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  1. Hello @Attitude Finally works for me I redownloaded the installer and now works perfectly, I have rtx 2060 super so I downloaded the "more than 8gb of vram" dont know if its different that the other option, great scenery letsee if could work for @Sékou DIANE
  2. Sorry didnt work with your recommendation, actually I tried the compatibility windows mode (vista,7,8) and got the same message, february 23th bought the Custer scenery and the installation was piece of cake everything fine, so the big clue for me is the installer, any options to get the files and put it manually? @Attitude
  3. I havent receive answer from x-aviation page, and I dont think that Im the only who has this kind of issue running the installer :/
  4. I purchase The Gate to the Great Lakes: Fox Islands but the installer just before the end of the 1st part launch an error message "Unable to download component Fox Islands: Component file version does not match" hope you can help to get the files without this problen, greetings

  5. Hello, I have the same problem can´t get full install, any solution to this? I really want fly this scenery ,greetings @Attitude
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