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  1. Just installed Icarus KEYW. Airport itself looks OK, but surrounding area seems to be lacking. For instance, there really is no roadway on the Keys Highway, and the bridges over the water between islands are all missing. Please help. Thanks.
  2. I just did the update of the aircraft and I am also having the problem wherein the throttles will not go down below flight idle. Also, I cannot drag them at all with the mouse. Will there be a fix for this soon? Thanks. -Ed
  3. Frank, I'm having the identical problem. Purchased the full version of X-Plane 11 about a week ago. I was using SkyMaxx3 in XP10 with satisfaction, but now that I am using XP11 I see the limitation. I know that you ran a sale a while back, offering a 50% discount on an upgrade to SkyMaxx4, but I didn't do it at that time because I was happy with the way version 3 was working in XP10. Is there any possibility of offering a discount to those like me who just went to XP11 after the finished product was announced? -Ed
  4. I sent in a ticket 7 days ago and still no response. Not a very good way to treat a frequent customer.
  5. And I entered a ticket 6 days ago and have not heard anything!
  6. Yes, I'm getting the same thing. What I don't like about it is that this layer just pops up out of nowhere and that is very unrealistic. You're gradually ascending with broken clouds above you, and then all of a sudden you're above this dense layer. And then all of a sudden the layer disappears and you've got broken clouds around you again. Something is wrong.
  7. I tried looking for the program folder. Tried looking in the x-Plane menu. Could not find anything. After your note just now I went back and looked at my plugins folder again, and I saw "SilverLining" and the manual inside of that. I was looking for something called "SkyMaxxPro" before. Anyway... thanks again.
  8. Thanks sqrt(-1), appreciate your directing me to the link, sarcasm notwithstanding. Usually, a manual is downloaded with the program, so I failed to look on the product page. I goofed.
  9. Just installed SkyMaxx but cannot find any user manual or help file. There must be one, right? Helps to know what all the configuration options are.
  10. The blurb I just got for this aircraft was hyping the fantastic sound set. But the video I just watched had music and a little bit of chatter in the background with no aircraft sounds at all. That seems kind of dumb to me. Who needs the music they always play in these promo videos. I want to hear the sound of the plane!
  11. l feel like a complete idiot, but the problem was that the auto throttle switch on my Saitek panel was in the armed position, so that was why I had no control over the throttles. Duuuuhhhhhh........ Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
  12. I am loading up the aircraft with engines running. But cannot do anything with the throttles right from the start. I can move them if I click on them and drag them, but no response at all with the CH. Never had this with any other aircraft in FSX or xPlane. Well... I just loaded up the plane again and guess what?? The throttles are now working! So I guess it was some sort of temporary glitch.
  13. My thrust levers in the CH throttle quadrant are doing nothing in the CRJ200. They are showing up fine in the calibration program in x-plane, and the switches on the unit are working, but the thrust levers just aren't moving the thrust handles in the aircraft at all. Am I missing something elementary in the setup of the aircraft? Anybody else have this problem? -Ed
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