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  1. Fantastic, this is indeed what I desire to improve myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you
  2. – “We were in the middle of boarding and a little old lady comes up to me in an absolute panic because she realized that she left her teeth in a bathroom in the airport. She was really upset because it was Thanksgiving, and she was visiting her family, and she needed her teeth to eat. I spent 10 minutes talking to the captain and people at the gate to try and locate her teeth. They were found eventually, but the plane had to leave, so we had to FedEx them to her.”
  3. Exactly like the real Piper Archer III ... You can take the real airplane checklist and there would be no difference
  4. Nice, photos. This airplanes is already beautiful to see in real life but this model made a great job and look very realistic
  5. Thank you tkyler, a very nice article. I will use this as my start to this adventure with X-Plane simulator
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