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    TerraMaxx & Vulkan.

    Ok thanks. I did end up just letting it sit for a while but 40 minutes passed and nothing happened. I will for now just switch from vulkan to opengl and back again.
  2. OK so I got TerraMaxx a couple of hours ago. The problem I'm having is that it's just not working with X-Plane 11.50 B11 for me at least, as soon as I select what season I want and go to load it in then it just sits there with the loading new scenery message forever ( ok maybe not forever as that's a long time ) I let it sit like that for more than 15 minutes and nothing happens so I have to ctrl-alt-del and use task manager to quit X-Plane. I did find a sort of work around which isn't ideal, if I turn Vulkan off, load X-Plane using opengl, change the season and it loads the textures in around 20 seconds, then if I enable Vulkan and quit X-Plane then launch X-Plane again I have whatever season I set in opengl but with Vulkan enabled which is a royal pain as that means if I want to use another season I have to do all that again and of course the Auto option isn't an option if I use Vulkan as it just locks up at the loading season textures message. This is an X-Plane install with no custom scenery or planes, no plugins other than TerraMaxx. I'm at a loss what to try next to get TerraMaxx working in Vulkan. Anyone got any ideas ?
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