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  1. Any news on the issue? I'm on v1.1.12 and it seems the issue is still present.
  2. Good day! Are you planning to add the AUX page in the future updates?
  3. I was approaching Lugano (LSZA) on LUSIL7P for ILS 01 approach. The same behaviour can be observed on this video (from 02:05:24): it mostly happens when GPS has a sharp turn programmed for LOC interception relatively close to the FAP. EDIT: In this video the APR was not armed but after some testing in Lugano there is no difference even with APR armed the autopilot reverts to ROLL mode.
  4. Good day, First of all i would like to say that the new TBM 900 quickly became my favourite X-Plane model. During some of my first flights i noticed a srtange automation behaviour during AP transition from GPS to LOC mode. The LOC becomes active on the HSI however the AP reverts to ROLL mode even with APP armed. If indeed this is a bug you might tike it into consideration during the upcoming updates as it significantly increases workload during complex approaches. Thank you for constantly improving the product that is already amazing! Maciej M.
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