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  1. HI all, I'm one that was unable to use Xsaitekpanel plugin with the mu-2, has been then developed a configuration file for this aircraft?
  2. Hi Goran, I report that the pitch trim wheel works only if avionics is ON, is it possible to fix?
  3. If you need any beta tester let us know.
  4. I'd like to report a problem with Dc-3 Strobe lights, If you load the Dc-3 in cold and dark situation there is no switch to turn on the strobe lights and it is ok, but if you load the aircraft with engines running strobe lights are on even there is no switch. In addition if you have any joystick button assigned to strobe lights you can turn that light on.
  5. C47

    Ready for 64 bit?

    ok, thanks for the prompt reply. G
  6. Hi, with the 10.20 64 bit out I was thinking if the dc-3 is already compatible with it or we need to wait an update of its plugin. thanks G
  7. I hate this in flight warning, Is there any way to avoid this kind of warning ( I have already disabled the warnings in the preferences). "Caution! Engines are about to fail. Reduce power immediately."
  8. DC-3 of Italian airforce precision air drop Capo Frasca training area.
  9. I mean the old version is already compatible, X-A newsletter says: The 4Forces C152 is hailed as the best flight model of its type! A fun trainer, and works with X-Plane 9 and 10!
  10. Hi, I've received the x-aviation newsletter and is reported that the C152 is already compatible with X-plane 10, so in what consist the update? Only in lights system, or profiles, texturing, modelling etc? thanks! G
  11. Hi Javier, I followed your suggestion to wrote to Ben, but at the moment no solution. I tried to click with every part of the arrow and in every pixel of the window but nothing, we can't activate the plugin on MacOs.
  12. Hi Javier, I already tried it, but nothing happens. I mean that the plugin is present in the menu but can't be clicked to be activated. When I used XP9 I used your method and worked perfectly but in XP10 is not possible manually activate it.
  13. Javier, updating airfolis I'm able to open the aircraft in Xp10, however ADF doen't work because the mentor plugin is not loaded and is impossible to load it. Any way to fix it? this the log. Gizmo: MD5: /Volumes/iMac HD/Users/Desktop/X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Addon/Beechcraft Mentor T34C/T34CMentor.acf: eec28e0e315830c73b2ace0e22626c7e Releasing all X-Plane overrides. Gizmo: Loading init... Gizmo: LoadScript from File (init.lua) Gizmo: LoadScript: Loader 404: (init.lua) - Are your sure your script is in the ./scripts/ folder? Gizmo: Event Map cleared. Gizmo: Completed gizmo_Restart(..) shrink-wrap
  14. Love the C152 too, I stopped to fly this beauty when I migrated to Xp10.
  15. C47

    Frame Rates

    you can. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3029120?start=0&tstart=0
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