thank you so much! This seems to give me the TBM back Looking forward to it!
  5. Hello! I think this is one of the best aircraft for flightsim ever. But it has one big downside for me. The steering with rudder on takeoff and landing. This is the reason why I parked this aircraft in the virtual hangar. I have read all topics about this and the summary of this is - just learn to steer it. Maybe I invested not enough time for learning it, but I have the feeling I wasted too much time fiddling around with it and it makes no fun at all at this point for me. It ruins every flight when I veer off the runway after a overall nice flight. So, to make this short: Is there any way of MODDING the rudder to fit it my taste? I dont ask for a "fix" as there is nothing bugged! I just want to fit it to my taste, so that I can enjoy flying her. And I dont want to start a discussion as what is real and what not, I know she is highly realistic simulated, but this one part seems too realistic for me and my hardware. Thank you very much!
  6. Rhinozherous

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    The Problem is gone with version 1.1.8! I have nothing changed since my last report where the stutter was present. Just updated today.
  7. Rhinozherous

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    It is constant.
  8. Rhinozherous

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    I also tried without all plugins, still have this fluctuation. I attached log. Log.txt
  9. Rhinozherous

    "Pulsating" problem 1.1.7 and 1.1.6

    Hello! I had this problem on 1.1.6, but it is also present on 1.1.7. All animations are kind of stuttering. For example, when i close the door it is not one smooth movement, it nearly stops often in motion. Frames are pulsating also between 60 and below 19 I think. It goes so fast I cant see the exact bottom or top FPS. I already tried lowering all graphic settings in XP11 and settings on the TBM like rain and reflection settings. But with no success. I have no problems like this with other aircraft like flight factor or something.
  10. Rhinozherous

    1.1.4c getting installed instead of 1.1.6

    Will wait with the update... seems complicated.
  11. Rhinozherous

    X-Aviation Licensing

    Hello! When I load into XP11 I get an popup that I should connect to the Internet and that a license is expired. No problem so far, but when I enter my email and password (crosschecked several times, no typos) it says the mail or password is wrong... I am 100% connected to the internet. Is there a server problem over at X-Aviation? Thank you!
  12. Rhinozherous

    Arming LNAV or VNAV and A/T

    Thank you! Sorted all out on my last flight, all is working well!
  13. Rhinozherous

    Arming LNAV or VNAV and A/T

    Thank you very much! I will watch your videos! The thing with A/T is, I know that the switch should just arm Autothrottle. It is activated with the switches on the throttle. But on my flight the switch on the MCP alone activated the autothrottles... This confused me.
  14. Hello! Since the Autopilot on the 300 is a bit older I have a few questions. 1. Is it possible at all to arm any roll or pitch mode before activating AP after takeoff? On my flights the modes do not arm on ground. 2. In the tutorial PDF it says we should arm Autothrottle before takeoff (on gate or while taxi) This is impossible because the switch advances my virtual throttles into takeoff mode. 3. Is the Autopilot in general modeled realistic or are there IXEG specific quirks or comfort functions? Thank you!
  15. Rhinozherous

    Uncontrollable on Ground

    Disregard, I already solved it. I moved the sensitivity slider in XP all to the left and use Stability augmentation of 75%. Now it steers much nicer!