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  1. Lagging A/T

    I'm struggling too with a suboptimal VNAV, still ... On a flight from KATL09L to KMCO17L I ended up with a T/C right after a T/D ...
  2. Next update

    Hear hear. Let quality prevail !
  3. What is the next IXEG?

    My two cents: a neat 737-8 or -9, MAX or NG for the Boeing family and pertaining to the 737 line.
  4. My favorite four aircraft are IXEG 733, FF 752v2, FF 763 and the FF 772. No surprise there ...
  5. Next update

    I agree ... I am also fully satisfied with my purchase. I have some wishes, no biggies. And yes ... please take your time to improve this great aircraft!
  6. Be patient. The devs are working on an update of the VNAV experience ... As Jan points out, the VNAV calculation is only able to handle very basic scenarios for now.
  7. Will there be an 737 - 800 expansion?

    Agreed. The 733 is a very reliable product and easy on the eyes and my setup. A big fat compliment for the devs.
  8. Exporting flight plans from efass

    It's probably XFMC; remove the plugin from your X-Plane setup ...
  9. Unable to Move camera

    Not being able to move the camera with the arrows (when I'm in a certain camera view, like Shift-4 or short cut on numeric keypad), is something I experience with all the FF's and the JAR's. The ability to pan or swivel, comes back to live after choosing the corresponding view through the X-Plane menubar. It's a known thing and probably X-Plane related ...
  10. Unable to Move camera

    Maybe I'm missing the point ... How about the views that X-Plane offer? Do the views chosen from the X-Plane menubar, work properly? Do arrow keys work when you choose a view thru the menubar of X-Plane?
  11. It's probably my first. A crash with the 733. Just before T/D into KDEN 34L on the ZPLYN approach, X-Plane crashed to desktop. LNAV VNAV were both on, at FL320, CI of 20. On my way from KIAH. Never had one of those with this fine machine. Find all the logs I could think of, in the ZIP-file. Please, can you help? 160928 CRASH IXEG 733 107 X-PLANE
  12. Ixeg RTE Page reads "Not in Database"

    "Get into contact?" What about a Personal Message? This forum has it all ... Just hover your mouse over the name of Ben ...
  13. IXEG 737 Amd Frames?

    True this. On my rig, IXEG 733 outperformes the FF 777 by 2 - 4 frames ...
  14. IXEG 737 Amd Frames?

    I agree. The IXEG 737 has superb graphics and is easy on the FPS ...
  15. IXEG B733 control/view box

    Out on a limb here ... but I guess "No". The devs are in control and - as I mentioned - they are thinking about bringing these oldies-but-goodies back ...