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  1. I Don't know, but I clould disable my plugins to check. Does it not say so in the log file? Plugins that i have installed: Airport-Navigator v1.5.3, AutoGate, AviTab, FlyWithLua, Gizmo64.plugin, MarineTrafficX, rxpGNS, rxpGTN, SAM, SkunkCraftsUpdater, stkpconnector, X-Camera, Xchecklist, XPLM.framework, XPWidgets.framework, X-RAAS2, CustomSBDatarefs004, TerrainRadar, Traffic Global. EDIT: As you can se the AP FD is banking to the right, but the plane just continuse to fly as there is no input from the AP!!!
  2. I'm having big trouble with the Autopilot in the TBM 900 X-Plane 11 1.50 BETA4. I'm flying from EGLL to LOIW and all of a sudden the Autopilot stops working. I have tried turn on/off the Autopilot and on/off AP Trims, and changing the active leg. Nothing seem to working correctly. The Autopilot seem to be totaly out of comission What to do? I have tried searching for the problem, but without luck. I have also tried what this guy wrote. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15067-autopilot-not-homing-in-on-active-flight-leg-flies-in-circles/ Log.txt
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