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  1. HI I thinking of getting the Thrustmaster pedals and wondered if anyone is using them, and if any good. I know that there are more expensive ones which I cant go to. Looking for opinions Anthony
  2. Oh I see, what you are saying then when you select the Islander from the start menu, there is a version of the Islander with the G5 in the aircraft selection menu after you have put the patch on the G5 site. Anthony
  3. I was just going to ask for opinions on the G5 in the islander and whether its worth getting for the Islander, think I will wait until you get your problem sorted out first. Anthony
  4. Hi I just checked the GTN.ini file the problem is the "nobezel" is set wrong, Backup the original file first RealityXP.GTN.ini search for "nobezal and set to false. Only change the [GTN_750_1.WINDOW] and [ GTN_650_2.WINDOW] section of the file not the Panel one don't alter[GTN_750_1.PANELS] or the [GTN_650_2.PANELS] works fine now
  5. Hi Is anyone with the Gtn 750/650 not getting the bezel on them when you click to get the popup, not having this means you cant move them around the screen. Anthony
  6. Hi Shall we keep looking over the weekend as you said it may be released or leave it until next week as you have a problem come up. No problems with that Anthony
  7. Whether this has any link to it all. Since turning off the shadows the text on the warning panel next to AP disconnect, is much more readable now. Just noticed that. Anthony
  8. I'm using GeForce driver 442.59, was using the latest but dropped down to this one. Was the same with latest driver slow fps before as well Anthony
  9. No seems ok, outside shadow of aircraft gone, but I can live with that. Anthony
  10. Well that made a huge difference, the fps has doubled now and its flyable, so you were correct something in the cockpit shadows. Hope they now can sort it out Thanks Anthony
  11. You mention about turning off cockpit shadows, could you explain how you did that so I can try it. Anthony
  12. I just tried that, about 5fps increase at sunset that's all, held shift L to go through the night then it dropped to about actual 10fps shown on the fps in dead of night.
  13. Hi Just got this today and have exact same problem with framerates as mentioned in the thread. I put in the 2K textures and tried everything else suggested above but no luck. I have other high detail aircraft and do not see the problem arise with them. I shall keep my eye on the forum to see if any update comes through but will not use it until perhaps a fix is possible, big shame as it does look good. Anthony
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