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  1. The update helped a lot for sure.
  2. It may well be worth checking the AA settings in X-Plane, what I found is that just turning the AA down one notch resulted in a happy face on this old head.
  3. Just be sure to social distance huh !
  4. I installed SkyMaxx 5 to a vanilla install of X-Plane and sad to say it's not exactly what I was expecting. Massive FPS loss as in 50% loss. At one point I flew into a bunch of volumetric clouds at 6 FPS yes that's 6. I had issues with SkyMaxx 5 in my X-Plane install that has lots of extra scenery etc that seemed to clear up only to return within minutes. For myself at least SkyMaxx 5 is unusable at the moment. Even if I turn off the volumetric clouds performance is an issue, it's basically the same as V4 in respect of having to turn down the cloud coverage in order to get decen
  5. I had wondered what was happening with SkyMaxx and now I know. Things certainly look good based on the screenshots and information provided, personally I will be making the upgrade on day one. Performance was always an issue for me with v4 which is one reason I pretty much stopped using SkyMaxx as much as I liked the cloud coverage provided it was limited in draw distance without killing frame rates. All the best with the launch and any future updates. See you on the 22nd
  6. I can confirm that TerraMaxx does indeed appear to be working with b17.
  7. Looking forward to this, thanks.
  8. Just to let you know it's still not working with beta 15......
  9. Ok thanks. I did end up just letting it sit for a while but 40 minutes passed and nothing happened. I will for now just switch from vulkan to opengl and back again.
  10. OK so I got TerraMaxx a couple of hours ago. The problem I'm having is that it's just not working with X-Plane 11.50 B11 for me at least, as soon as I select what season I want and go to load it in then it just sits there with the loading new scenery message forever ( ok maybe not forever as that's a long time ) I let it sit like that for more than 15 minutes and nothing happens so I have to ctrl-alt-del and use task manager to quit X-Plane. I did find a sort of work around which isn't ideal, if I turn Vulkan off, load X-Plane using opengl, change the season and it loads the textures in
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