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  1. OK, I've done a full uninstall/reinstall of the Entegra SR22, a full uninstall/reinstall of the RXP GNS430 and after none of that was successful, I did full second install of Xplane 11 and installed Entegra SR22 and RXP GNS430 in my new XP install. I've installed the recommended RealityXP config files and I'm still having serious issues. I don't think this is anything to do with the TorqueSim product, I suspect it is in the RXP product but I don't know for sure. Here's what I'm experiencing so far: GNS#1 offset's CDI and slews the coarse needle during the startup self-test mode - th
  2. I noticed that the aircraft model has an annual inspection. I did note that it reports the annual being exactly 1-year from the day that aircraft was installed. This is not quite correct. It has to be done in the month of the last 12 month inspection. For instance last year the annual was done Mar 10, 2020. This year the annual is due no later than March 31, 2021. Also I was wondering if you might include the feature to have surprise $16K annual inspections. I think that would make the simulator a lot more realistic. Ask me how I know
  3. I’d like to see the parking brake persist. Every time I load the aircraft the parking brake is set. I real life I rarely set my parking brake.
  4. The real SR22 does not have rudder trim. Only pitch trim and roll trim.
  5. If the default GNS430s are still active in the background that would explain the bizarre behaviors I’m seeing. The AP was not following the RXP GPS when in GPSS mode. In NAV mode it was also doing very strange things. I now suspect it was following the default GPS that was still operating in the background. Perhaps I’ll just do a complete reinstall of XP11 this weekend. I’ve had it installed a long time so it’s probably getting a bit contaminated. I doubt I’ll ever fly any other aircraft now except the TorqueSim Entegra so a complete reinstall might be a good thing to do.
  6. I bet that was my problem because I did have FPL active in the Xplane 430’s before installing and setting up the RXP. I got some really weird behavior at first where the HSI needle was jumping all over the place like two units were contention locked on it. I guess an uninstall/reinstall of RXP may be the best thing to do this evening when I get a chance to mess around with it again. Thanks for the help and the file.
  7. I’ve been extremely happy with the new Entegra SR22 from TorqueSim. But I could not leave good enough alone and purchased and installed RealityXP GNS430 last night. Everything is messed up now. The AP no longer follows the GPS even when it GPSS mode. I can’t get the GPS and AP to work together to intercept an approach. I’ve not had much time to see if I can figure out what all the problems are. is there a canned config file for the GNS430 as I’ve seen for the GTN750?
  8. I've also had some odd and extreme RPM fluctuations on both the SR22 Entegra and the SR22 Perspective. The fluctuations can be from near <2000 rpm to >3000 rpm. The MP and %Pwr fluctuate accordingly. I know yet know of its something I'm doing or some corner-of-box bug that I stumble into somehow. I adjust the mixture, pull Alt-Air, nothing makes an immediate change. I believe that every time it has happened I've been in above freezing temps so induction system icing should not be an issue but I pull Alt-Air anyway. I'll focus more on trying to determine if there is a repeatable se
  9. Another small point but thought I'd bring it up. I'd love to see the EGT normalize working on the MFD. This is a feature that many pilots use during a climbs and descents. I realize is a not a critical issue and will likely be far down on the feature punch list, but it's probably easy to do so may that will elevate it in priority.
  10. Just to close this out, I remapped the brake pedals sensitivity as suggested by Lon (BTW I'm using Saitek Rudder pedals) and the plane feels much more realistic now with ground handling. I'm happy. To the developers, if you do add provisions for steering without brake pedals please make it an option. I want to keep as much realism in the SR22 models as possible. Great products by the way.
  11. I'm not disappointed. This is most exciting and best release that I've ever seen for XP. But I only fly GA planes in XP. Real-world SR22 Avidyne owner though and I think this plane is fantastic. I'm so thankful to you guys to do something so good at such a great price.
  12. The knobs for the pop out PFD or MFD only work by putting mouse on left or right side of know and clicking. Not intuitive or consistent but it works. Perhaps a limitation of the XP11, and not the aircraft model.
  13. Has there been any new updates or recommendation for the steering. I own a real SR22 and have about 600hrs time in it. The real plane is pretty easy to steer on the ground even in crosswinds. However the 1.1.1 Torquesim is near impossible to steer at last with the saitek pedals I have and current settings. My settings works well on other planes including the Jason Chandler SR22. overall I love the TorqueSim SR22 (just not on the ground) I’ll try the recommended brake sensitivity mappings tomorrow. And see if that makes me a bit happier.
  14. I did not notice a corresponding power dip. I’ll watch the clip again. Perhaps I’m simply leaning the mixture too much. I’m setting it to about 13.6 GPH which is where I run my real-world SR22 in cruise.
  15. Hey. Thank you. It’s good that I’m not the only one hearing it.
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