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  1. Thanks Dan, I'm currently discussing the issue with Richard @ Navigraph, and he's asked a couple of questions in the same area: Which XP Nav Specification expect the Hot Start TBM900 (XP11.50 below or XP11.50 above?)? That´s important because it depends which dataset you should use. I guess this can only be answered by the developer. Which is the exact path, from where the Hot Start TBM900 reads the data? /??? @Goran_M Just wondering if you're able to answer the above for me?
  2. Thanks for that. eMail sent. I copied the \custom data into a \default folder that I found with identical-looking files but - alas - that just crashed the sim. So at this stage I'll just have to wait to hear back from Laminar.
  3. Thanks. Just to confirm - if the TBM model is using up-to-date databases then the correct date of those will be reflected on the init screen of the MFD on power-up - Correct?
  4. Thanks, I'd already read that thread several times, & it's not helping. Basically XP Nav database IS updated according to both Navigraph and what I'm seeing on the 737-800 FMC (and verifying by way of checking file date stamps) - but the G1000 on the TBM and C172 don't appear to be using it because the correct SIDs aren't there (per the photos).
  5. Just some follow-up photos of what I'm seeing; I ran the 737-800 aircraft in XP and was able to verify that the database is the current AIRAC cycle (expires 03 Dec 2020) - but I don't know enough about how to use a FMC to see what SIDs are available. From what I can see so far it looks like Navigraph is downloading & updating XP just fine, but the G1000 equipped aircraft appear to be looking somewhere other than the X-Plane\custom\CIFP folder for their data. I really need some help with this ... at the "brain about to explode" stage
  6. I understand that the TBM 900 uses the same database as XP. I subscribed to Navigraph and updated XP - and was able to see that all the files in the ...\CIFP folder were dated as of a week or so ago - so I'm assuming that this has updated correctly. However when I start the MFD on the TBM 900 it's still reporting that the databases are about 4 years old - and when I bring up the list of available departures from NZNS they aren't correct (eg last one should be a ZULU2 departure). In MSFS when I do the same thing on the TBM 930 I see the correct list of departures although I'm not sure
  7. I just had a look at that log - I think those items were all a result of a crash yesterday when I tried out the AI and it popped me into the air but with the engine shut down - then it caught fire when I tried to start it and I had a slow and agonising glide into the water. The current airframe doesn't appear to be showing any issues. Is there a way to determine if any component is sub-optimal without having to select each and every section and choose "access"?
  8. I can check shortly, but I've had several crashes when it's gone absolutely crazy upon AP disconnection and have needed to create new airframes - and have seen that everything is "as new" after that - and I've had this issue all throughout several different airframes.
  9. I don't normally use the F5 / F6 keys at all - but when I do 1 press will take it from low idle to high idle or vice-versa (depending on which key). Further presses will take it across into the normal range, but that's not what I'm doing; I can start the sim - not even touch the keyboard - and the throttle still "does the thing" we're seeing. I've attached both of those log files - I started the sim - moved the throttle from cutoff to low idle then attempted to move it from low idle to high idle - noted that it cut across to flight idle then exited the sim with an alt+F4 - is that what yo
  10. I'll have a look when I get home tonight (in a few hours from now). I don't think GEEVEK's post is going to help in that I can already control that aspect of throttle motion using the F5/F6 keys (default mapping) and I don't have any kind of analog throttle controller yet (unfortunately).
  11. No - no scrips or plugins. It's just a bog standard XP install followed by your TBM (I got sick of all the bugs in the MSFS TBM and jumped ship) To be honest, I'm apprehensive about creating more problems for myself if I try downloading other copies (current installation is via Steam) - is it possible to have a stand-alone version of XP that's not going to give me conflicting registry entries (or similar) down the track? This issue isn't a particularly big deal as I wouldn't usually leave the aircraft in high idle anyway - and can do it via the keyboard if I need to; I'm just hoping for a
  12. Switched off keyboard - Switched off graphics tablet - unplugged Alpha Yoke - Started XP -> no change. At one point during testing it did start working correctly for about 30 seconds - but then went back to it's old tricks without me doing anything else that I can remember (with the possible exception of a throttle level change). BTW I don't have a throttle attached (yet; Honeycomb Bravo due to ship to me shortly) so I map "Throttle up a bit" and "Throttle down a bit" to the white buttons on either side of the Honeycomb Alpha yoke (which works badly, but it does work) - but I'm not pre
  13. Not that I'm aware of. I shot a quick video of what I'm seeing at my end - you should be able to see mouse movements from this. IMG_2195.mp4
  14. Yes - but as soon as I move it to the right it jumps down to low idle - and as soon as I raise it to high idle it pops across to flight idle. I can't get it to stay in high idle unless I use the keyboard.
  15. Ah - got it thanks. I already had the key assigned, but I was confused as to why it was going full reverse thrust (because I had the hardware at minimum when I activated it) (I guess you had to do it that way because you can't physically stop hardware at the point where it would have hit the lockout gate?) Out of curiocity, why don't you allow high idle to be selected with the mouse? (only F5/F6 to select between high idle and low idle).
  16. I've not had any luck finding out how to do this other than hitting the "\" key which immediately puts the aircraft into full reverse thrust. What's the "secret" folks?
  17. I've had this happen to me too; not sure if this is related of not but I started with a REALLY "hairy" takeoff (I think my trims weren't set) and I "saved" it by engaging the AP. Control was nominal through 10,000 feet. When I disconnected the AP at TOD to hand-fly it down the other side all hell broke loose similar to the above posts. I tried to re-engage the AP but it wouldn't re-engage.
  18. Update: Sorted. I had to start XP then reconfigure my Windows sound devices so that XP used the one device that I had - and then start the flight with the TBM. Something that needs tweaking in the plugin for future perhaps? Cheers,
  19. Hi folks, My Asus RTX3080 graphics card arrived. I've installed the card & latest driver - cranked up XP - and tried to start a flight with the TBM 900, but every time XP crashes back to the desktop. If I select the C172 then all works as expected - so I'm assuming that it's a TMB 900 issue. Log attached - would appreciate any help. Many thanks. Log.txt
  20. Roger that thanks. Hopefully all will jump into life as it should when my RTX3080 arrives in (hopefully) about a month.
  21. Ah - OK - thanks for that. Does it do something a different way compared to the stock aircraft?
  22. Thanks folks. If it is due to not having a "real" graphics card yet then not a problem - but if it's due to something else then it would be nice to be able to fly it in the meantime. In comparison the C172 works just fine with my existing setup (albeit with all graphics options set to minimum).
  23. If it helps, I've had a look through the log myself and found the following errors: WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnTexImage. This is a problem with your video driver. WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnUniformdv. This is a problem with your video driver. WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnMapdv. This is a problem with your video driver. WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnMapfv. This is a problem with your video driver. WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnMapiv. This is a problem with your video driver. WARNING: extension missing proc glGetnPixelMapfv. Thi
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