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  1. ah ok, last time i did that I was told not to use a ticket and query in the forum....I'll go raise a ticket
  2. They must be busy as I've not seen any support responses on the SR20. Unusual, they are normally very sharp
  3. I have the same issue with the SR20. GTN750 works with the DFC autopilot version but not the other version. I tried the rxp configs fix but still no joy
  4. I saw an update was posted in the SR22 thread and reality xp configs updates were provided. I've tried those as well and still have the same issue. GTN works with the DFC90 version but not the other one!!
  5. Bought and loaded the SR20 Entegra tonight. Aircraft loaded and activated but in both the SR20 and SR20 DFC90 I'm getting a 'minor problem parsing verconfig' message when loading both aircraft. In the DFC90, the GTN750 works fine. In the SR20, it does detect and display the GTN750 but there is no power to it. If I use the GTN pop up window, there is power and pressing the home or Direct to buttons on the GTN on the instrument panel, those buttons do work as the pop up gtn does change, but nothing displays on the GTN on the instrument panel. Apart from that, everything else I've used seems to w
  6. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, appreciate it. Glad it's not me going daft trying to get it to work lol. BTW, love your products, keep up the great work
  7. Query - not a complaint. Is librain supposed to work with the bn-2 or bn-2T?
  8. That's fixed my system crashes :)...thank you for the quick response, it's much appreciated.
  9. OK, hopefully log.txt is attached. btw it works ok in openGL, just Vulkan it crashes. Log.txt
  10. Re-installed the update and re-booted pc. I'm afraid the pc still crashes when I load the turbine islander. All other aircraft are working fine. I'll leave it with you but if you need me to test anything just let me know.
  11. Sorry guys but this doesn't work for me. I downloaded the update, the turbine islander ran in 2d but as soon as I went into vr it crashed x-plane. Tried it a few times with the same result. Now it just crashes x-plane when I try and load it at all...piston islander still works fine. I'm using oculus rift S, now I did notice an oculus update at the same time I initially loaded the turbine, so just checking my other aircraft to see if they still work. I'll monitor the forum to see what other feedback you get in case it's just my system.
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    thanks for the help
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    Anyone else having issues with the BN-2T GPS/Autopilot. For me, it works fine in Heading mode and maintaining altitude, but I cannot get it to work in Nav mode or Approach mode. For navigation, I do have the CDI on Nav and do have my waypoints stored in the GPS but with autopilot on and Nav selected, it does not fly to waypoints. For an ILS approach, I have the correct frequency in Nav 1, I have loaded an activated the selected ILS approach. When I select APP, in the autopilot display it displays NAV arm or sometimes it displays Nav GS, but it never captures the localiser or the glideslope..
  14. Not tried it again with the TBM but just downloaded the pocket Rocket. Download started at 800kbs and speed picked up as download progressed ending up with 18mbs by the time it finished, but it was still picking up, so looks like they have fixed the issue
  15. ok, thanks for letting me know
  16. Anyone else having problems downloading from x-aviation.com? Download speed seems pegged out at a max 125 kbs.......yes I meant to type kbs...I'm on fibre broadband with a speed of 500mbs+ Not having issues on other sites, so assuming it's an x-aviation problems. Anyone else getting low speeds? Tks
  17. Ah, thanks Cameron, my 'E' drive version was a back up copy. I'll do a clean install of the TBM and try that, thank you
  18. Are we allowed to have two copies of the TBM 900 installed on the same PC? I use X-Plane and have a copy of the flight sim on my 'D' drive - main sim, and a copy on my 'E' drive. E drive version is currently running 11.5 beta 3. All my aircraft load/fly except the TBM, was just wondering if this is some security protocol to stop people running copies or if I have a problem with my set-up? Thanks
  19. Ok, figured it out. in 2d using my monitor, I can adjust the tilt/range of the weather radar using my mouse. However, I only fly in vr now and using the rift s controllers, the tilt doesn't work properly, it either goes 15 degrees up or down and setting the range is 'sporadic'. Not tried with the mouse yet
  20. Hi, is there instructions anywhere on operating the radar on the TBM? In particular, I'd like to adjust the tilt of the radar as it is painting too much ground for me. That's if it can be adjusted of course. Tks
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