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    The only thing I can think of is a hardware calibration issue. The feedback we've received on the steering for this latest update has been extremely positive with regards to the steering, so the fact you get this "ice skate" type of steering is a bit of a mystery.
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    If as you are saying "it happens with all planes" as well then I have to say you have so settings dealing with your control input settings in XP itself. The latest update to the TBM has tamed it quite nicely. Using the proper taxi techniques and speeds the TBM handles like it's on rails now. I would suggest you also delete/remove that friction script you mentioned in your OP, then reset all of your response curves and set your other control sensitivity settings back to default. And start for there... Outside of tail daggers still being a bit challenging here and there. Ground handling in XP has become a lot better over the last couple of updates.
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    Try resetting them to default and see if that fixes it.
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    Glad you were able to get that off your chest! Now back to the daily grind we do day in and day out.
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    Can you post a screenshot of your control curves?
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    Can you confirm you definitely have 1.1.9. Everyone is reporting vastly improved ground handling. Not sure why you’re getting this.
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    This is probably gonna be met with some nasty remarks, but this is my opinion.... I own the IXEG 737, I enjoy it very much, my frustrations comes to the lack of updates. It has been a couple years (yes years , not days , not months) Hold is still not there and cabin doors yet to open. Fair to critique? Yes I believe so. Yes I know the cabin doors are eye candy, but is something that others have been able to accomplish and virtually all payware at comparable price certainly have this. The FMC Hold is a long time coming and not something , in my opinion , should take this long. We are speaking years , ladies and gentleman. Aside from the above remarks, I have nothing but admiration for the plane. It is a real joy to fly and has given me hours and hours of enjoyment. Sad that I don't fly it as much I once did. I have purchased many, many payware items. To the fine folks that have made this plane available, I say , time to get some stronger coffee, get off your duff, and address these two issues please. Yes, my avatar is listed as "NEWBIE", no I normally don't comment on message boards. I do use them to seek information. I am not a real pilot and therefore don't think I have much to offer that would be helpful, I leave that to the other fine folks who know what they are talking about. I have owned the IXEG for a considerable amount of time, and flight simming has been a hobby for many , many , years. Thought I would address this, before any bashing about status should begin.