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  1. tango4

    Update issue

    Sorry guys, I missed that ! I am still rather new to the xplane world (compared to my 25 years with esp...). I am still fiddling with settings and I am still tuning my sim. Now that I read this, I also moved the reflection slider. I also touched VSync and Threaded optimization in my drivers but I could not reproduce the issue and figured it was not this. I totally forgot I touched this slider. Anyway, many thanks to Ghislain. And not related, but thanks to the dev team, first for this awesome plane (which I clearly think is a game changer in the Xplane worl
  2. tango4

    Update issue

    Freaking strange, it seems the issue disappeared after a computer reboot. I'm trying to see if something else could explain it but I can't find anything. Running drivers 419.35 for info. Charles
  3. tango4

    Update issue

    +1 here same issue. If AOA is up, the issue appears. AOA down, no issue. Best regards. Charles
  4. Thanks a lot to both of you. It may indeed have something to do with tyre friction and the fact that engine failure seems a bit sudden in XPLANE. Because the issue I have is really with the initial reaction. Once airborne the 737 is a bit tricky with an engine out especially at high gross weight, but it does seem realistic (here I have difficulties also, but because of my lack of skills !). Anyway, I really appreciate your help. Charles
  5. Well, that's what I call fast support ! Thanks a lot for your help. Just a small confirmation: as I do not know a good take off performance calculator for that plane, I usually use FMC computed V Speeds. I guess the V1 it provides should be OK as long as I am not limited by the runway length or obstacle clearances. Could you confirm that assumption is right with regards to that specific issue ? What I might do is trigger the engine failure 2 or 3 knots above V1 just to be on the safe side regarding Vmcg. Charles
  6. Hi IXEG team, My question is especially directed to Jan. First of all all what I will say below is with X-Plane 11.05 and IXEG 1.2 Here is my issue: I want to practice some engine failures at V1. I am using default XPlane failure (engine failure at a specific speed which I arm for V1). I tried it at different weights. My problem is that I have the feeling that the initial reaction of the aircraft is way too abrupt and rudder not efficient enough. I don't have enough rudder authority to counter it, and for example if I fail Eng1 the aircraft veers to the left EXTREMELY
  7. Thanks a lot ! I don't know who you are (did not find any contact on your website) but know that your work is greatly appreciated ! Congratulations for that website. Charles
  8. First, thanks to both of you for your help. I am actually using the profile you just mentioned ( Boeing 737-300 CFM56-3 20k.txt ). But it does not include advanced performance like cost index. No big deal, though. It's just that I recently discovered this website I mentioned and got their q400 profile which seems much more detailed than the default one (more climb/descent options for example). And I read on this very forum about the existence of a B733 profile from this website tailored to the IXEG version. But the link is incorrect (all the other links I tried on this we
  9. Hi Guys, I am looking for a PFPX profile for the IXEG 737. Apparently, there is a very good one discussed elsewhere in this forum supposed to be here: http://airlinerperformance.net/2016/04/boeing-737-300/ The problem is that the link is pointing to a B737-600 profile. And I can't seem to find anyway to contact the author of this website. If anyone knows how to contact the owner of the site, or if one of you guys has the file in question, I'd really appreciate if you could share it somehow. I hope I am posting this request in the right forum. Th
  10. I think you might have nailed it ! I am rather new to the X-Plane world and still fiddling with things. I'm using SkymaxxPro, RealWXConnector and XPNOAA weather and I think I forgot to check the wind on that specific test where I had the issue. And as an added factor, I am more used to the 737NG/747/777 screen layout and so I might not have paid attention to it on the ND. I just ran another quick and dirty test with almost no wind this time, and did not see the issue ! But once on the runway, the aircraft did not properly track centerline. But I did notice that there was no "rol
  11. Very good news, thanks ! Regarding the approach, I'm not sure this is the explanation. (But I'm not sure it is not either...) I remember it was an ILS at LFPG but can't remember which one. I just checked on the local map as you suggested and could not spot any visible misalignment (I'm using default scenery at LFPG). What I do remember for sure was that initial LOC capture was spot on. And when closing to the runway (from 4/3 Nm onwards I would say), I saw that my plane was slightly drifting to the left, AND the LOC signal was showing just this ! What I mean is that what I saw i
  12. Many thanks Jan ! This is precisely the answer I was looking for. And regarding the quality of your simulation, here is what i like the most. It is not perfect yet of course, and some features are missing altogeher. But your team is 100% honest about it, stating in a list what it DOES NOT simulate. It is one of the first times I saw this and was hugely appreciated on my part. You can't imagine how many hours I lost on competing products trying to understand a behavior, just to figure out after many research that this was not simulated... Very frustrating ! And I told myself: oka
  13. By the way, I think that this capability to reduce speed "automatically " when extending the flaps is a 737 specificity due to their Smith FMS as opposed to the big Boeing which are equipped by Honeywell and don't behave that way. (or at least I think but I might be wrong) So to sum up the question would be : Without SPD intervention option, am I legally allowed to fly an RNAV approach with LNAV/VNAV minima (and using these autopilots modes), with the limitation that you mentioned (the pilot not being able to control his speed precisely). Or am I restricted to flying them with LNA
  14. I do think that it behaves that way, but it looks more like a "default" behavior rather than a certified use. Because that would mean that once established on the approach, the pilot can not precisely maintain a speed. I had the PMDG MD11 many years ago so I don't remember precisely but I think it was more like the Airbus managed speed (meaning the pilots controls the airspeed and at some point during the final approach will tell the aircraft to reduce to its approach speed. I know it is not the full story, I am willingly oversimplifying for the purpose of this post). The prob
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