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  1. What would you recommend I do at this point? Should I remove the copied folder, re-download, re-install? Any other actions?
  2. Update: I noticed there was no G5 folder under the plugins folder for this airplane. I copied from the 172SP G5 airplane, and it seems to be working now. Is this an understood issue?
  3. I downloaded and installed the G5 2.0 update after getting the notification that it was available. I have a 172 with 2 G5s (as well as RealSimGear GNS430), so I ran the installer to update that airplane. The G5s don't seem to be working - the displays are blank/black, and I can't seem to power them on. I've attached the log.txt hoping that will help with some suggestions for next steps to troubleshoot/resolve. Log.txt
  4. I understand the "no news means no news" statement, but hoping this is still in the works The improvements will make a big difference, so hoping this hasn't been shelved. Just knowing it is still coming would be helpful.
  5. I just installed and found the same features missing, as well as OAT, TAS & wind direction/velocity as now available in latest Garmin instruments (as installed in the plane I fly). Also, is it intentional that course is set by primary OBS, vs Course menu entry on the G5? I don't have a separate CDI/OBS in my plane, so don't know if this is a real world scenario. Are there plans to update the G5 to address any of these?
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