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  1. pots

    Brighter Textures

    These textures are great! Finally I can see something in the cockpit, before everything was dark and very dark in X-Plane 10.51. Pots
  2. Hi For intrest only. How many lines on code are there in IXEG 737 project? For example: according to mr. Hardy Heinlin his the ultimate Boeing 747-400 simulator (PSX) has about 250 000 lines (~100 000 of them are for FMS) (http://aerowinx.com/board/index.php?topic=2877.msg29059#msg29059). So the FMS system was almost 40% of codebase. On the other hand PSX does not have external model, 3D cockpit etc and is coded in Java. Vahur
  3. pots

    Saab 340A hydraulics off?

    Yesterday I read from Avherald about incident "Accident: Sol SF34 at Mendoza on Jan 2nd 2013, veered off taxiway"( http://avherald.com/h?article=45b81c39). According to the report this airline had tradition to shut off electrical hydraulics pump (to protect EFIS screens?) before engine shut fown and start it after both engines are working. This time the pump was not switched on, crew started to taxi despite of multiple warnings, lost nose wheel steering and braking and ended 20 m out of taxiway. Aircraft is now written off. Now I am trying to create this situation with Saab 340A version 1.3, but have not yet managed to lose all braking and nose wheel steering. Should I try more? Edit - link corrected. Vahur
  4. According to X-Plane 10.40 Beta 7 release notes from yesterday: Bug FixesFixes for Beta 7 Metar wind headings now interpreted as true degrees