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  1. I use the GTN750 as well. I had a similar issue. Make sure you also have the GNS530 powered on. If it is off the GTN750 will not follow NAV. Hope that helps.
  2. On my last flight I found a few bugs that may need to be looked at: Heading Slave Button does not seem to work Airspeed Bug does not match what is indicated on the Primary Flight Display Occurs in CLIMB and IAS modes Thanks, Kevin
  3. You don't need to unassign. Just leave CL2 in the OFF position and use your mouse to set CL2 in the Start Detent. Once started you can use your throttle lever like normal. Works for me at least with the Saitek Throttle. Check out my video above.
  4. I created a short video to show what I am experiencing. (Note in video: Disregard the Power Levers at FLT IDLE vs. GND IDLE... does not seem to have an impact but forgot to put it back when I started recording the video) Conclusions: Prop 2 Condition Lever does not appear to engage the Detent like CL1 If you manually move CL2 with mouse it works fine as long as Hardware Prop Lever is not in the start position. Issue is with Hardware Lever at start detent. Not sure if there are jitters causing the issue or not. On a separate topic: Also noticed that after the initi
  5. Goran - I can confirm that I can have both levers stating "START" and engine 2 start sequence will not begin when Start Switch pushed to Right Engine. I had no issues with previous version. I have tried using my Saitek Throttle Quadrant (which worked with previous version) and manipulating the actual CL's with the mouse. Every time I can get engine 1 to start. Only way I have been able to get E2 to start is with Autostart Sequence. Love this plane... fly it probably 3-4 times per week. Was very excited for this update... hopefully this bug can be resolved or you can let us know
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