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  1. I am so pleased with your decision to add this facility to your site. You guys have conducted your affairs with dignity and professionalism that deserves recognition. It will be a great asset to the xplane community. Please accept my freeware Grob Tutor into the files - I hope you all enjoy flying it. Good luck with the future expansion.
  2. Raising the benchmark for Xplane add-ons. Superb.
  3. A great asset for X-aviation fans and users. Well done. Developers start posting!
  4. A great piece of work and a great flying experience for Xplane helicopter fans.
  5. Another fine example for the Xplane hanger!
  6. Version 1.1


    The Grob 115E is a two seater aircraft used by the RAF as a basic trainer. Optimized for WIDESCREEN 1920x1080 display (Non-Widescreen monitors users set screen to 1280x1025 to fly from right hand seat as default - use cursor keys to view left hand seat instruments) ------------------------ Wiki - description: The aircraft is constructed of carbon composite materials. The main fuselage and each wing spar is a single piece. It has a fixed Tricycle undercarriage with spatted wheels, a short nose bearing the 180 hp engine and a 3-bladed variable-pitch propeller. The cockpit features a broad canopy
  7. Truely a great accomplishment. The DC3 is an iconic aircraft - now there is an Xplane aircraft worthy of the original. Well done guys!
  8. I've just started work earlier this year on a project of my own. I have the luxury of being able to dedicate my full time to the development of this aircraft unlike the guys that are making this one. I'll tell you now the sheer complexity of systems can bog you down and eat up time so fast its unbelievable. The developers of real life aircraft find deadlines are impossible to keep to it -looks like Sims are just the same. Great things need time to complete. There will always be the naysayers that tell you it ca'nt be done - they'll have to eat their words when they fly it for the first time! A
  9. Guys I spent considerable time and energy creating 2D cockpits that were not messed up but were fully functional to give the user the feel he was in the real craft. It took me longer to do this than it would to create a virtual cockpit. But it seems the end users prefer a VC over 2D.
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