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  1. The engines sounded so more powerfull in 1.1.0, but in 1.1.1 they sound too weak, exp. in the outside view. I guess there is a lack of bass. Will there be an update for the engine sound?
  2. Hi, it's me again Will there be an update or a mod to integrate librain in the bn2? This would be a nice feature. I know that librain needs an Update for vulkan, but most pilots uses the 11.41 version. This would be a nice feature
  3. A suggestion: - Are you able to put the fuel weight in the load manager, so that we can refuel exactly the right amount of fuel?
  4. Hi, it seems that the cockpit and cabin light during daytime is not bright enough. During overcast conditions in daytime there is no difference between lights on or off in the cockpit, so that some instruments are not easy readable.
  5. Thanks for the first islander in BN2, I loved this ac in FSX from Flight One Ok here are my first observations: - there is no manual in the aircraft bundle - it's hard to find the load manager (Coop helped me in another thread, thx ) - landing lights seems to be too weak - texture of the cockpit could have a better quality, it looks too flat to me - some lights are on with battery off on the audio panel - sounds need to be tweaked, I am missing the "power" of the engines Waiting for the next update, also with GTN750 Support
  6. Yes the sounds seems to be weak, hope the sounds will be updated.
  7. How can I acces the load / fuel menu? There is no manual in the aircraft folder.
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