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The Grob 115E is a two seater aircraft used by the RAF as a basic trainer.

Optimized for WIDESCREEN 1920x1080 display (Non-Widescreen monitors users set screen to 1280x1025 to fly from right hand seat as default - use cursor keys to view left hand seat instruments)


Wiki - description:

The aircraft is constructed of carbon composite materials. The main fuselage and each wing spar is a single piece. It has a fixed Tricycle undercarriage with spatted wheels, a short nose bearing the 180 hp engine and a 3-bladed variable-pitch propeller. The cockpit features a broad canopy arch with good forward visibility and with side-by-side seating for pilot and student. The wings are tapered with square tips and the empennage consists of a large fin and rudder with an oblong tailplane with square tips mid-set to the fuselage.


Download consist of: Highly detailed custom 2D cockpit

Pilot and Student figures

22 Page User Guide - read before flying!

To adjust the screen resolution for non - widescreen users go into the Xplane menu, go to SETTINGS, then RENDERING OPTIONS - and the screens settings are at the top left. Select 1280x1024 and tick the box to the left. .

The right sided pilot instrument panel was to allow potential RAF pilots to become familiar with a left hand throttle that would be essential if they become fast jet pilots. Having the pupil on the left side would mean that the instructor would not be able to reach it. Cadets from the age of 16+ learn to fly in the Tutor and if suitable will move on to the Tucano and then the Hawk where the innstructor sits behind and the throttle is on the left side on both.

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