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    This is something in X-Plane crashing. If you note right before the crash, there are no references to the TBM. I suggest you send this off to Laminar and ask them to see if they can make sense of it.
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    No Problem. As I was a classic engine mechanic (carburators) for many years (ago) *haha* it's a simple physics problem: If you let the cylinders shrink faster than the pistons (often in descent happens to not only stupids) you'll get mayor problems beyond repair! If you have a nice warm-up and claps half-closed, open them slowly in climb to keep both in a kind of "scale" v-i-v The only model I know (but not own myself yet) simulates this is the fantastic SF 260! If you want a close to perfect Trainer Aircraft get this. But be a bit careful if you do: It dismantles itself very realistic in too close turns and rolls! ntsc (XPlane user from germany for now around 18 yrs)
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    Version 1.1


    Aeroflot livery from 50s for Lisunov Li-2 which is russian made dc-3