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  1. Not a dumb question, at all. I asked the same question myself. This was Coop's answer: The fuel system [in the SR22] is custom, so the X-Plane fuel tank switch commands wouldn't switch them. If you go into the command browser with the SR22 open, look for under afm -> sr22 -> cmd -> switches "Fuel Selector Left" and "Fuel Selector Right". These will move the handle position left and right. the order is OFF <-> LEFT <-> RIGHT <-> OFF When I did it, I assigned the Right Tank to the keyboard letter R, and the left tank to letter L. I didn't try to make it a jo
  2. Coop, That did it! Thank you, very much.
  3. After posting my question about toggling the "hide_3d_details," I realized that it probably isn't possible, because the 3d details are loaded, or not, when the Cirrus is loaded. So I mapped most of the essential switches to keyboard keys or Saitek rocker switches. But there is one essential switch -- the fuel selector switch -- that I haven't been able to map to anything. I've set my Saitek rocker switches T5 and T6 to Set fuel selector to left (and right) tanks. But they don't actually change the selected tank. Is there any way to do that? I ask, because your Cirrus is so realistic
  4. Making the change explained in this article -- https://support.torquesim.com/hc/en-us/articles/1500001375261-Hiding-the-SR20-SR22-3D-cockpit-for-full-hardware-cockpit-setups -- gives me exactly the view I want for flying. I have the RealSimGear G1000 suite, so once I'm up and flying, I can see and control everything I need in order to fly. But I'd also like to have access to switches that are in the cockpit during the startup procedure, and now I no longer do. So . . . Is there any way to toggle the "hide_3d_details" back and forth between 1 and 0, and assign that method to a hardware key
  5. Thanks Coop. After I posted my message, I flew an ILS approach to Van Nuys (KVNY) and Pathway boxes appeared 2.7 NM from the airport. I just flew an RNAV approach to El Monte (KEMT) but didn't get Pathway boxes at any stage of the flight. The SVS system is otherwise amazing, so its developer may be able to sort out the Pathway issue.
  6. I have turned on the Pathway feature and have entered flight plans that include Instrument Approaches. But the Pathway feature it isn't working for me. On rare occasions, the Pathway boxes will display for just a brief moment, but then they disappear. Most of the time, they never appear at all. I know that expecting Pathway to work is expecting a lot. But this sim is so realistic, it even has air vents that twist open and shut, so it triggers big expectations. I'm using SR20 Version 1.0.1, and all of the rest of its features work perfectly. Is the Pathway feature still in development, or have
  7. These settings helped me a lot. Thanks. The important part was to set the Curve to "Linear." I set my second point at 0.80 (instead of 0.90). Otherwise, this is exactly what I did, after I had a great deal of difficulty taxiing the plane. Now, the plane taxis just fine.
  8. Lon

    Shadows in Cockpit

    Thanks Coop. Your advice fixed the issue for me.
  9. This sim is so realistic that it even displays shadows in the cockpit. This is a problem for me, because the shadows make the control panel buttons and knobs too dark to read. I've looked for a way to turn off the shadows, but I can't find out how to do it. I'm willing to dig into a settings file, if it can't be done from a menu item. But I've looked at individual files, and don't find one that's obviously shadow settings. I've also looked at X-Plane's own settings menu. The menu doesn't say anything about inside-the-plane shadows, and my "shadows on scenery" box is not checked. My X-Plan
  10. I too am using a RealSimGear setup. Mine is a G1000 Suite. And my combo works fine. I say that simply to convey that you have reason to hope yours will work too. When you say the "plane just sits there," after priming and trying to start, do you mean the plane doesn't make any sounds at all, not even during your prime, or that you can hear the prime and the prop spins a bit but the engine doesn't start? If it's an engine-doesn't-start problem, try setting the throttle at a much lower power setting than the one you've been using. I've found that the engine won't start with the throttl
  11. Is it possible you shut down XP without first shutting down the SR20 in particular? I ask, because I've had the SR22's own battery -- the in-sim battery -- run down when I've left the avionics on but the engine (and therefore the alternator) off. The "ability" to kill the SR20's battery is just one way the TorqueSim Cirrus perfectly models a real Cirrus. Re-installing the SR20 may have fixed the problem, because then you then started with a fresh in-sim battery.
  12. Wow! That did it! The PFD and MFD fit perfectly now. And they popup in exactly right right location. Thanks a million Coop. Lon
  13. So far, SR22 version 1.1 looks great. However, I'm using it with a version 1 of RealSimGear. That RSG version has low resolution (800 x 600) displays, so the SR22 PFD and MFD are too big, and resizing them to fit my RSG displays is difficult and time consuming -- not the way I want to begin a sim session. Is there any way this can be fixed? I was hoping for a menu item in SR22 version 1.1. But even if a menu item is difficult for you to create, is there a file whose code I can modify that will enable the PFD and MFD to fit my low resolution RSG setup?
  14. I'm standing by, but the new video doesn't seem to have been posted. Or were you sending the video to someone else, directly rather than by posting it?
  15. Try moving the throttle back a bit -- i.e., give the engine less fuel -- before and even while you are cranking. I know that's counter-intuitive, but the plane doesn't start if the throttle is too far forward, and "too far" includes what appears to be just cracked open.
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