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  1. @oldflyguy Hi, No worries, we are all sharing the same passion! We can only be happy having some very nice simulators, the competition is always in our benefit! So, happy flying!
  2. Guys, Goran already told us that they are aware of this issue and a patch is coming, but there are still a few issues which need to be ironed out! The forum is full of questions on this subject! Let's be patient and give them the chance to make the TBM even better than it already is! For now, until the patch comes, it is a great chance to practice the RNAV approaches, they are available at most airports and they might become more and more used, as the GPS systems become more precise. In the past months I have flown with the TBM900 around the world, I could land succe
  3. Gentlemen, @Goran_M @oldflyguy I said this and I assume my words! I enjoy both the simulators, the X-Plane is a mature sim, with very good flight dynamics and planes, I am very happy with the TBM 900, it is very realistic, I flown around the world in the TBM these months! I burned a few airframes, some because of me, some because of the beta versions of the X-Plane.... But, nevertheless, the TBM is an amazing plane! I reported a few issues to Goran a few months ago, I just asked if the patch is coming.... The new Flight Simulator has very nice graphics, nobody can
  4. Hi Guys, @Goran_M When will the update for the TBM will come, to fix some of the issues that we know about? As everyone says, we like the looks of the new FS2020, but the flight models are still far from being polished and we enjoy the TBM
  5. Also, I do not know if the brakes fading is simulated, but if they get hot, during hard braking they might become ineffective! Also, use at first the propeller reverse (beta) to reduce the speed without making them too hot As Goran said, when you apply the parking brake, keep the brakes pressed and turn the parking brake switch. I never had issues with braking, other than occasional forgetting the beta and making them hot, getting an advisory to delay take off for at least 15 minutes, to allow them to cool
  6. The Navigraph data is not yet working with the TBM
  7. For not getting the brakes too hot, use the propeller reverse (beta) for braking action
  8. Hi, If you are using the Vulkan drivers, the AoA gauge is not working. Goran promised us that they are trying to solve this. Also, with Vulkan, the rain will not show on the plane's windscreen. Hopefully, Saso will make the librain working with Vulkan also
  9. Second attempt went well, no more crash of the X-Plane. Luckily, I did not lose the airframe.
  10. First short go around the airport with b11 and big, nice crash..... 2020-06-17 22:04:55 TBM900[engine.c:1232]: Burning off pooled fuel (0.00 kg), expect high ITT 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: rel_assert Error! Possibly an out of range vector! Attach the debugger and see who called this! 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: m_vbo 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: setup_for_draw 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: Please report this to Laminar Research. 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: MACIBM_alert: C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\core\OGL\OGL_vbo.cpp:111 0:14:39.832 E/SYS: +--------------
  11. Also, in case you use betas, the B11 just got out. Try to update X-Plane and retry
  12. Try what Goran suggested to me, remove most of the plugins from the X-Plane folder and move them to a backup outside X-Plane. For me, removing the LiveTraffic, X-Life and XPRealistic made the plane fly more fluid, less stubborn trims and better vertical navigation. It might help you also. Also, try to play a bit with the graphics sliders and see if any improvements
  13. Manuel, just try what Goran recommended to me and it improved a lot the operation of the plane. Try to remove from the plugin folder most of the plugins (especially the ones dealing with AI, like Live Traffic, XPRealistic, gates and other), copy them in a backup folder outside X-Plane folder. Try and see if you still get crashes. Also, if you use the beta, try both Vulkan and OpenGL and see if there are improvements. Also, try playing a bit with the graphics settings. You can try other add-on planes, if you have, and see if the X-Plane crashes still
  14. So, @Goran_M the first flight without AI plguins was definitely more stable, even the vertical navigation was more accurate. I will keep it like this for some time, I will keep you updated if I encounter anything 'weird' Thank you!
  15. I removed most of the plugins, so far it is good! If I notice something weird, I will let you know. Please don't tell Saso that I took out, for now, also the BetterPushback....
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