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  1. After flying it for around 1 year now, it has instantly become my absolute favourite. I actually prefer this to any 737 NG simulation. I don´t really need most of the things from the "Things that are NOT going to be.."-List. Opening doors etc. is nice eye-candy, but not really necessary for me. What I miss flying on Vatsim though is a HOLD function. It really kills the whole realism for me, flying all the procedures and then the controller asks you to enter a HOLD and you can´t do it. Yes, you can fly sort of a manual HOLD; I could also fly the whole leg manually or only with HDG mode, but I don´t - as this is not very realistic. I can imagine that most fans of the 733 here would love a HOLD implementation very much, especially if they use this fantastic 733 on any online network. Thank you so much, again, for this great project and its outcome: The most flyable plane on XP11. (for me) The pure joy of flying a STAR manually after takeoff, the way this plane simply flies, trims, it is incomparable on XP for me. Yours Martin
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