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  1. Yes, that caused it. Many thanks again. Everything well and fast.
  2. I have a problem installing X-Aviation products on my new PC. Installer works as usual, starting XP11 I see a window saying „GIZMO ist not installed/activated, please run installer again“ Did try a few times, no change.
  3. Ok, yes, XP11 has the non-beta Challenger installed. Will uninstall before copying over. Thanks. Looks as if you are almost everywhere to help. Very much appreciated.
  4. Hi pilots, my new PC is on the way. Currently the only plane installed is the Hotstart Challenger. I’d like to keep and transfer all my plane and joystick settings to the new computer. Is it safe to make a complete back up on an external HD and copy it to the new computer? Or should I make a clean install and restore some files? If so, what files do I need to keep my joystick settings? Axis, sensitivity and mapping to the buttons would be most important.
  5. Yes, I know about that. Have not used any other plane since my first Challenger flight.
  6. Hi, had a CTD today while in cruise. no input by me before crash Log.txt
  7. The new Skymaxx 5 was an instant purchase for me. Yesterday, before I went to bed I installed the original release and started to my first flight with the 5.01 update today. I have deactivated XP Realistic and have unlimited cloud range, using the 3D option and very high fps. Once again you have pushed the clouds on a high and nice level.
  8. Thanks anyway, now I can stop searching.
  9. Is it possible to map the checklist to a controller button? I ask because I find the sidebar hard to read. Thanks in advance Ralf
  10. That’s fine with me. Thanks for taking your time. I will contact you after the purchase.
  11. Hi, I‘m very interested purchasing those instruments, just a few questions before I buy. I plan to use them in the X-Hangar Learjet 36. It is the best Lear 35/36 available yet. It has a 2D panel that can be edited with Planemaker and the edits show in 3d too, so that old school design has at least one advantage. I plan to add the GTN 750 and your instruments. Does that combination makes sense? Can I add the instruments using Planemaker? I don’t want to use them as pop up only. I tried, but did not find a tutorial. Many thanks in advance. -Ralf
  12. Thanks for this wonderful plane. Fun to fly. I don’t think the sounds are that bad.
  13. I‘ll never give up hoping for a good Lear 35 or Hawker 800. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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